Natalya & WWE Still Haven’t Agreed To New Contract; Backstage Reaction Within WWE

Becky Lynch isn’t the only top WWE women’s star that could be stepping away for a while, as Natalya’s contract is set to expire next month which has been reported previously. is reporting that there is an internal consensus of shock that WWE has yet to lock her down to a new deal, particularly given her family legacy, excellent work in the ring and role as an ambassador for the company.

Add to that the fact that Nattie’s husband, TJ Wilson, is one of the top match producers for WWE, having most recently put together the Lynch vs. Liv Morgan steel cage match for the WWE Women’s World Championship on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. Talent regularly requests he put together their matches.

There are some who are interested to see what Wilson will do if Nattie isn’t retained by the company. One particular source claims that until two or three weeks ago, there had not even been discussions between the two sides about a new contract. Another WWE source pointed out that there is still time to lock Nattie into a new deal.

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