Natalya Writes About Renee Young

Natalya Writes About Renee Young In Calgary Sun, Reveals Conversation They Had About WWE

Natalya recently spent some time writing about Renee Young in her latest column for the folks at the Calgary Sun in Alberta, Canada.

In the latest entry, the WWE Superstar and Total Divas cast member explained why Renee is a role model. She also reveals comments Renee made to her about her favorite kind of interviews to do in WWE and why.

“Renee is such a great role model for women outside the ring as well,” wrote Natalya of the WWE broadcast team member and Total Divas cast member. “She’s proof that in WWE, there are so many different hats for us to wear and great moments for women to be celebrated within the company.”

Nattie continued, “She added to that sentiment by telling me, ‘I have had so many great memories in WWE. But one thing I always love to be a part of is an in-ring interview with someone who just made their debut. It’s such an important moment for them and the WWE Universe, as there’s just so much emotion in the arena. I also enjoy interviewing someone after they win a championship. I got to do that with Naomi on SmackDown and I almost cried with her because I knew how hard she worked for that moment.'”

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