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New WWE Director of Long Term Creative Reportedly Already Generating Backstage Heat

WWE recently hired Rob Fee as their new Director of Long Term Creative and he has already received a lot of positive feedback for his work on the White Rabbit storyline that culminated with the return of Bray Wyatt.    However, all is not rosy backstage according to a report by RingsideNews which reports that Fee already has a significant amount of backstage heat.

The report notes that Fee has been talking himself up backstage and taking most the credit for the presentation of Wyatt’s return while talking down to most of the others on the creative team, acting like he’s their boss.    He’s also reportedly treated the assistants like “sh*t” and sent a “happy birthday” tweet to AEW CEO Tony Khan, which also got himself some backstage heat.

“He was so arrogant to the writers, talking down to everyone as if he was the boss. Between telling everyone backstage [at RAW] how great he is because of Bray’s return and this, he’s not making a lot of friends around here.”

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