NXT 2.0 Worlds Collide Go-Home Live Results (August 30, 2022) – Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Welcome back to tonight’s go-home edition of NXT 2.0! Your host tonight is the most concussed play-by-play reporter in sports entertainment today, Mike Hogan, and tonight’s our final NXT episode ahead of Sunday afternoon’s Worlds Collide premium live event! As NXT UK comes to an end, we’ll have more build-up tonight towards a series of title unification bouts this weekend as NXT and NXT UK become one and the same…for now. That said, we’ve got a great show lined up for us tonight so go ahead and bookmark this page as it’ll transition to LIVE results coverage shortly before broadcast.

Our official preview was all about the sixes. In Six-Man Tag action, the Diamond Mine will take on NXT UK’s Gallus. Also in Six-Person Tag action, Briggs, Jensen & Henley continue their war with Pretty Deadly & Lash Legend. In singles competition, Apollo Crews and Grayson Waller are set to clash and NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions KC2 will take on the Diamond Mine’s Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley.

All this and more tonight on NXT 2.0! Don’t forget to catch our live results “simulcast” on Rajah News!

NXT 2.0 Worlds Collide Go-Home Live Results

Welcome to NXT 2.0, On the Cusp of a Historic Weekend

We open right on the Orlando crowd as commentary welcomes us and hypes tonight’s show, the last stop ahead of this Sunday’s Worlds Collide and its series of unification matches. In the hot crowd, a few fans hold up “Thank you, Triple H” signs. No time to waste–right to business!

Singles Match: Grayson Waller vs Apollo Crews

Waller and Crews are out to a hot crowd and a video highlighting last week’s debut of “the Grayson Waller Effect” during which both men took shots at each other. We start off with Crews using a side headlock on Waller. Waller attempts to break it by charging Crews into the corner but Apollo shows off his agility by flipping out of harm’s way. Both men exchange arm wrenches and continue to jockey for control, with Waller using a beautiful springboard hip-toss takedown and a taunt to toy with Crews. Both men pick up the pace and Crews drops Waller with a big clothesline, sending the Aussie stumbling into the corner. Crews takes Waller’s face and introduces it to the various turnbuckles while chaining together a healthy amount of offense as commentary hypes the announced matches for tonight’s show. The crowd pops for a Crews back toss drop and chant for one more. Waller rocks Crews with a cheap shot, temporarily blinding him, but Apollo fires back and mocks Waller, mimicking his squat-style taunt. Crews continues to toy with Waller, using clubbing blows to rock the youngster, before a lengthy stalling suplex–thirty-Mississippi’s, for those counting; yes, thirty seconds!–and looks for a cover after the impressive, albeit arduous, spot. Waller again goes for Crews’ eyes, blinding the Superstar and sending him to the outside. NXT Medical check on Crews and we head to break!
When we return, we find Waller’s still firmly in control and has held the control throughout the match. Waller batters Crews with blows to the back of his head and Vic Joseph speculates that Crews “may be out.” The crowd loudly chants “Grayson Waller SUCKS,” getting under his skin (kayfabe). Waller looks for a Samoan Driver but Crews escapes and begins his comeback sequence! Crews with a step-up Enziguri and a pair of ripcord clotheslines, followed by an old fashioned flipping clothesline (think Malenko). Crews ascends the top rope and hits a Blockbuster for a close two, teasing the NXT Universe who groan in disdain all at once. Crews hoists Waller up in a military press but Waller escapes to the outside, using the top rope to reverse guillotine Crews! Waller quickly adjusts after the landing to the floor, hits the ring with his springboard rolling cutter finisher, and connects! We’re led to believe Crews’ eye–an “almost inadvertent rake of the eyes”–was the culprit and, in replays, we can see Waller clearly poke Crews in the eye in the middle of the pop-up portion of his springboard rolling finisher! Impressive timing.
Your Winner, Grayson Waller!

Backstage: the Diamond Mine Don’t Trust Roderick Strong; Ivy Oops’d Tatum

Damon Kemp and the NXT Tag Team Champions the Creed Brothers are backstage, hyping themselves up for their six-man tag match later. They begin to complain when Roderick Strong makes his way out and tries to talk sense into them, stating he’s found security footage to prove his innocence (it goes back weeks; if you don’t know, don’t sweat it, it’s a male soap opera). They don’t want to hear it and send him off, with even Damon Kemp stating he doesn’t trust Strong, either. Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley walk up, with Tatum sporting a face/nose protector. Ivy chastises the Miners for their in-fighting and jaded approach towards Strong, and states she and Paxley have been putting in the hard training to win titles, not drama. Tatum mentions that her injury, whatever requires the protective face mask, is from training with Ivy and jokes that’s what Ivy does to people she likes.

Backstage: NXT Champion Bron Breakker & The Judgment Day’s Finn Balor

We return from break to find our NXT Champion, Bron Breakker, backstage, where he’s confronted by former NXT Champion Finn Balor. Finn wishes Bron good luck, states he knows what it’s like to go against bigger guys, and then leaves it with he’s got faith in Bron–because the NXT title is elite and is worth everything.

Tag Team Match: NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions KC2 vs the Diamond Mine (Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley)

Toxic Attraction’s Mandy Rose, Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin are spotted in the Toxic Lounge to view this match as our current champs, Katana Chance & Kayden Carter (KC2), make their way out! We head to break! When we start our match, both teams use frequent tags to keep all four superstars fresh. Paxley does a great job working with whatever face injury, and weathers a lengthy stretch in the ring as Chance & Carter manage to all but cut the ring in half to isolate Paxley. Ivy gets a tag in for the first time, cleaning house before quickly bringing Tatum back in. Paxley again falls victim to double-team tactics from KC2 until both she and Katana go for a clothesline, leaving each other laid out. Paxley attempts to make a tag but Katana catches her foot. Paxley with a mule kick to gain separation but while the ref is distracted by Katana tagging in Kayden, Gigi Dolin rips Nile off the apron! Ivy Nile begins to brawl with Toxic Attraction up the ramp…I’m guessing the ref was too busy to notice it, though, as KC2 work together to quickly take advantage of the situation and put away Paxley with a double-team move. Nile fails to reach the ring in time after the Urinage/Shooting Star double-team finisher.
Your Winners and STILL NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions, Katana Chance & Kayden Carter!

Kayden Carter & Katana Chance Want to Party, But…

KC2 tell the Diamond Mine they’ll give them a shot at a future date, presumably to make up for the mess, and state that since NXT UK doesn’t have a Women’s Tag Team Championship for them to challenge for, they’re going to throw a party. They’re then interrupted by Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H.! The crowd pops big and chants “welcome back” for the former Piper Niven & Nikki Cross! Doudrop and Nikki challenge the two for the tag team titles at Worlds Collide! The crowd’s hot for this and both teams shake hands. Told y’all so weeks ago, they were winning the tag titles at Clash…

Backstage: Kiana James Addresses Zoey Stark & Nikkita Lyons

James is shown backstage in an office, and her assistant brings her documents before she addresses the camera. She blames Zoey Stark for costing herself (Stark) and Lyons a shot at tag team gold on the main roster, and threatens to put Stark back on the shelf and shut down Zoey’s championship aspirations.

Video Promo: Joe Gacy Attempts to Recruit Cameron Grimes

We’re shown Gacy and the Dyads backstage, walking, as Gacy addresses Grimes via the camera. He again tells Grimes he’s alone and attempts to recruit him, officially offering him a spot amongst Gacy’s faction. We head to break.

The Schism (Joe Gacy & the Dyads) Call Out Cameron Grimes; Grimes Responds

We return from break and find the ring and lights set up. Gacy cuts a promo and the crowd heckles him hard, chanting “boring” and generally refusing to engage. Gacy retrieves two smiley-face buttons/pins. “These pins represent the great strides each of you have made, and the great recognition each of you have earned as you climb higher into the Schism’s Tree!” The formerly-known-as Grizzled Young Veterans thank Joe for making them whole, as together they are recognized, empowered, blah blah. They’ve drunk the Kool-Aid. Gacy is “moved and inspired” by their growth and states as “each of you ascend, this only allows more space in the grass for others to find their home under the Schism’s Tree. Cameron Grimes, I see you wandering around aimlessly and lonely. I have reserved a special seat for you to come and join us.” He shows us a stool with Grimes picture. He encourages Cameron to follow in the Dyad’s footprints. Gacy welcomes Grimes, but Grimes didn’t come out to shoot the shit. He has an answer for them. “The more that I think about it, the more thoughts that go through my head, the more it just truly makes sense..I don’t need you,” Grimes laughs.
“I mean, Cameron Grimes doesn’t need anybody to go to the moon!” The crowd wakes up for this and pops. Gacy warns him that Grimes’ loneliness is killing him, and accuses him of putting on a fake smile to hide the misery. Gacy praises Grimes as being one of the toughest talents in NXT but again states he wears a mask to hide his insecurities. He points out Grimes failure to retain the North American Championship and his failure to capture Bron Breakker’s NXT Championship. Gacy tells Grimes to admit he’s lonely and they’ll leave him alone, and the crowd chants “no” over and over. Grimes admits he’s gotten himself into some bad situations but he’s gotten himself out because “Cameron Grimes don’t need nobody!” He drops his mic and starts to leave. Gacy taunts him about “another night without a championship, without a family and without a father.” Oooo, burn! Grimes attacks! He slugs both Dyads and goes after Gacy. The Dyads enter the ring again and surround him but Gacy holds them at bay and, off mic, continues to attempt to recruit Grimes into Retribution The Judgment Day Schism. We end our segment.

Backstage: NXT UK Champion Tyler Bate; “the Bruiserweight” Pete Dunne

Bate is shown backstage, tweaking the ‘stache, when he’s given a tablet. Lo and behold, it’s Pete Dunne! Looks remarkably like this rather butch fellow on SmackDown. He cheers on Tyler, hypes NXT UK’s legacy, and tells Tyler to win it for their hometown.

Six-Person Tag Team Match: NXT UK Tag Team Champions Brothers in Arms & Fallon Henley vs Pretty Deadly & Lash Legend

Briggs & Jensen–recently referred to as “Brothers in Arms”–are out with Fallon Henley for this mixed-trios match! Lash and Fallon go at it right out of the gate, with Lash starting off particularly aggressive. Legend maintains the lead for about two minutes until Fallon takes it outside and beats Lash to the entrance side of the ramp, then sends her back in. Legend tumbles back to her corner and tags in Kit Wilson, bringing in Briggs. Briggs, Jensen and Henley work together to completely “wipe out the field,” dropping Pretty Deadly and Lash Legend along the ramp with a big spot, sending us to commercials! We return with both teams working well together until Gallus hits the ring, attacking and causing a no-contest. A dozen or more officials hit the ring as an all-out brawl ensues as the various NXT UK tag teams on hand begin to take their frustrations out on the NXT UK Tag Team Champions, Briggs & Jensen. Finally we cut to the back and get a promo for Connor’s Cure.
No Contest.

Singles NXT Debut Match: NXT UK’s Charlie Dempsey(d) vs Andre Chase w/ Chase University

Chase gets a hot reaction; never thought Chase University would be this hot amongst, well, anyone. We’re shown NXT UK’s Charlie Dempsey backstage, wielding a sledgehammer as he trains pre-match, and we head to break! When we return, we’re shown clips of Dempsey telling Chase that Chase U is too “soft,” setting up this match. Both men lock up with the bell and Dempsey does a great job taking it immediately to the mat, where he begins some great mat-based offense as Wade Barrett sings his praises. Both men lock up again and we get an old school Test of Strength! Nice! Doesn’t last too long but both men put on a technical clinic, using the lock-up to attempt to reverse-German bridge each other into a pin fall. Both men finally arch their backs up and get to a vertical base as the crowd lightly chants “British Strong Style.” Chase drops Dempsey and the Chase U fan section fires up as Chase informs Dempsey “this is a teachable moment!” Dempsey looks pissed and both men again show off some great technical transitions as both attempt to grapple an arm behind the other’s back. Dempsey fires up, using a big European uppercut to drop Chase. The Willy Wonka-looking NXT UK Superstar sets up a Butterfly Suplex, bridging into a pin for a close two!
Dempsey truly impresses, transitioning into another submission attempt and breaking just in time to avoid a Chase escape–thanks to a big ripcord knee to Chase’s jaw! Chase attempts a comeback, firing off rights that drop Dempsey before connecting with an Atomic Drop! Chase with a Side Russian Leg Sweep, firing up the crowd, and motioning to put this one away! He calls out toe crowd and they chant the letters “C-H-A-S-E U,” each accented by a stomp from the leader of Chase U! Chase with a modified Urinage but Dempsey slaps on a leg submission! Chase tries to escape and Dempsey transitions into a knee bar! Chase again moves for nearby ropes and Dempsey again transitions into a crossface! Bodhi cheers on Chase, encouraging his teacher to get to the ropes. Dempsey takes offense at this and exits the ring, attacking Bodhi! Dempsey with strikes and a stiff suplex, leaving Bodhi laid out at ringside, before he enters the ring. A rapid-fire strike sees Chase roll him up immediately, stealing the win! Definitely worth a watch if you can appreciate a fast-paced, interesting technical grapple-fest.
Your Winner, Andre Chase!

Singles Match: Zoey Stark vs Kiana James

We start off with Stark in control, but James quickly takes it back with a trip that sends Stark’s face into the turnbuckle. James looks for multiple covers, back to back, hoping to wear down Stark’s stamina in lieu of a hitting a finisher or signature. James continues this up for about a minute, trying multiple covers and working holds that focus on Stark’s previously-injured left arm. James with a vicious Irish Whip to the corner but Stark rebounds and rolls up James for two. James kicks out and uses an arm takedown to again cover Stark, and again she only gets a two. Most of her offense is “cover Zoey Stark.” I’m not being facetious here. It’s either one of two working holds, or constant pin attempts, until Zoey Stark’s had enough and hits a knee to James’ jaw to pick up the win! After the match, James attempts to attack with her tote-bag–just like she did a few weeks back–but Nikkita Lyons hits the ring in modified, dark, “Tomb Raider”-reminiscent ring gear to make the save and chase off James!
Your Winner, Zoey Stark!

Six-Man Tag Team Main Event Match: NXT UK’s Gallus vs the Diamond Mine

We start with the Creeds and the Coffey’s, with both teams seemingly evenly matched. Damon Kemp gets the tag, as does Wolfgang, and the two big men lock up and push and shove each other around the ring. Brutus Creed comes in–bigger than Kemp–and begins to slug it out with Wolfgang! Wolfgang pops up Brutus but the big man flips over and lands on his feet perfectly! Brutus sends Wolfgang into the canvas–it’s time for Brutus, Smash! He begins to pound Hulk-style onto a nearly-defenseless Wolfgang! The Coffey’s hit the ring and so does the rest of the Diamond Mine, where the Diamond Mine all “Brutus Smash” Gallus, sending us to a break! During the break, the Creeds take control for their team and work over Mark and Joe in turn. Damon “DK” Kemp takes a turn in the ring, using an arm bar to ground Coffey before again tagging frequently, cornering Coffey throughout the break. When we return, the Diamond Mine continues to use frequent tags, keeping a fresh man in every few moments. Julius Creed continues to impress with his core strength, and uses a beautiful, beautiful spot about 9:46pm in which he chains together…I can’t even explain it. A unique hybrid of moves that nearly picks up the win and has the crowd on its feet! Creed attempts to stop Joe Coffey from escaping but Mark & Wolfgang pull him out. Julius engages at ringside and is tripped up by Mark Coffey, who uses the apron to trip up Julius hen the ref is distracted.
Coffey with a pop up body slam for a two. Mark tags in Joe and Gallus takes a stretch in control, isolating Julius and keeping him in their corner as the crowd boos loudly! The Coffey’s give way to Wolfgang, who resorts to a grounded grappling offense, slapping on a neck lock on Julius, preventing him from making a tag for well over a minute. Julius attempts repeatedly to hoist Wolfgang up, shoving him back foot by foot as he attempts to reach his corner. Wolfgang sends Julius to the Gallus corner, but Julius fights his way out! DK takes the tag as does Mark Coffey! Kemp unloads rapid-fire fists into the gut and chest of Coffey as the crowd fires up for this. Kemp with suplex toss after suplex toss, grounding Gallus as he becomes a one-man wrecking crew! DK is absolutely on fire as he continues to dominate Mark Coffee–until he sees Roderick Strong. Roddy has a phone and wants Kemp to see the footage, yelling “everyone needs to see this!” Kemp refuses and snatches the phone, drops it, the stomps on it to smash it. Security escorts Strong up the ramp some. Kemp hits the ring but the distraction is enough, allowing Joe Coffey to hit a huge clothesline out of nowhere that nearly decapitates Kemp! Gallus wins!
Your Winners, Gallus!

Post-Match Turmoil: NXT & NXT UK Tag Divisions Brawl

And just like that, here comes the entire locker room! First the NXT UK tag teams hit the ring, brawling with each other. A small army of officials and refs hit the ring next, attempting to restore order. Out next is the remainder of the locker room who attempt to assist in restoring said order.

Backstage: NXT Champion Bron Breakker, Tommaso Ciampa, and Goldie

Breakker is shown backstage when we hear the familiar sound of a steel chair being set down. Daddy’s home! Ciampa sits next to Breakker and fires him up, telling him that nothing is more important than continuing Breakker’s legacy–Ciampa’s legacy, every NXT Champion’s legacy–and tells him to win at all costs at Worlds Collide this Sunday at 4pm EST!

North American Champion Carmelo Hayes Addresses Worlds Collide

Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett hype Worlds Collide and, at 9:53pm, we’re a little early for the night. Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams are shown and heard backstage, yelling for Vic and Wade to shut up. Melo takes offense that he’s not on the card and he wants to address Worlds Collide. When it’s time, we get to the ring and Melo talks about slaying “the Dream” and breaking the “Rebel Heart” then states as the greatest North American Champion of all time, he should be on Worlds Collide. He tells them Melo ain’t second to nobody. The crowd with a light “Johnny Wrestling” chant. Melo tells us “I will not be taking my talents to Worlds Collide, and I will not be defending my championship. Because hey, hey, there ain’t nobody on my level…ain’t nobody on the level below me.” And before he can finish up…the lights go out. We hear the familiar sound of a Stormtrooper’s rifle blast and…Ricochet’s back on NXT.

Ricochet Returns to NXT; Challenges Carmelo Hayes for North American Championship!

At 10:04pm, Ricochet enters the ring and gets a hot “welcome back” chant. Melo and Trick mock him, accusing him of not knowing how to use a mic. Ricochet thanks the fans for welcoming him and begs Hayes & Williams to, for the sake of everyone at home, and in the arena, and on social media, to “please shut the hell up for five seconds.” The crowd fires off a “shut the hell up” chant haha. Ricochet informs Melo that he doesn’t know why Worlds Collide “has to be just NXT and NXT UK. You see, I think we need to throw some SmackDown on it, throw some blue brand on it!” He tells Melo he’s doing great but “when it comes to in here (the ring), these four corners, you can’t do it like I do. Sorry.” Melo tries to claim he’s the “one and only” and Ricochet reminds him that, no, Ricochet is. Melo states Ricochet is one of many to step up to the A-Champ “and get stepped on.” Ricochet challenges Carmelo Hayes for the North American Championship at Worlds Collide. Rico eggs him on, stating he’s not surprised that Melo’s had many title defenses. Ricochet’s surprised because no one remembers Melo’s matches. He offers to make a career-defining match and wants to become a two-time North American Champion of his own! Trick Williams attacks but Ricochet easily dispatches both men, hoisting up the North American Championship at 10:08pm and talking smack to Ricochet as we fade to black!

Worlds Collide: Sunday 4pm Eastern!

All titles listed are up for grabs and any like-titles are being unified. NXT UK Champion Tyler Bate vs NXT Champion Bron Breakker. NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura vs NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose vs Blair Davenport. NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Katana Chance & Kayden Carter vs Raw’s Nikki A.S.H. & Doudrop. Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Unification Match between NXT Tag Team Champions the Creed Brothers, NXT UK Tag Team Champions Briggs & Jensen, Pretty Deadly and Gallus. North American Champion Carmelo Hayes vs Ricochet. A final, official preview will drop after SmackDown (in case the list is missing anything).

Multiple Cameos: Encouragement to the Champs Ahead of Worlds Collide

Throughout tonight’s broadcast, multiple former NXT Superstars and NXT UK Superstars showed up to encourage some of their iconic rivals and foes. For example, former NXT veteran “the Bruiserweight” Pete Dunne wished NXT UK Champion Tyler Bate luck this weekend; Shayna Baszler warned Rose to win this weekend and unify or “everything you’ve said this last year is garbage.” Nikki A.S.H. & Doudrop showed up to challenge KC2 for their women’s tag gold. Kay Lee Ray aka Alba Fyre complimented Meiko and wished her former long-time foe luck. Former NXT UK Champion WALTER (now known as Intercontinental Champion Gunther) showed up to wish Bate well and encouraged Bate to bring out the beast that fought 45 minutes with WALTER in Cardiff for the NXT UK title. Former NXT Women’s Champion/NXT UK Women’s Champion/Raw Women’s Champion/WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Rhea Ripley showed up to encourage Blair Davenport to unify the titles, something no one’s ever done (in NXT/NXT UK). And Ciampa showed up to cheer on Breakker, encouraging him to continue their legacy at any costs.

In Closing

And that does it for tonight’s episode. What were your thoughts about tonight’s show? Let us know down below. Stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you Friday night for SmackDown!


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