NXT Paris Live Event Results

NXT Live Event Results (6/11): Paris, France

As noted, NXT ran the Cirque D’Hiver in Paris, France on Monday. Featured below are complete results from the live event, which comes courtesy of Jean-Baptiste Raucy and F4WOnline.com.


Venue: Cirque D’Hiver

Paris, France

Heavy Machinery (Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic) defeated The Forgotten Sons (Wesley Blake & Steve Cutler)

This was a hot opener. Dozovic was very over with the crowd — they went crazy when he did The Worm into an elbow drop. Heavy Machinery won with The Compactor.

Zack Gibson defeated Tyler Bate

Bate was very popular and everyone popped for his signature spots. A small number of people chanted “soon” in reference to the usual promo Gibson does in the United Kingdom, but he didn’t get on the mic here.

Good technical match with several spots where Bate did his headstand in the corner. When he did it for a third time, Gibson had his back turned and called the referee over to ask him if he was doing it again, which got a good laugh from the audience. Gibson worked Bate’s arm through most of the match and won in the end with a double wristlock.

Bate exited last and received cheers from the crowd.

Candice LeRae & Dakota Kai defeated Lacey Evans & Bianca Belair

Kai got a few “Team Kick” and “Dakota” chants, but LeRae was the most over person in the match. Belair was also popular and Evans was the only one getting boos.

The heels worked over Kai for most of the match, then LeRae got the hot tag. After several miscommunication spots between Evans and Belair, LeRae pinned Evans for the victory. Belair was angry and got into Evans’ face before leaving.

Johnny Gargano & Ricochet defeated Tommaso Ciampa & Velveteen Dream

Gargano vs. Ciampa and Ricochet vs. Velveteen Dream were originally advertised before being combined into a tag match. Ciampa got booed like crazy, but the others were cheered. Dream came out on an elevated stage, while all the other wrestlers on the show came out at the floor level.

They teased Ricochet vs. Dream and Gargano vs. Ciampa several times with successive tags. This was a very fun match with tons of crowd chants. In the end, Ricochet took out Dream with a tope suicida and Gargano got Ciampa in the Gargano Escape and made him tap out.

Ricochet looked like he hurt himself on the tope. He had trouble getting up and was helped to the back, but he came out again to celebrate with Gargano and seemed fine. They brought out a French flag and Ricochet draped himself in it to pose on the turnbuckle. This got big cheers, of course.

NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler defeated Nikki Cross to retain her title

Cross was very over and Baszler had a lot of supporters, but she also got a few boos.

This was largely disappointing, with Baszler taking most of the match and doing repetitive rest holds that failed to get the crowd going. Cross hit her swinging fisherman’s neckbreaker from the turnbuckles, but Baszler got her foot on the ropes. She then put Cross in the Kirifuda Clutch and held her there for a very long time. The crowd got into clapping for Cross a bit, but she tapped out for the finish.

Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch defeated The Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly & Roderick Strong)

They had the best match on the show, doing tons of great spots, going at a breakneck pace, and getting huge reactions from the crowd. Cole and Dunne were the most over guys in the match, but each wrestler got a chance to shine and the crowd popped for all of them, even singing along with Lorcan and Burch’s music.

In the end, after a big triple submission spot where all of Undisputed Era almost tapped, Dunne hit the Bitter End on O’Reilly and pinned him. He refused to celebrate with his partners and left before them.

NXT Champion Aleister Black defeated Lars Sullivan by DQ

Sullivan got very little response apart from a few boos. Black was very over, but the match did not get as big a reaction as the previous one. The crowd was getting tired and they didn’t care much about Sullivan.

The match was still good, and although Sullivan was in control several times, Black didn’t spend the whole match selling for him. Every big striking combination from Black got the crowd popping. After Black kicked out of the Freak Accident, Sullivan got mad at the referee and shoved him down. This resulted in him losing by disqualification, which the crowd booed.

Sullivan wasn’t finished and got a table from below the ring to a huge pop. He tried to put Black through it with the Freak Accident, but Black escaped and hit Black Mass, sending Sullivan crashing through the table to probably the biggest pop of the night.

After the match, Black cut a promo that didn’t seem planned, as he gestured for the crew to cut his music and started by saying “real quick.” He was hopping on one leg like he got hurt. He pointed out that it was no secret that his career owed a lot to France, and he thanked the fans for being here, saying that they were NXT. As the ring announcer closed the show, the crowd chanted “NXT” and “Please come back.”

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