Mr. Brodie Lee

Mr. Brodie Lee Reveals Good Advice FTR Gave Him Backstage After AEW Double Or Nothing PPV

AEW star and leader of the Dark Order Brodie Lee spoke with Sports Illustrated to hype his TNT title opportunity on tomorrow’s episode of Dynamite on TNT. Highlights are below.

How he doubted himself after the loss to Jon Moxley:

I doubted myself after that Moxley match. I was in my head after that. Coming off a loss in a world title program is a reality I’ve never had to deal with before. To his credit, Dax Harwood of FTR said something special to me backstage. ‘We don’t need a self-doubting Brodie,’ he said. ‘We need an ass-kicking, cocky-ass Brodie.’ He’s right, and that’s what you are going to get. I’ll apologize to Cody after the fact.

Doesn’t think Cody is ready for the violence he’s going to bring to him on Dynamite:

This is the spot I want to be in, it’s why I bet on myself. I don’t want to go back and sit in catering, I want to kick someone’s ass. That’s where Cody comes in. I’m going to make my own mark. A match with him is a very important to show that I belong in AEW. Moxley knew me so well, and he was prepared for a different level of violence. I’m not sure Cody is ready for what I bring. You’re going to see that this Saturday.

How it’s cool that three members of the Wyatt family are competing for a world title this weekend:

I think it’s a really cool thing that three members of the Wyatt Family are competing for major titles in major companies on the same weekend. And it’s nice of Braun to put me over in interviews, but it would be nicer if Braun actually said those nice things to the people that helped him.

Doesn’t forget his character’s past in WWE:

I’ve changed this character to something people never thought it could be, something people never thought I was capable of doing. I spoke a lot about this with Jericho when I was deciding how different I wanted to be in AEW. I asked if I should act like WWE never existed, but Jericho said no, ‘The fans know who you are, what you’ve done, and who you’ve worked with.’ He’s right. So to come in and deny that the Wyatt Family was something special, I can’t do that and I won’t do that. Look at this weekend, it’s pretty cool what we’re still accomplishing.

On the Dark Order:

I’m happy where it’s going, but I’m not happy with where it is or where it started. We lost the feel of what Dark Order should be. Now that everyone is finally back, we are finally starting to learn, internally, about our potential. We can work with everybody—the Lucha Bros., the Best Friends, The Elite, anybody—and we’re going to show that.

On Dynamite being moved to Saturday for the NBA playoffs:

It’s pretty frickin’ cool that the pressure is on to keep people in their seats on a Saturday night in August after the NBA. We need this to be a huge show for us, and I’m a big part of it. That’s why I came here, for pressure-filled situations like this. This is going to be a very special moment that holds a lot of gravity to my career. It’s a perfect setting, the pressure is on me to deliver, and this Saturday is going to be a great f—— time to watch pro wrestling.

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