NJPW Fans Have Picked A Wild Stipulation For Upcoming Championship Match

It was recently announced by NJPW that their fans have decided on a stipulation for the upcoming KOPW 2021 Provisional Title Match between Toru Yano and EVIL, which is set to take place at NJPW Wrestling Satsuma no Kuni on April 28th, with a vote difference of 51.58% to 48.42%, fans chose Yano’s Creation of Darkness Blindfold Match.

According to NJPW, the rules of the match are distinct from a “traditional” blindfold match, and also this bout will start with four blindfold hoods on each of the four ring posts around the ring. A NJPW wrestler can only defeat their opponent if they can blindfold them first and should a hood be secured on an opponent, usual rules apply to pinfalls, submissions, knock outs and count-outs.

The match will also feature the first three minutes of the match with the lights turned on and off at regular thirty second intervals. Then from the three minute mark onward, there will be thirty seconds of darkness every three minutes until a decision is rendered. Updates on the match will be given once made available.

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