MVP Talks Becoming Kimbo Slice’s Bouncer, Working With MVP In Developmental

Former WWE and TNA star MVP recently appeared as a guest on Sean “X-Pac” Waltman’s 12360 Podcast for an in-depth interview on his career. Below are some of the highlights.

On being in WWE developmental with The Miz: “I think it’s weird…umm. I’ll give you an example of the Miz. Very successful, very talented has reached of the highest highs, and I have the upmost respect for him. Cause when we were in developmental down in deep south, you had guys that been around, been a few places who were moaning and complaining about the training. I never heard Mike Mizanin complain not once. Ever. He ran the miles, the squats, the bumps never complained about anything.”

On becoming a bouncer for late MMA fighter / street fighting star Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson: “Yeah, that was my first job on South Beach(Miami-Florida)… Kimbo was the first guy that walked up and I saw him and he looked a lot different then too though but… I was like, ‘Hey man you guys hiring?’ and he said, ‘hold on let me check.’ I heard him say, ‘he’s a big dude we could probably use him.’ Then the head guy came out and said, ‘yeah come back tomorrow night in a black suit.’

Check out the complete MVP interview on the latest Sean Waltman podcast via iTunes.

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