NJPW Dominion 2019 Results

NJPW Dominion Results From Osaka jo-Hall In Japan (6/9/2019)

As advertised, New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) held their NJPW Dominion 2019 event in Japan on late Saturday evening / early Sunday morning.

Featured below, courtesy of Ethan Renner (@EthanRenner) and F4WOnline.com, are complete results of the show, which featured Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley and more.



Moxley entered through the crowd. Before the opening bell, Umino did a flip dive over the top to the floor as Moxley walked around ringside.

Umino hit a missile dropkick, but was quickly cut off with a lariat. Moxley picked up a quick nearfall, then used an STF. While applying the hold, Moxley fish-hooked Umino. Umino made the ropes, forcing a break.

After a quick exchange of strikes, Umino hit a dropkick. Moxley countered with an x-plex, then used the double-arm DDT for the pin.

Moxley cut a promo after the match, and said he wants to be in the G1. He then helped Umino to the back. What a nice guy.


They locked up. Kojima backed into the ropes. Shingo did not break cleanly, landing a chop. He followed with a shoulder tackle. Kojima hit a shoulder block of his own, then a pescado as Shingo rolled outside.

They exchanged strikes on the floor, utilizing the full 19 count to batter each other, before rolling back in. Shingo hit a big chop in the corner. Kojima sent him into the opposite corner, then hit his machine gun chops.

Kojima went outside, looking to climb to the top for an elbow drop. Shingo cut him off, and they fought on the apron. Kojima teased a Koji Cutter, but Shinigo reversed into a DVD on the apron. Shingo posed on the apron, where Kojima chop-blocked his leg, then hit a DDT on the apron.

Back in the ring, Kojima hit a Koji Cutter for a two count. Kojima hit a DDT off the second rope, and got another nearfall. Shingo countered with a right hand, then a short lariat. He followed with a knee lift, then a vertical suplex.

Shingo teased noshigami, but Kojima escaped. Shingo hit a double sledge to the chest. He went for a Pumping Bomber, but Kojima blocked it, then hit a lariat. Kojima hit a brainbuster, picking up a nearfall.

Shingo blocked another lariat attempt, then hit a DDT. He hit a lariat in the corner. Shingo hit a Pumping Bomber, but Kojima no-sold it. Shingo hit another lariat, and Kojima no-sold it. Kojima hit a lariat of his own. Shingo followed with a short lariat. He covered, but Kojima kicked out at one.

They traded strikes. Shingo hit Made in Japan for a two count. He followed with a Pumping Bomber, then hit Last of the Dragon for the pin. A nice, very hard-hitting match, and a good win for Shingo.

Shingo cut a promo after the match, and he also wants to be in the G1.


Suzuki-gun used an attack before the bell. They gained control of the match with a brawl around ringside. Suzuki blasted YH with a forearm to the neck. I mean, he really hit him hard.

Suzuki and Sabre used quick tags, working over YH’s left arm. Suzuki hit a PK, then Liger jumped in and kicked YH himself, because he wanted a shot at Liger.

YH hit a big chop to Suzuki, then tagged Liger. Suzuki and Liger exchanged strikes and headbutts. Liger hit a brainbuster, and they did a double down.

YH and Sabre got tags. YH hit a headhunter, then landed a dropkick to the back as Sabre was draped over the ropes. Sabre got an armbar, but Liger saved. Suzuki and Sabre used dueling cobra twists. YH reached the ropes for a break, while Suzuki and Liger brawled to the floor.

YH hit a clothesline. He went for Kharma, but Sabre blocked it. They exchanged strikes. YH used a backslide, then rolled into a magistral cradle for the pin.

YOSHI-HASHI laid out Sabre with a clothesline after the bell, then posed with Sabre’s RevPro British Heavyweight title. A mild upset here, and a pretty good little tag match.


Owens and Juice had a quick exchange of holds. Owens landed a quick strike, but Juice answered with strikes, and sent Owens into the corner. He teased a cannonball, but Owens rolled outside.

Ishimori and Taguchi tagged in. Taguchi wanted to dance with Ishimori. Ishimori did not accept the dance, and lit into Taguchi with strikes. Taguchi missed with a hip attack, and Bullet Club turned the match into a brawl on the floor.

White slammed Taguchi into the barricade. Back inside, White used a chinlock. Taguchi broke the hold, but again missed a hip attack. He missed another, and White hit an atomic drop. Taguchi finally hit a hip attack, and tagged Tanahashi.

Tanahashi hit a clothesline. He blocked a kick from White, then hit a dragon screw. He followed with a somersault senton off the second for a two count. White blocked a slingblade attempt, and hit a Saito suplex.

Bullet Club cleared the apron, then went three-on-one against Tana. White used a suplex. He went for a cover, but Juice and Taguchi made the save.

Tana and White had a botched spot in the middle of the ring. Tanahashi was trying to reverse a Blade Runner into something or other, and they ended up just falling down.

Owens dragged White to his corner and tagged in. Owens worked on Tana a bit. The other four guys brawled around ringside. Juice hit a Left Hand of God on White on the floor.

Tanahashi hit something resembling a final cut, then got the pin on Owens.

Tanahashi grabbed his bad arm immediately after the match. It was tough to tell whether or not he was just selling, but something seemed off. He did not look good here.


Taichi took an inordinate amount of time to remove his entrance gear. He then immediately rolled outside after the opening bell. Ishii laid on his back in the middle of the ring, daring Taichi to attack. Taichi hit a couple of short kicks. They were designed to taunt more than harm.

Ishii landed a massive chop, dropping Taichi. He grabbed Taichi’s mic stand and his satchel, and threw them up the ramp. Miho Abe ran to collect them.

They did a sequence where Ishii would chop, and Taichii would answer with a kick to the legs. Ishii broke first, and Taichi followed up with a big strike. Taichi hit Ishii with a series of kicks to the gut, then one to the back.

Ishii answered with a headbutt, then a powerslam. Ishii hit a striking combination in the corner, but Taichi answered with a kick. Taichi took his trousers off. He landed an axe bomber, then an enziguri.

Taichi hit a high-angle suplex, earning a nearfall. Ishii hit a backdrop suplex, and both men sold the damage to their necks. Ishii no-sold a kick, then hit a German suplex. Taichi sent the referee into Ishii, and the ref took a bump.

Ishii blocked a low blow, then dropped Taichi with a headbutt. Ishii hit a pair of lariats, and the revived official made a two count. Taichi avoided a sliding lariat, then hit his own sliding lariat. Taichi used a Gedo clutch for a nearfall.

Taichi hit an axe bomber, then applied a stretch plum. Ishii teased passing out in the hold. Taichi gave up the hold, and decided to try Black Mephisto. Ishii blocked it, but missed an enziguri. Taichi hit a buzzsaw kick, then a Last Ride. He covered, but Ishii kicked out at two.

Ishii hit a high kick, then hit a series of short forearms. Ishii no-sold an enziguri, then hit a lariat for a nearfall. Ishii called for a brainbuster. Taichi slipped out the back, and landed a big forearm. Ishii blocked another Black Mephisto, and hit a sliding lariat for a two count.

Ishii followed with a vertical drop brainbuster, covered, and got the pin. The last few minutes were very good, but it took them a while to get the crowd. Everything from the ref bump on had great intensity.


Tama Tonga and SANADA started off with some crowd work. Each posed on the second rope to see who could get the bigger reaction. SANADA got a takedown and tried for the paradise lock, but Tonga escaped. Both tagged out.

EVIL and Tanga Loa exchanged shoulder blocks, with neither man giving. EVIL sent Loa into Tonga, then dropped Loa with a shoulder block. EVIL hit a chop, then got a quick nearfall. Jado nailed EVIL with a kendo stick from the floor, and G.O.D. took over.

Jado again used the stick on EVIL while Loa took the referee. Tonga sent EVIL into the barricade. Back inside, Loa hit a pumping knee strike for a nearfall. Tonga tagged in, and hit a senton. He used a vertical suplex for a two count.

Loa got a tag, and the G.O.D. hit stereo dropkicks. Loa got a nearfall, then knocked SANADA off the apron. Tonga and Loa used a series of quick tags, working EVIL over in their corner. Loa hit a senton for a two count.

EVIL hit a mid kick, and made a tag. Tonga jumped in illegally, attempting to cut SANADA off. SANADA locked Loa in the paradise lock, then hit Tonga with a leapfrog dropkick. SANADA then hit a pescado on Tonga, and landed one to Jado for good measure.

SANADA released Loa from the hold with a dropkick, and picked up a two count. SANADA tried for a rana, but Loa caught him. Loa hit a sit-out powerbomb for a two count. SANADA flipped over the top rope, then hit a springboard dropkick.

EVIL cleared Loa off the apron, and hit a superplex. SANADA hit a standing moonsault, and EVIL used a scorpion deathlock, but Loa broke it up. SANADA hit Tonga with a high-angle suplex. EVIL and SANADA teased a Magic Killer, but Loa broke it up.

Jado jumped on the apron. SANADA used Skull End on Loa. EVIL knocked Jado off the apron, then used the scorpion on Tonga. Tonga tapped, but Jado pulled the ref out of the ring. Jado climbed in and hit EVIL with the kendo stick.

Jado tried to swing the stick again, but BUSHI ran in for the save. He sprayed Jado with black mist, then nailed him with a suicide dive.

EVIL and SANADA tried again for the Magic Killer, but Tonga kicked SANADA away. He cradled EVIL, held the tights, and got the pin. This was just an average undercard tag match with a screwy finish.

Katsuyori Shibata came out. He pointed to the entrance stage, and out came KENTA. He wore a t-shirt with “Takeover” printed on the front. KENTA introduced himself to the crowd, and announced that he also plans to be in the G1.


Both tried to apply side headlocks, and both flipped out. They avoided each other’s finishers, and a hot opening sequence ended with Dragon hitting Ospreay with a dropkick.

Ospreay hit an enziguri, a 619, and a pescado. On the outside, Ospreay hit a chop, and Dragon took a bump. Ospreay got a quick one count. He hit a back elbow for a knockdown, and got another one count. Ospreay was doing a subtle sell of his legs.

Ospreay used an armbar, and got extra leverage by leaning back on the arm with his own back. Dragon got a quick but of offense, hitting some strikes. He landed a dropkick in the corner, and picked up a two count on Ospreay.

Ospreay hit a handspring kick, then pip pip cheerio. He got a nearfall, and Dragon rolled outside. Ospreay tried for a Sasuke Special, but Dragon avoided it. Dragon sat Ospreay on top the barricade, then jumped back inside.

Dragon hit a terrifying tope suicida, and both men crashed over the first barricade, got launched into the announcers area, then crashed into the second barricade. A very scary spot.

Back inside, Dragon hit a straightjacket German for a two count. Dragon teased his double stomp in the corner. Ospreay kicked him off with both feet. Ospreay climbed to the top, and hit a corkscrew moonsault to the floor.

Back in the ring, Ospreay hit an inverted DDT for a two count. He tried for a Storm Breaker, but Dragon slipped out. After another Storm Breaker attempt and reversal, Dragon hit a DDT. He tried for Desnucadora, but Ospreay countered into a cutter.

In the center of the ring, they traded strikes from their knees. They climbed to their feet, continuing to trade. Dragon landed a knee strike. Ospreay hit a hook kick. Dragon hit a poison rana. Ospreay countered with a standing Spanish Fly for a two count.

Ospreay climbed to the top, but Dragon cut him off with a superkick. Dragon tried for a flying headscissors over the ropes to the floor, but Ospreay flipped out, landing on his feet. Ospreay hit a powerbomb on the apron, then used a shooting star for a nearfall.

Ospreay hit the Robinson Special. He went for an Oscutter, but Dragon knocked him out of the air with a knee strike. For the first time, the pace briefly slowed.

Ospreay rolled to the apron. Dragon draped Ospreay’s legs over the top rope, then hit a double stomp off the top rope to the floor. Dragon slipped on the landing on another insane spot.

Back in the ring, Dragon hit a jumping knee strike. Ospreay fought off a Desnucadora, but fell to a Canadian Destroyer. Dragon used a running knee strike for a two count.

Dragon pulled down his right knee pad. Ospreay blocked one knee strike, but Dragon landed a second. Ospreay flipped out of a Desnucadora, and hit two hook kicks. Ospreay hit Hidden Blade. He used a top rope Oscutter, maintained neck control, and hit a Storm Breaker.

1-2-3. Ospreay wins the title in another unbelievable performance.

Dragon strapped the title on Ospreay after the match, then raised his hand. They bowed to each other. Ospreay stepped over to the commentary table and challenged Robbie Eagles to face him in Australia at Southern Showdown on June 29.


A quick opening sequence of counters and escapes saw Ibushi hit a mid kick. Naito came back with a dropkick to the back, then posed. He got a more negative reaction than you might expect. Naito used his legs to apply a full nelson. After a struggle, Ibushi reached the ropes.

Ibushi hit a couple of short strikes, but sold the damge to his neck from the submission hold. Naito spit at Ibushi, and the crowd really didn’t like that. Ibushi hit his combinacion de cabron in the corner. He covered for a two count, then spit at referee Red Shoes.

Naito raked the eyes, again to a negative crowd reaction. Ibushi caught Naito off the ropes with a double stomp. Ibushi hit a snap rana, and Naito rolled outside. Ibushi hit a corkscrew pescado, but continued selling his neck after landing.

Ibushi hit a half-and-half suplex, but Naito answered with a tornado DDT. He hit a one-legged dropkick, and got a two count. Ibushi slipped out of a top rope rana attempt, and hit a backflip kick.

Ibushi teased a deadlift suplex over the ropes, but Naito blocked it. They fought on the apron. Naito hit a German on the apron, and Ibushi’s head crashed right into the edge of the ring. That was awful.

Naito hit a poison rana off the top rope, and Ibushi again landed on his head. Naito covered for a two count. Naito went for Destino, but Ibushi blocked it. Ibushi spiked Naito on his head with a jumping tombstone. They did a long double down.

They exchanged forearms to the side of the neck. Naito hit a series of headbutts. Ibushi hit a palm strike, then hit a lariat, and Naito took a flip bump.

Ibushi missed a Bomaye. Naito hit a dragon suplex, then hit Destino. He covered, but Ibushi kicked out at two.

Naito went for a second Destino, but Ibushi countered with a knee to the gut. Ibushi hit a Last Ride for a nearfall.

Naito blocked a Kamigoye attempt, and spiked Ibushi on his head with a DDT. Ibushi was first up, but Naito hit an enziguri.

Naito landed a swinging reverse DDT off the second rope for another nearfall.

Naito hit a poison rana, then Valentia for yet another nearfall. Naito hit Destino, and this time got the pin.

Naito placed his foot on Ibushi’s head, and posed with the title.

The matches that these two have with each other are incredible spectacles. I do not mean that in a positive way. They are sadistic matches.


Jericho wore his Chris Benoit tribute pants. Why is he paying tribute to a murderer?

Okada broke cleanly against the ropes on their first lockup. Jericho poked Okada in the yes. Okada gave chase as Jericho ran around the ring. Okada hit an elbow, knocking Jericho down, back inside.

Jericho was supposed to catch Okada off a missile dropkick and put him in the Walls of Jericho. They slightly mis-timed it. Jericho applied the Walls. Jericho hit a dropkick, and Okada flew over the barricade. Jericho rang the bell.

Jericho pulled a table from under the ring and set it up. Okada blocked a powerbomb attempt, and sent Jericho into the barricade. Jericho recovered quickly. Back inside, he hit a high cross off the top rope. He followed with a back suplex. Jericho made his old cocky pin cover, but Red Shoes refused to count the pin.

Jericho hit slaps to the face. Okada started to fire up, but Jericho cut him off with a dropkick. Jericho choked Okada with the middle rope, then hit a delayed vertical suplex for a two count.

After exchanging strikes, Okada hit a flapjack. Okada kipped up, ducked a clothesline, and hit a back elbow. Okada hit a DDT, and Jericho rolled to the floor. Okada sent Jericho into the barricade, then clotheslined him over it.

Okada got a running start and jumped over the barricade, but Jericho caught him coming in with a Codebreaker. Back inside, they did a tombstone reversal spot. Jericho rolled through, and applied the Walls. After a long struggle, Okada reached the ropes.

Jericho jawed with Red Shoes, then turned around into a dropkick from Okada. Jericho tried an axe handle off the second rope, but Okada caught him with a dropkick. Okada hit a tombstone.

Jericho ducked a Rainmaker, and hit a double underhook suplex for a two count. Okada blocked a Codebreaker, and hit an air raid crash over his knee for a nearfall. Okada went to the top, but Jericho cut him off. Jericho hit a springboard dropkick from the inside, dropping Okada on the apron.

Jericho tried for a superplex, but Okada dropped him face-first. He hit a top rope elbow, then hit his Rainmaker pose. Jericho ducked a Rainmaker attempt, and hit an enziguri.

They exchanged strikes from their knees. They climbed back to their feet, and Okada landed a series of uppercuts. Okada missed a dropkick, and Jericho followed up with a Lionsault for a two count.

Jericho hit a series of kicks in the corner. Okada countered, hitting a shotgun dropkick. Okada went for a charge into the corner, but ran into a Codebreaker for a close nearfall.

Jericho untied a turnbuckle pad. He teased dropping Okada on the exposed buckle, but Okada slipped out. Okada hit a German. Both missed with Rainmakers. Okada hit a Codebreaker, and got a two count.

Okada hit a spinning tombstone. Jericho again ducked the Rainmaker, and got the Walls of Jericho locked on. Jericho transitioned to the Liontamer. He tried to re-apply the hold, but Okada kicked him off.

Jericho sent Okada into the exposed buckle. Okada ducked the Judas Effect. Jericho ducked the Rainmaker. Jericho tried for a Codebreaker, but Okada caught him. Okada sat down, trapping Jericho in a cradle for the pin.

Jericho attacked Okada after the bell. He landed punches, then grabbed a chair. He hit Okada with the chair, then hit the Judas Effect. He placed the chair over Okada’s neck, then sent him into the post.

Tanahashi jumped up from the commentary table to make the save for Okada.

Jericho cut a promo on Tanahashi and Okada. He called Japan a bull shit country, and called Okada a bitch. He grabbed some of the confetti money from Okada’s entrance and put it in his pants, then shoved the money into the camera.

The crowd booed because there was no post-match promo from Okada.

They had a good brawl, and the post-match sets up more matches for Jericho in NJPW, whether with Okada again, or now with Tanahashi. Quite the newsworthy show.

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