Nick & Brooke Talk To TMZ Sports

Nick & Brooke Hogan Talk About Hulk Hogan’s WWE Status

Well, it looks like Hulk Hogan returning to WWE is becoming quite the hot topic as WrestleMania 34 draws closer.

TMZ Sports recently caught up with Hulk’s son and daughter, Nick and Brooke Hogan, at an airport and asked for their thoughts on the possibility of him ending up back in WWE.

Nick clearly knew what was coming, as he spoke about not knowing anything about whether or not Hulk will be appearing as a surprise during WrestleMania Week next week. He did say, however, that he thinks Hulk “should run down there and bodyslam everybody.”

The two also spoke about how Hulk goes out of his way to keep them in the dark about subjects like this because he knows they will talk to reporters.

The conversation then switched to recent photos that surfaced online of Nick working out with his father in the gym.

“He’s 64 and he still weighs 300 and something pounds,” Nick said. “And he warms up with my max. I’m pushing as hard as I can and he’s like, ‘Hey I’m just warming up.’ Physically, he’s insane.”

Check out the complete TMZ Sports interview with Nick and Brooke Hogan above.

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