Nick Gage On Coming Up With Deathmatch Wrestling Ideas In Prison

Earlier this week, Nick Gage called in for a discussion with Busted Open Radio, where he spoke about his upcoming GCW Championship defense against Matt Cardona. The GCW World Champion also explained how GCW is bringing an “edge” back to pro-wrestling, and more. Check out his comments below.

On whether Matt Cardona is ready for their upcoming match or not:

“I don’t think so. I don’t think so at all. I think it might be like, whoever that actor was, I forget his name already. I don’t think he knows what he’s getting himself into. And if he does, once he finds out and that glass hits him, and he starts getting them cuts in his body man, he’s going to find out real fast. Because that s*** starts burning, and when you get that deep cut and start bleeding, there’s two ways. He can feel the fire and get into it, or he can get, ‘Oh s***, I might’ve f**ked up on this one.’ We’re going to find out. But I know one thing; I love what I do and I’m the best death match wrestler in the world. And I can’t wait to wrestle this guy man. I can’t wait.”

On coming up with ways to bring back deathmatch wrestling during his prison stay:

“When I was sitting in my prison cell, (Brett) Lauderdale would come up and visit me all the time. And he’d be telling me that they were trying to kill death match wrestling. They were trying to go to the WWE style, where they’re trying to do twenty back kicks, super kicks, slap their leg thirty times and all that. And I always loved death match wrestling, hardcore wrestling, ECW style wrestling. That’s what I grew up with. When I got trained in wrestling school, that’s what I wanted to do, be a hardcore wrestler. Now it’s a death match wrestler. What I wanted to do was I wanted to put that s–t back on the map. So me and Lauderdale sat down one time, at a table in a prison, and we were talking. We said ‘you know when you get out, we’re going to do an NGI. Nick Gage Invitational tournament, to give back to the fans.’.. Listen, the fans wrote me for the five f**king years I was locked up. They kept sending me stuff to keep my head up. I wanted to give back to the fans. What better way than to give them a death match tournament? And it went awesome man. We found success and we were like ‘you know what? Let’s start a company.’ And I think GCW put it on a map. But not only that, we have the best death match talent out there. We’ve got guys that can go. Before it just be a bunch of guys hitting each other over the head, no wrestling involved, doing that stupid s–t. We have guys that can go in there, wrestle, go hard, and use weapons and violence man. And then GCW blew up, put it on the map, and I feel we’re the best company going out there. I don’t like to call us an independent company no more, even though we don’t have any backer, it’s just us. But I feel like we passed that man. I feel like we’re the next breed of ECW way man. We’re just out there, everywhere we go we’re selling the house out, tearing s*** up. Yeah I think we put death match wrestling back on the map.”

On GCW bringing an edge back to professional wrestling:

“Yeah I think so. You’re damn right we’re bringing that back to pro wrestling. That edginess. ECW is the perfect example. You guys started using the alternative music, guys were using tables. Especially back then when it was corny. And then it seems like the other wrestling companies are doing the same style matches. AEW may be doing a little hardcore, but that’s fake s*** man. They’re using that crushed f**king glass from movie sets and all that. They’re snipping their barbed wire. All our s*** is real. Our barbed wire don’t get snipped, our glass is real. Yeah we’re bringing that edginess back man.”

(Via WrestlingInc.)

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