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NFL Star George Kittle Reveals 49ers Have Told Him Not To Do Anything Physical In Wrestling

— ESPN released an article today about the restrictions that NFL players face in the off-season, specifically how there are clauses in their contracts that prohibit participating in activities with a significant risk of injury, such as basketball. The story went into detail about George Kittle and his involvement at WWE’s WrestleMania 39 with Kittle offering quotes suggesting that the 49ers weren’t exactly thrilled that he got physical, especially since he didn’t let them know in advance.

— Kittle was ringside for the event and began “taunting” WWE star The Miz in his match against former NFL player, Pat McAfee. When Miz shoved Kittle, the latter hopped over the barricade and clotheslined the wrestler before helping McAfee score a victory. Kittle noted that after the activity concluded, he got a text from the 49ers GM who simply stated: “Hope you had fun. Don’t do that again.”

— From Kittle’s perspective, he noted that he didn’t tell his NFL team about his plans as he felt that as long as he didn’t get injured, there wouldn’t be any problems.

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