Natalya remembers her grandfather Stu Hart

Natalya Remembers Her Grandfather Stu Hart In Calgary Sun Column

In her latest column for the Calgary Sun publication out of Canada, WWE Superstar Natalya wrote about her grandfather, the legendary Stu Hart.

Stu Hart, who was also the father of WWE Hall Of Famer Bret Hart and the legendary Owen Hart, would have turned 102 back on May 3rd.

“After he passed away, WWE inducted Stu Hart into the Hall of Fame, which was an incredible acknowledgment of his legacy and body of work,” wrote Natalya. “Even after his passing, my grandfather was once again able to bring the masses together and remind everyone of what is important in life: relationships.”

The longtime WWE Superstar and Total Divas cast member continued, “My grandfather taught me that life is like a WWE match, filled with highs and lows, false finishes, drama, excitement, close calls, near pin-falls and everything in between. Beyond the mat and far away from the ring, my grandfather grappled with the game of life and he won big. Stu Hart’s legacy will shine forever because he was a champion of humanity.”

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