News on Undertaker/Roman Reigns WrestleMania 33 Match


– Vince McMahon has reportedly been wanting to do a Roman Reigns vs. Undertaker match for quite some time and with Undertaker’s deteriorating health, this year’s WrestleMania may be the last time the company has a chance to do it.   Some liken it to the proverbial “passing of the torch” from the veteran Undertaker to Reigns.  

– There are several scenarios that could play out in the match, including a Reigns heel turn, but the long term plan for WWE is to still to have Roman as the “face of the company.”

– As for Undertaker, as we saw at the Royal Rumble, he was clearly not in very good shape due to a problematic hip that is still very painful even after a recent surgery.  According to sources, Taker has been advised that he needs hip replacement surgery but he’s been putting that off until his in-ring career is over. 

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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