Nita Strauss On Bad Bunny: “I Thought Bad Bunny Totally Slayed It”

During night one of NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver, Nita Strauss played a blaring edition of the United States National Anthem. On night one of WrestleMania, another musician, Bad Bunny, competed in a tag team match.

Both musicians brought the house down in their own ways, and the Alice Cooper guitarist shared her thoughts on the Grammy Award winning Latin pop star. Strauss mentioned:

“I thought it was so great. I really did. I went in, like, no offense to Benito [Bad Bunny’s real name], I went in with no expectations. We were there, we’re sitting five or six rows back. I really thought that it was gonna be like just sort of your typical celebrity coming in, and staying back, reaching for the tag, maybe getting in for a few minutes — he wrestled the whole match. I thought Bad Bunny totally slayed it. The crowd was behind him, I wish that you guys could have all felt the energy in that room”.

Nita continued to give the match raving reviews, and shared a quick thought on Bad Bunny’s partner in the match, Damian Priest. The rockstar told unSKripted:

“At some point, I was like, ‘Is Damian Priest gonna come in and do anything?’ [laughs]. ‘Cause he’s an amazing wrestler himself. So I was wondering, ‘Are they even gonna use Damian Priest in this match”?

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(H/T and transcribed by SKWrestling)

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