News on Backstage Reaction to Daniel Bryan’s WWE Contract Expiring

Daniel Bryan’s contract with WWE recently expired and the superstar is now technically a free agent with a no non-compete clause in effect, meaning he is not only free to negotiate with any wrestling promotion but also able to sign and appear on TV immediately. While it has already been reported that Bryan didn’t make a very big deal of his deal running out backstage, there hasn’t been much in the way of details on his future.

A report from states that a lot of people within WWE didn’t even know his contract was expiring and they only heard of it through the grapevine rather than from Bryan himself, which would seem to suggest that he will be staying in WWE in some capacity. Those in ROH suggest that that promotion will at the very least reach out to see if they can bring him in for an appearance, while AEW sources are convinced that he’s staying with WWE with one person flat out saying that he heard that Bryan will not be going anywhere.

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