NWA POWERRR Results (10/29): Dealer Calls Again (VIDEO)

NWA POWERRR Results (Ep. 4): Dealer Calls Again – 10/29/2019 (VIDEO)

The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) has returned with week four of their new studio television series “NWA POWERRR” from Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia.

This week’s show titled “Dealer Calls Again,” which premiered on Tuesday, October 29, 2019, can be seen in its’ entirety below.


Show Opening

Powerrr’s 4th episode opens with the “Into the Fire” theme song and video opening sequence. Broadcaster’s Jim Cornette and Joe Galli waste no time welcoming the fans to NWA Powerrr’s 4th episode here at the Georgia Public Broadcasting studio in Atlanta, GA as James Storm walks into the frame carrying his national heavyweight championship belt over his left shoulder.


Storm says he’s tired of coming out week after week having to prove himself as he believes his resume speaks for itself. Colt Cabana interrupts Storm saying the championship title rightfully belongs to him, adding he is 100% healthy now. A suggestion that they settle it here and now is interrupted by Eli Drake walking onto the set.

Drake reminds Storm that he holds the ticket to the world title, motioning to his Heavyweight Championship belt. Drake says Storm has been in Nick Aldis’ face for so long asking for his shot, which Aldis has yet to agree to. In that same moment Nick Aldis walks in wearing a royal blue suit holding his championship belt under his arm.

Aldis looks to Drake who says, “Hold on pal, I ain’t got a problem with you. I’m gonna tell you, if you carry that, you are the greatest thing since sliced bread. You are the greatest wrestler walking today. But what I am gonna say is this man has been asking for his shot, and I think it’s about time.” as he puts his hands up and steps back.

Without even acknowledging Drake, Aldis looks on to Storm saying Storm’s recent comments are some sort of alcohol fueled rant. Aldis continues on to say Drake doesn’t drink, smoke, or use drugs… his only downfall is that he wants to be just like Aldis.

Storm is told to find a couple partners for a six man match-up in the “square circle” by Aldis who says if he and Cabana win the match, then Cabana gets an NWA National Title shot. Storm agrees, adding he then gets his shot at the NWA World Championship Title. Aldis says on one condition, he has to give up his title, that way he has something to lose.

Before walking off, Storm tells Aldis he might wanna check his jaguar out in the parking lot as some big truck might have bumped into it, adding that he will see Aldis real soon.

Video Package

A video package is shown with Kamille who continues to not speak for herself in each clip shown, recalling the Aldis, Kamille, Joe Galli drama.

An ad for NWA Powerrr tapings is played, followed by an ad for the December 14, 2019 pay-per-view event on Fite.


David Marquez is shown backstage on the interview podium speaking with Trevor Murdoch saying he’s seen him when he was up and down, but never not smiling, asking him what’s going on. Murdoch says he wants a contract and will do whatever it takes. Murdoch follows by saying he called NWA officials and made a request of sorts, saying Jocephus should have to face him for throwing powder in Colt Cabana’s face, not be suspended.

Walking onto set, Jocephus says his spiritual advisor has sanctioned all kinds of violence against Murdoch, to which Murdoch replies “get your ass in the ring and we’ll handle business.” As Murdoch makes his way to the ring, Jocephus sneaks up from behind, throwing Murdoch into the ring post as the crowd boos.

First Match

Trevor Murdoch vs. Jocephus

Jocephus throws Murdoch into the ring where the referee is already standing in anticipation. Jocephus makes his way into the ring as well. The bell rings officially beginning the match. Jocephus attacks Murdoch with multiple headbutts and hits to the chest. Murdoch counters and gets a Short Armed Clothesline, getting Jocephus into the corner turnbuckle.

The crowd counts along as Murdoch lays into him with several blows. Jocephus seemingly attempts to throw Murdoch over the turnbuckle, failing as Murdoch lands inside the ring sloppily, as Jocephus drops to the mat himself. Jocephus goes into his tights, pulling out a ziplock baggie. Murdoch gets Jocephus with a boot to the face, exploding the powder everywhere, including into the face of Jocephus.

Murdoch doesn’t waste any time as he climbs up on the second turnbuckle and Bulldogs Jocephus to the mat, followed with a hook of Jocephus’ leg for the pin and the three count for the win.

Winner: Trevor Murdoch

Video Package

A video of Thunder Rosa applying makeup to one half of her face is shown with the word “Soon” flashing between the clips to promote her entrance to the NWA coming soon.


Joe Galli is shown at the interview podium as Aron Stevens makes his way to the mic. Galli says, “I will avert my gaze” as Stevens mumbles something in Galli’s ear. Galli turns to the crowd and says, “Mr. Stevens would like to remind all you fine folks to avoid eye contact with him at all times.”

Stevens responds to a comment made from the audience and says he is wearing a shirt, not a blouse. He reminds everyone that the last time he was there he was promoting his new movie. As he asks the crowd to call out the name of the movie, Ricky Starks walks onto the set to which Stevens repeats, “No eye contact, NO eye contact!”

Galli asks Starks what he’s doing out there, before he is able to respond Stevens pulls the mic to his direction saying, “You wanna be my stunt double” and laughs. Starks rolls his eyes and begins, “On the contrary my friend,” as he holds his hand out as if Stevens should kiss it. Stevens looks at Starks in disgust.

Starks shrugs and kisses his own hand, to which Stevens exclaims, “You. Look. Ridiculous.” Starks smiles, looks away for a moment, then slaps Stevens across the face. Galli backs up and smiles as he looks on. Starks grabs for the mic as Stevens scrambles to his feet as he’s running off backstage.

“You talk too much,” Starks calls after Stevens who is standing by one of the cameramen holding his face in shock.

Video Package

A recap of the Homicide and Kingston vs. The Dawsons feud is aired showing clips leading up to tonight’s match.

Second Match

Eddie Kingston and Homicide vs. The Dawsons

Coming to the ring first are Zane and Dave Dawson, who are immediately attacked from behind by Kingston and Homicide. All four men are fighting outside of the ring as the bell officially rings in this No DQ match-up. Kingston sinks his teeth into Zane. Homicide and Dave make their way into the ring. Homicide gets Dave into the corner of the ring, laying into him. Homicide uses the cord outside of the ring to choke Dave.

Folding chairs are thrown into the ring by Zane. Homicide counters and hits Zane with the chairs he threw in. Two chairs are set up, with a third laying across like a table. The Dawson’s slam Kingston through the contraption. Dawson wears Homicide out with multiple blows with the steel chair, followed by slamming all of them on top of Homicide’s body.

Dawson climbs up top for a high flying move onto Homicide who is covered with chairs, when Latimer hits Zane with a tag title belt. Isaac pulls Dave Dawson on top of Kingston for the pin.

Winner: The Dawsons

Video Interview

An interview from “earlier today” is aired, showing Marti Belle who speaks on her desires to prove herself worthy of the NWA Women’s Championship title shot once again.

Third Match

Ashley Vox vs. Marti Belle

Belle with a Neck Breaker and a kick early on in the match. Vox with a double kick counter on Belle. Belle with a leg sweep, leaving Vox in the corner. Belle gets a close two count. Belle with three big moves in a row, once again with a two count on Vox. Allysin looks on from outside of the ring. Belle throws Vox back into the corner, Vox jumps out of the way followed by a backhand to the chest of Belle.

Belle gets Vox in the center of the ring and Vox counters with a modified Chicken Wing. Vox gets another good counter on Belle. Vox with a Jackknife cover on Belle. Allysin looks on, seemingly impressed.

Winner: Ashley Vox

After the Match

Thunder Rosa enters the ring after Vox left the ring, following Allysin Kay. Rosa stares at Belle for a moment before offering her hand to Belle for a handshake. Belle slides out of the ring quickly, keeping her eyes on Rosa as she walks off. Rosa is left standing in the ring smiling.

Fourth Match

Ricky Starks vs. Aron Stevens

Early in the match Starks is taken down by Stevens. Starks poses on the mat motioning for Stevens to “bring it”, only to roll out of the way as Stevens goes for a body slam on Starks. Starks smacks Stevens in the face, followed by a backhand to the chest. Starks sends Stevens face first into each turnbuckle for a trip around the world. Starks with a two count.

Stevens gets Starks with a low blow after he steps over the rope. Stevens bows to the crowd and winks as he tells the crowd “you’re welcome” as he gets the upper hand on Starks. Starks makes his way back to his feet with new momentum attacking Stevens. Starks bows himself, scares Stevens with a threat of another slap to the face, followed by rolling up Stevens for the pin and three count.

Winner: Ricky Starks

After the Match

Stevens is sitting in the center of the ring, arguing with the crowd saying, “No” as the crowd responds, “yes”. This goes back and forth several times as Stevens leaves the ring.

Fifth Match

James Storm, Royce Isaacs, & Thom Latimer vs. Nick Aldis, Colt Cabana, & Ken Anderson

Team Storm is introduced first, followed by Team Aldis. The six men are deciding which two will begin the match-up. Thom Latimer and Nick Aldis start the match up with a lot of fancy movements and counters. Latimer gets control momentarily, Aldis quickly regains control of the match. A lot of quick tag ins on both sides.

Anderson hits a Mic Check on Latimer. The crowd tries to help Cabana back to his feet, only to have Storm hold him in their corner without the ref seeing. Anderson takes over the ring as Storm gets back to his feet. Looking like a demolition derby as each man hits a power move, all six men end up in the ring.

Anderson takes Storm over the top rope, both men outside of the ring. Latimer is taken down, Cabana takes over and pins Latimer for the win and a chance at the NWA National Title.

Winner: Nick Aldis, Colt Cabana, & Ken Anderson

Show End

Closing credits air as an ad for the December 16, 2019 taping in Atlanta, GA airs as tickets are still available. Fades to black.


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