News & Notes on Upcoming Women’s Money in the Bank Match

– There is some uncertainty surrounding the women’s matches at the Money in the Bank, according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio. While only the actual MITB match has been officially announced by WWE, Meltzer says he was told that there would be two women’s matches on the show.

– The problem is that with five of the brand’s female competitors tied up in the MITB match, that leaves no opponent for the champion, Naomi. One possibility is that the winner will cash in her opportunity at the title later in the evening, but from a logic perspective that doesn’t make sense as the challenger will be tired having already wrestled once whereas Naomi will be fresh.

– Meltzer also noted that he expects the women involved in the MITB match to try and have just as good a match as the men, especially since it’s the first one. He says they will likely take a lot of risks unless they are specifically instructed not to try anything crazy.

– Meltzer indicated that Charlotte will do anything and he guarantees that she will either go for a moonsault off the top of the ladder or she will need to be specifically talked out of doing it. Still, he expects them to take a lot of chances and “work their ass off.”

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