NWA Powerrr Results (12/17/2019)

NWA Powerrr Results (12/17): Ep. 10 – “The Villain Effect” (Full Episode Video)

Featuring the follow-up from the NWA Into The Fire pay-per-view from this past weekend, the latest edition of NWA Powerrr dropped on Tuesday evening.

Episode ten of NWA Powerrr, titled “The Villain Effect,” features the fallout from NWA Into The Fire 2019, including the surprise appearance by Marty Scurll.

Featured below is the complete episode video, courtesy of the official NWA YouTube channel.

Complete results of episode ten of NWA Powerrr are featured below, courtesy of Josiah MacDonald (WR_Central) and F4WOnline.com:


The show opened with a recap of Marty Scurll’s entrance at NWA Into the Fire.

David Marquez welcomed Aron Stevens, who was showered with boos. The Question Mark was with him and got cheered wildly. Stevens claimed that he earned a third degree black belt in Mongrovian karate. Stevens talked about being the toughest man to hold the NWA National title.

Stevens said that he was not the NWA National Champion — he is the Third Degree NWA National Champion. He wanted to be known as Shooter Stevens now.

Stevens then said that he has his eyes set on belts, while looking directly at the camera. He said him and Question Mark have their eyes on the Tag Team titles, and Question Mark has his eyes on the TV title.

Colt Cabana came out and confronted Stevens, saying that Stevens was hiding behind the Christmas tree for the majority of their match at Into the Fire. Cabana said that Stevens only won the match because of Question Mark and he would never be a champion without Question Mark.

Stevens said that he had no business with Cabana and maybe he should try and learn karate from Question Mark.

Thunder Rosa came out and got the fans to stand as she welcomed Melina. Ashley Vox ran out and attacked Rosa, but Rosa sent Vox flying into the stairs. Melina commanded Rosa to hit a double stomp from the top rope onto the arm, but ODB and Allysin Kay made the save.

Melina and Thunder Rosa ran up to Marti Belle, and Melina asked where she was. Belle informed them that Melina told her to not come out after what happened at Into the Fire, but Melina said that she needed Belle to do whatever she needed.

Before this started, we were informed that every qualifying match for the NWA Television Championship tournament would have a 6:05 time limit.

Zicky Dice defeated Sal Rinauro and CW Anderson in a Television title tournament qualifying match

Rinauro and Anderson shook hands, but Dice took offense to this and stopped the handshake. Rinauro, Anderson, and Dice exchanged pinfall attempts before a triple clothesline saw all four men crash to the mat. Anderson and Rinauro double teamed Dice, then Rinauro hit a stunner on Anderson.

Anderson replied with a spinebuster on Rinauro, but Dice grabbed Anderson and threw him into the ring post before hitting a neckbreaker — called the Snake, Rattle, & Roll — on Rinauro for the pinfall.

Dice cut a promo about how it isn’t luck that he was in the NWA, and then he searched for a word to call it and decided on calling it luck anyway. That was funny. The Dawsons came out and shooed him away before saying that, while they knew that the people didn’t like them, they wanted to expose a conspiracy in the NWA.

The Dawsons said James Storm was right — there’s a conspiracy around this place and they were part of it. They did all of the dirty work for The Wild Cards and were promised title shots and a lot of money, which hasn’t happened.

The Wild Cards came out with chairs and chased them away. Apparently, The Wild Cards don’t want The Dawsons talking about what is going on with Kamille. This was very interesting.

I really enjoy this slow burn development with Kamille and what is brewing in the background. It seems like Nick Aldis is a heel and up to something, but he puts on a false friendly face. With that being said, he still takes great pride in being the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion. It’s great stuff.

Marty Scurll’s promo from after Into the Fire was aired, with Scurll saying that he was going to do whatever he wanted, and if that meant causing some trouble in the NWA, he was going to do it. He said that Nick Aldis was the real Worlds Champion, and that Scurll and him go back about 15 years.

Scurll said that he gave Aldis the fight of his life at the Crockett Cup, and even though he lost, he knew deep down that he could beat Aldis. Scurll said that after everything he’s done, it’s a shame that he has not become the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion.

The crowd exploded into cheers for Marty for this. So, what is Scurll doing? He’s concentrating on becoming the next NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion.

This was an absolutely excellent promo. I wonder how long the NWA will have Scurll, but you never know what he might do.

Eddie Kingston was on commentary. Stu Bennett and Joe Galli asked him about Homicide’s injury, but Kingston said he was fine. Kingston said, “You’ll see him back when he comes back,” and left it at that.

NWA Tag Team Champions The Rock n’ Roll Express defeated Zach Mosley & Sean Sims in a non-title match

The Rock n’ Roll Express won a fast squash match, and while it was quick, it was fun. I am amazed at how good these guys are at their age.

The Rock n’ Rolls cut a promo about how Nick Aldis is a great champion, but he isn’t quite in the same league as Ric Flair and Harley Race just yet. Once they were leaving, The Dawsons came out again, determined to expose this conspiracy, but The Wild Cards attacked them.

When they came back from break, The Wild Cards and The Dawsons were in the ring and getting ready to wrestle.

The Wild Cards defeated The Dawsons

Thomas Latimer and Royce Isaacs wanted to double team Zane Dawson, but Zane kicked them both and then went to the outside of the ring. Zane went to chop Latimer but missed and chopped the ring post. Latimer stepped on his fingers and The Wild Cards started working over the weakness they found.

Zane continued to sell the hand here throughout the heat segment of the match, and that was actually quite great.

Latimer bit Zane’s fingers, but it was on the wrong hand. Not sure if that was a mistake or not. However, Latimer grabbed the other hand and bit that one. They hit a combination Death Valley Driver and powerbomb on Zane before getting the pinfall and continuing to work over the hand and then leaving the ring.

Latimer went over to David Marquez and cut a promo about how The Dawsons were liars. He then said that Santa was also a liar.

Jocephus came out with a bag of toys, dressed as Santa, and decided he was going to get into the good graces of the audience and the NWA, but he then yelled at a Santa in the crowd and told him to sit down, so he seemed to fail in his attempt.

James Storm was backstage and said that he was disappointed that he lost his title shot, but he promised that he was going to win that title someday. He pointed to the welt on his head and said from his perspective that it was because Aldis removed the turnbuckle pad and that it was no accident that he was driven into it.

Storm also said that it was no accident that Aldis knocked out Brian Hebner so that Tim Storm could come in and be the referee. He said that he never gives up, so he was going to go down to the bottom of the pile, but he was going to work his way back up.

The competitors for the NWA Television title tournament were announced — Ziggy Dice, Ricky Starks, Colt Cabana, Caleb Konley, Trevor Murdoch, The Question Mark, Eddie Kingston, Tim Storm, The Dawsons, and Nick Aldis. The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion has entered the tournament to become a double champion.

Marquez introduced a former NWA Television Champion: Nikita Koloff. Koloff cut an awesome promo here, talking about how he was excited to see who was going to win it. He drew the first two matchups. Ricky Starks vs. Eddie Kingston was the first one — that is a very big match. Brian Hebner stood in between as Starks and Kingston faced off like it was a UFC fight.

Colt Cabana will face The Question Mark, and both men faced off. The first two matches will take place next week on NWA Power.

Aldis walked over to Marquez with Starks. Aldis explained why he was entered into the TV title tournament: He has no challengers left and wants to be the first man in history to hold the TV title and Worlds Heavyweight Championship at the same time.

Aldis said that Starks has a shot at making it all the way to the finals just to lose to Aldis. Marquez wanted to talk about Scurll, and Aldis shut down the chants for Marty from the crowd. Aldis said, “No comment,” because he was tired of people coming out of the woodwork to come to the NWA when he spent two years building the promotion. He said Scurll tried to insert himself into a Worlds title match, but that isn’t how things are done in the NWA.

Marquez said that Ricky Morton said some things about Aldis, but Aldis hasn’t heard it yet. He would watch it back later. Marquez then asked about Kamille, and Aldis said that he needed more than just an insurance policy — he needed a real team. He said that we would see that unfold over the next few weeks, but Kamille is no longer his insurance policy. The crowd yelled in shock.

Stu Bennett sat down with Scurll, and Scurll said that he wanted to keep people guessing about where he was going to be next. Scurll said that he loves the idea of the title matches being important — and that the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship is the real World title.

Scurll said working with the NWA for the Crockett Cup had ignited his passion for wrestling again, and he didn’t want people to assume what he was going to do next. Scurll said that after all he has done in wrestling, he has never been the World Champion, and he thought the NWA was the right place to do it.

Tim Storm was on commentary. Bennett asked him what he thought of Scurll being in the NWA. Storm said that he thought Aldis and Scurll should have a match, and that it would be a good one.

Eli Drake came out and had a hoarse voice from the attack by Ken Anderson at Into the Fire. Drake asked why he wasn’t in the TV title tournament. He thought he put Anderson behind him, but Anderson had to attack him from behind and put a chair on his head and ram him into the ring post.

Drake said that he was still here — and he wanted a no DQ match tonight. This was another excellent promo, even while selling the throat injury.

Eli Drake defeated Ken Anderson in a no DQ match

This didn’t start with a lock up as Drake and Anderson began throwing punches again. Anderson chopped Drake in the corner, and the crowd rallied behind Drake. Drake hit a Russian leg sweep on Anderson and clotheslined him over the top rope. Drake and Anderson brawled into the crowd and up the steps.

Drake jammed Anderson’s head into a chair and kneed it into his head before kicking Anderson low and moving up the stairs further. Anderson grabbed a fan and asked for help, which was a nice little spot. They fought all the way up to the top of the studio and Anderson threw something at Drake. Drake threw Anderson through the curtain, and Anderson crashed into a door.

Anderson pointed to the poster of Drake on the wall, but Drake fought out, pushed Anderson’s face into the guardrail, and then grabbed a fan’s phone and took a video as he leaned on Anderson’s face. Anderson took that time to fight out and slam the gate at the top of the stairs into Drake’s head.

Anderson threw Drake head-first into the stairs and threw a chair into the ring. Anderson set up the chair in the ring and went for the Mic Check into the chair again, but Drake blocked it and hit a drop toe hold into the chair. The crowd popped huge for this little spot, which goes to show you can do more with less.

Drake looked like he was going to kill Anderson with the chair, but he threw it away and then hit the Gravy Train for the pinfall.

As Drake was getting ready to go backstage, Aldis came out and started arguing with Tim Storm. Aldis said that Storm should keep his name out of his mouth, so I guess that Aldis took exception to Storm talking about Scurll. Aldis said that Storm’s time has come and gone, and Storm said, “You want to go?” and got into the ring.

The crowd went nuts and both men started shoving each other as The Wild Cards ran out and attacked Tim Storm. Aldis did absolutely nothing and let them attack the former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion.

Kamille came out and started shoving Aldis and getting in his face, but then she turned around and speared Tim Storm! It seems like Kamille is still working with Aldis, and Kamille started kissing Tom Latimer.

It appears that we have a new stable in the NWA, as Aldis has officially turned heel. The top heel group has formed, and they did the old Horseman beatdown on Tim Storm. Aldis posed with his new group.

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