Nikki Bella Talks To Yahoo! Finance

Nikki Bella Recalls Being Called “The Fat Twin” When She First Came To WWE

Longtime WWE Superstar Nikki Bella recently spoke with the folks from Yahoo! Finance for an interview to promote her new clothing line and wine label.

During the interview, the Total Bellas and Total Divas reality star spoke about being referred to as “the fat twin” when she and her identical twin sister, Brie Bella, first arrived in WWE over ten years ago.

“I’ve been compared my whole life. I’ve been the bigger twin,” Nikki said when talking about being compared to Brie by people over the years carried over to WWE. “When I got on TV 10 years ago, immediately everyone called me ‘the fat twin.'”

Nikki continued, “I had always looked at myself as someone who was just healthy and I loved who I was, but there was a period of time when it really got to me.”

Check out the complete interview with Nikki Bella, who is promoting her Birdie Bee and Belle Radici projects, at

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