Note On Kane’s Disappearance On SmackDown

One of the oldest tricks in pro wrestling is hiding a wrestler under the ring. WWE used this effect during the Randy Orton & Kane vs. Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper tag match Tuesday’s SmackDown. During the match the lights cut out, and when they came back on Kane had disappeared from the ring apron.

We received several live reports from sharp-eyed fans who were in attendance at SmackDown who noted that Kane didn’t stay hidden under the ring very long. Fans in attendance noted that after SmackDown went off the air, the lights in the arena went out again for several seconds. During this time, Kane rolled out from under the ring and ran to the back. It’s unknown if WWE will continue a storyline based on Kane’s disappearance during the match.

The lights came back on as Kane was arriving in the back, and WWE taped an episode of Main Event after SmackDown.

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