NXT TakeOver: Portland Results

NXT TakeOver: Portland Results From Moda Center In Portland, OR. (Feb. 16, 2020)

Welcome to the eWrestling.com coverage of NXT TakeOver: Portland results from the LIVE special event streaming on the WWE Network from the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon.

Featured below are our NXT TakeOver: Portland results.


The pre-show is wrapping up now.

Here we go, we are LIVE inside the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon for the first NXT TakeOver special of 2020. Stay tuned as we have a Keith Lee sighting in the building!

NXT North American Champion Keith Lee vs. Dominik Dijakovic

All Bask In His Glory… The NXT North American Champion Keith Lee walks to the stage as his music blares through the speakers in Portland, OR. Lee walks down the ramp and enters the ring. Dominik Dijakovic is announced next as he makes his way out to his music playing. Dominik climbs in the ring, looking into the eyes of Keith Lee who is smiling and nodding with his championship belt over his shoulder. The crowd begins chanting, “ALL BASK IN HIS GLORY!” The bell rings, and the match begins.

DD avoids a Power Bomb on the apron of the ring, the fight goes to the outside of the ring. DD picks up Lee and lands an awkward Suplex, breaking the official’s count as Lee crawls back in the ring. DD with boots and elbows to the body of Lee. Lee gets to a knee as DD lands a vicious right hand, Lee not even lifting his hands to block the blows.

DD tries for a Suplex, Lee getting strength from deep down, throwing massive blows to the face and midsection of DD. Back Breaker followed by German Suplex by Lee for a two count. DD shakes off the cobwebs as he is pulled to his feet by Lee. Lee lifts DD onto his shoulders, DD kicks out of it forcing Lee to drop him.

DD with Cyclone Kick, then stepping on and over Lee, going all the way to the top for a high flying move, and a pin attempt. Lee kicks out at two. The crowd begins to chant “NXT! NXT! NXT!” DD again tries to lift Lee who counters followed by multiple strikes back and forth. Both men staggering in the ring.

Lee gets angry and goes for a Lee Smash as they lean against one another, both on their knees. DD goes for an elbow, Lee shakes his head no. DD hits a Clothesline. Lee goes under the bottom rope. Once again both superstars stagger to their feet. The crowd once again chants “All Bask in His Glory!!” as Lee climbs the turnbuckles.

DD stops Lee, driving Lee’s head into the turnbuckle. DD picks up Lee and hits a massive Back Drop and cover, Lee kicks out!! The crowd once again chanting, “NXT NXT!” That thunderous impact leaves Lee and DD on the mat. The crowd chanting, “This is awesome! This is awesome!” DD rolls to the outside. Lee rolls out behind him.

A massive left arm on DD by Keith in the crowd. The crowd begins to chant, “We want tables!” Lee with a grizzly Chop to the chest of DD heard all through Portland! Lee sits DD in a chair, once again hitting a massive slap to the chest of DD. Lee sitting in the chair, still hits a Chop on DD who counters with a kick to the face of Lee.

DD climbs back in the ring, only to jump over the ropes and missiles through the air with a flip onto Lee with pinpoint accuracy. Lee lifts DD for the Big Bang Catastrophe, DD with elbows, Lee rises through, DD with a Superkick, Lee shakes and grabs DD by the throat, DD flips and lands, Lee with a Power Bomb. Amazing back and forth!

Lee with a Power Bomb with a two and a half count as it seems, the crowd even counted three. Lee looking discouraged and falls backwards on the mat. DD still laying flat on his face in the center of the ring as Lee struggles to his feet. Lee drags DD to the corner as Lee gets to the top rope, sitting on the top turnbuckle while holding DD.

DD pushes Lee off the top turnbuckle, dropping him to the outside of the ring, as the referee begins the count. Lee climbs back up the ropes, DD grabbing the ankle of Lee keeping him from climbing to the top. Both men climb to the top, Avalanche Drop off the top by DD on top of Lee.

Lee delivers the Big Bang Catastrophy for the three count pin and win!!

Winner and Still NXT North American Champion: Keith Lee

After the Match

Lee walks through the ring, holding his championship belt. Lee extends his hand to Dijakovic, helping him to his feet in a show of respect and sportsmanship. They hug it out as fans cheer him on. Lee helps Dijakovic onto the turnbuckle in the corner of the ring, as Dijakovic lifts his arms. Lee stands in the center of the ring and holds his NXT North American Championship belt high in victory. Lee’s music starts back up.

Backstage Preparations

We see Tommaso Ciampa backstage getting ready. Bianca Belair is also shown warming up.

Video Package, Dakota vs. Tegan

The Dakota Kai vs. Tegan Nox Street Fight coming up, as the once best friends go head to head. “All good things must come to an end.”

First Ever NXT Women’s Street Fight
Tegan Nox vs. Dakota Kai

Tegan Nox makes her way out as her music sounds in the Portland Arena. Before Nox can even set foot on the ramp, Dakota out of nowhere attacking Tegan from behind. Dakota and Tegan fight down the ramp. The match yet to officially begin. Dakota finally brings the match into the ring, which sounds the bell officially beginning the match.

Tegan laid out inside the ring, Dakota pulls weapons from under the apron, throwing them in the ring. Dakota with a big kick to the face of Tegan. Dakota grabs a cricket bat and swings with all her might, Tegan ducks and it breaks on the ring post, seemingly injuring Dakota. Tegan hits a big Crossbody off the steps, Dakota falls to the floor.

Tegan continuously stomps Dakota on the floor. Tegan lays a trash can over Dakota who’s leaned against the stairs leading to the ring, Tegan hits an Inverted Senton. Tegan then drags Dakota back into the ring for the pin, Dakota kicks out at two. Tegan grabs a table from under the apron as the fans in Portland begin cheering.

Tegan opens the table outside of the ring. Dakota blocks a Suplex attempt from the apron by Tegan. Dakota gains the upperhand now, dropping Tegan. Dakota smashes Tegan in the face with a trashcan lid. The fans begin to boo has Dakota hits boots on Tegan, keeping her down inside the ring.

Tegan uses the momentum of the crowd to get back to her feet, hitting multiple Superkicks on Dakota. Tegan then lands a German Suplex onto Dakota, pinning her once again. Dakota once again kicking out at two. Both girls with more back and forth inside the ring. Dakota grabs Tegan from a sitting position on the top turnbuckle.

Tegan paying tribute to the Big Red Machine with a Chokeslam, followed by the Molly Go Round for a pin attempt. Tegan covers Dakota who kicks out at two. Dakota builds up momentum and takes out Tegan, the match going back to the outside. Dakota duct tapes Tegan to the ring poar. Dakota with a boot to the face on Tegan.

Dakota with another boot to the face of Tegan, saying, “You asked for this Tegan!” Dakota grabs the laptop out of Tegan’s hand and smashes Dakota’s knee with it. Dakota screams and rolls back into the ring. Tegan grabs a long chain link and wraps it around her knuckles, attacking the knee of Dakota. Tegan puts a folding chair onto Dakota’s leg and slams it.

Tegan seems to have a moment of realization, but then yells, “I’m not done yet!” Tegan exits the ring, grabbing a table and pushing it into the ring. Dakota still struggling as Tegan puts her on the table inside the ring. Tegan puts the chair around the neck of Dakota. Tegan climbs to the top, Raquel Gonzalez knocks Tegan out, leaving her hanging on the ropes. Raquel Gonzalez slams Tegan into the table inside the ring (looking as though it was supposed to smash her through, but she fell awkward). Dakota crawls over to Tegan, pinning her for the three count pin and win.

Winner: Dakota Kai

After the Match

Raquel Gonzalez (formerly Reina Gonzalez) re-enters the ring, walking towards Dakota Kai. Dakota sliding backwards towards the ropes looking confused and scared. Raquel extends her hand, helping Dakota Kai to her feet, raising her hand in victory. Dakota is helped out of the ring and walked away by Raquel.

NXT UK “TakeOver: Dublin” is announced for the 3 Arena in Dublin, Ireland for Sunday, April 26, 2020.

Johnny Gargano vs. Finn Balor

Following a video package showing highlights of events leading up to tonight’s match-up, Johnny Gargano’s music sounds in the arena. Gargano makes his way to the ring first. Out next is Finn Balor as his music plays and he makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring with awaiting opponent, Gargano. The referee pulling both men apart as the trash talking ensues.

The bell rings and both men refuse to break their gaze. Half of the crowd begins chanting “Let’s Go Gargano!” as the other half of the crowd chants, “Let’s Go Balor!” Definitely mixed decision on who the crowd is rooting for in this one!! Gargano goes for a quick victory attempt as he rolls up Balor for the pin, Balor kicks out. Balor going for a late exercise session, starts doing push ups to show off. Too “extra”. Side Headlock by Gargano.

Gargano works Balor inside the ring. A kick to the jaw by Gargano. Both men back to their feet. The pace picks up. Gargano kicks out at one. Balor with a massive Chop to the chest of Gargano in each corner of the ring. Balor with multiple forearms to the back of Gargano. Balor throws Gargano from corner to corner, Gargano finally hits a big boot on Balor.

Gargano now with Chops and lefts to Balor in the corner of the ring until the referee pulls him off. Gargano Spears Balor off the apron. Gargano throwing Balor into the barricade before rolling him back into the ring. Balor rolls across the ring and back outside the other side. Gargano runs at Balor, Balor counters with a Slingblade. The crowd counts along with the referee as he gets to 5.

Balor throws Gargano back in the ring, throwing elbows to the upper body of Gargano in the center of the ring. Forearm driven across the cheek of Gargano. Balor with a Dropkick. Gargano struggles to his feet. More back and forth action between these two as the pace picks up once again.

Balor finally goes for the Coup de Grace, Gargano ducks the move. Balor tries once again for the same Coup de Grace, Gargano hits the Garga-No Escape on Balor for the counter. Fans go crazy. Gargano blocks the 1916 and once again locks in the GargaNo Escape. Balor struggles his way to the ropes, finally breaking the hold.

The fans now cheering “Fight Forever!!” as Balor stumbles on the outside of the ring. Gargano hits a Dropkick into Balor, causing him to hit the barrier. More back and forth on the outside. Balor drags Gargano to the ring and lands the Coup de Grace. Balor hits the 1916 and gets the pin and win.

Winner: Finn Balor

After the Match

Balor’s music hits, Balor still on Gargano. The referee attempts to pull Balor away as he talks trash to Gargano, refusing to let go of his throat.

We go to replays. Balor suddenly comes BACK and walks over Gargano on his way out of the ring, still talking trash as he leaves.


Cathy Kelley is backstage with Roderick Strong and Undisputed Era. Strong yells, “Velveteen Dream is a deadman, but that’s Wednesday, tonight is all about Undisputed Era.” They trash talk for a moment before dismissing Cathy saying, “You can leave now…” as Cathy walks away.

Ringside With Commentators

Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, and Beth Phoenix all sit ringside as they speak on the Balor vs. Gargano match they just witnessed. They then thank Poppy for the live performance earlier in the night.

Last, they give opinions on the NXT Women’s Championship Match between Rhea Ripley (who has been across all three brands recently) and Bianca Belair as they set up the video package full of highlights of events leading up to tonight.

NXT Women’s Title Match
Rhea Ripley vs. Bianca Belair

Out first is Bianca Belair. Belair swings her hair as usual, making her way to the ring. Out next is the NXT Women’s Champion, the one and only Rhea Ripley. The two women are face to face as they trash talk one another as the match is announced. The bell rings and the match officially begins!

Ripley has the upper hand starting off this match. Lots of trash talking as they go back and forth with blows and knock downs. Ripley drops Belair with multiple Clotheslines. Belair finally side steps a Clothesline only to get a Dropkick in the corner by Ripley.

Ripley takes advantage of the moment and begins stomping Belair. Ripley with a loud Chop to the chest of Belair. More hair pulling and foot stomping as the two female superstars go back and forth in the ring. Ripley lands a Back-Drop on Belair, followed by a Clothesline. Another Clothesline by Ripley. Ripley lands a Dropkick followed by multiple shoulders.

Belair is down as Ripley goes for the cover. Belair kicks out at the very end of the two count, very close. Belair’s parents are seen rooting Bianca on from ringside. Hi Mom and Dad. More fast paced action. Belair hits the Air Belair over the top rope, landing on Ripley who just got to her feet outside of the ring. Belair with an awkward landing.

Back to their feet, Ripley throws Belair into the ring stairs before rolling her into the ring. Ripley on the apron, Belair inside the ring, Ripley looks to the crowd, then jumps to the top. Ripley and Belair fight back and forth on the top. Ripley finally gaining control over Belair, flips over and grabs Belair, getting the Rip Tide for the three count!

Winner And STILL NXT Women’s Champion: Rhea Ripley

After the Match

As Ripley is celebrating and holding her championship belt over her head, she is knocked out with an Ultimate Leg Drop from behind by Charlotte Flair. Flair lets out a “Wooooo!” A mic is handed to Flair where she announces, “So I thought about it, and I will see you at Wrestlemania! Woooo!”

Flair does a flip onto Ripley once again, then grabs the championship belt, holding it high above her head before throwing it to Ripley who is still writhing in pain on the floor. Flair walks down the stairs of the ring as she dusts off her hands with a smile.

Flair sees Belair on the outside of the ring on the floor, grabs Belair and throws her into the stairs of the ring. Flair wipes her feet back at Belair, smiling once again as the crowd boos and shouts at her. Flair smiles wide as she walks off.

NXT Tag-Team Championship Title Match
Undisputed Era vs. The Broserweights

Out first is The Undisputed Era members Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish as they make their way to the ring, awaiting their opponents. From the top of the “BroMobile”, Matt Riddle stands with Pete Dunne as Riddle speaks to O’Reilly and Fish who are in the ring. “Brooo. Portland. The Broserweights got one question, How many fish could Bobby Fish fry if Bobby Fish could fry fish?”

The words go across the screen with a fish going atop each word like karaoke, the fans singing it along. Bobby and Kyle roll out of the ring and run up the ramp to attack the Broserweights. The match still unofficial as all men haven’t entered the ring.

The Broserweights are thrown in the ring, the bell rings and the match begins. O’Reilly in the ring with Riddle first, taking several kicks by Riddle before tagging in Fish. Riddle carrying Fish upside down as he goes to Pete Dunne for the tag. A combo move by The Broserweights as Riddle steps out of the ring.Dunne launches Riddle onto Fish. Dunne with a Dropkick on Fish. Dunne remains in control of the match as O’Reilly re-enters the ring.

Dunne focuses his attention on the fingers of Fish, followed by slamming him face first into the apron. O’Reilly finally drops Dunne with a Big Knee and a Leg Sweep. O’Reilly tags Fish back in. Dunne once again goes on the offense against Fish. Fish hits a Samoan Drop on Dunne. O’Reilly takes advantage of Dunne’s moment of weakness, tagging back in and continues to strike Dunne making it impossible for him to get to his feet.

Later in the match Riddle hits an Exploder Suplex on O’Reilly, then another Exploder Suplex on Fish. Riddle hits a German Suplex on O’Reilly. Dunne tags in once again, going after O’Reilly. Dunne gets O’Reilly to the mat for an incredibly close two count, O’Reilly kicking out just in time.

Riddle crawls to the corner after a short time in the ring again, Dunne making his way back into the ring. O’Reilly and Fish seem to have control of the match as they dominate Dunne in the ring towards the end. Dunne doesn’t give up through each attempt. Dunne somehow kicks out again! Dunne with a Back Elbow and a Forearm.

Riddle tags Dunne’s back as he’s being lifted by Fish and O’Reilly, Riddle jumps in the ring. Stereo Strikes by The Broserweights, Riddle hitting Final Flash as Dunne lands a kick to the head and they get a pin for the win!!

Winner and NEW NXT Tag-Team Champions: The Broserweights

After the Match

Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne put the Tag-Team Championship belts in their mouth and let them hang as they raise their hands in victory. A replay is shown. Riddle drops into a split of sorts in front of Dunne as they smile ear to ear showing their championship belt to the crowd proudly. Both Broserweights bow and blow kisses to the crowd as we go to promos.


“TakeOver: Tampa Bay” will take place during Wrestlemania 36 weekend.

NXT Title Match
Tommaso Ciampa vs. Adam Cole

Mauro sets up a video package for tonight’s main event NXT Title Match that highlights the events leading up to tonight’s fight. We go to the ring as Tommaso Ciampa makes his way to the ring first as his music sounds in the arena. Ciampa is all work tonight as he enters the ring.

Out next is the NXT Champion, Adam Cole. Cole’s music blares through the Portland Arena as Cole makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring. Formal ring introductions are made as both superstars faceoff and begin to trash talk one another. The bell finally rings.

Our main event NXT title match is officially under way!!! Adam Cole finally knocks Tommaso Ciampa to the ground outside of the ring. Cole sits on the apron looking out into the crowd as he beginnings clapping and smiling for himself. Ciampa gets back up quickly and throws Cole into the ring post, then into the barricade, finally throwing him into a chair completely beaten. Ciampa then jumps up on the apron, mocking Cole, clapping and cheering as he looks directly at Cole.

Ciampa rolls into the ring to break the count. Then rolls back out to bring Cole in, throwing Cole into the ring. Cole continues rolling right on through the ring and out the other side. Ciampa continues to dominate the match on the outside of the ring. Ciampa lays Cole across the the barricade and gives a massive kick to the face of Cole. Ciampa runs full force and slides into the body of Cole.

A fan cheering and smiling looking for a high five, Ciampa kisses his forehead and the crowd cheers. Ciampa stops at the broadcast table to look at Goldie. Ciampa tries to counter Cole with a roundhouse kick, Cole grabs Ciampa’s legs and throws Ciampa backwards over his head onto the broadcaster’s table. Ciampa’s head smashed into the table as he falls to the ground. Both men make it back into the ring.

Cole locks in a Triangle on Ciampa, Ciampa lifts into a bridge for the pin on Cole. A replay is shown of that head smash into the announcer’s table. Back in the ring Cole is sitting on the top turnbuckle, Cole pounding away on Ciampa. Cole looking for Sunset Bomb, Ciampa able to hold onto the ropes. Cole comes back grabbing Ciampa’s shoulders as he hits a Back Stabber on Ciampa.

Half the crowd chanting, “Let’s go Ciampa!” as the other half chants, “Let’s go Cole!” The pace speeds up inside the ring between these two men. Cole goes for a Panama Sunrise, Ciampa counters with a Jumping Knee Strike with metranome striking ability! The two exchange blows back and forth inside the ring. Ciampa with a Clothesline, then another.

Ciampa gaining momentum as he bounces off the ropes with multiple Clotheslines, ending with a German Suplex. Ciampa with a Power Bomb and cover attempt, Cole kicks out at two. Ciampa still holding his neck every time he’s able to gold a free hand. Cole blasting Ciampa with a knee then a pin attempt, Ciampa barely escapes at the last second of two. Ciampa’s face purple as he attempts to catch his breath.

Cole lifts Ciampa to his feet, setting him on the ropes facing the turnbuckles, Cole sitting on the top turnbuckle. Ciampa stands up on the second rope, Cole keeps slamming Ciampa’s head into the top turnbuckle. Panama Sunrise attempt, Ciampa slams Cole backwards, even the officials begin saying, “We have a NEW…” as Cole kicks out at two shocking everyone!

Ciampa back to his feet, kicking Cole away on the outside. Cole hits a Superkick. Cole goes for a Power Bomb on Ciampa, Ciampa flips out and grabs Cole for the counter, Power Bombing Cole into the broadcaster table instead. Ciampa staggers over to Cole and drags him to his feet. The crowd cheering as Ciampa Power Bombs Cole into the broadcaster’s table again then throws him back in the ring.

Ciampa with a massive knee on Cole. Cole with a big kick. Ciampa with a Clothesline and Double Knee for the pin, Cole kicks out at two. Both men are laid out in the center of the ring as the crowd is going crazy!! The referee begins to count. The crowd chants, “NXT! NXT!”

The crowd cheers with each hit made by Ciampa. Cole flies out of the ropes onto Ciampa, looking to have landed a bit wrong, Ciampa gets up and rolls back in the ring to stop the count as it was to eight. Cole slamming Ciampa on his neck twice. Ciampa giving himself an opportunity to recover after all those massive strikes, Ciampa holds onto the bottom rope.

Cole looking to jump on Ciampa standing on the apron, Ciampa, catches Cole mid-air the crowd begins chanting “Holy Shit! Holy Shit!” Cole flips Ciampa twice on the outside of the ring. Ciampa with an AMAZING comeback as he jumps to his feet and hits a MASSIVE DDT on Cole for the pin, Cole kicks out at two.

Ciampa is CLEARLY in pain. Ciampa gets to his knees, finally standing up as the crowd shouts, “this is awesome!” Cole with Crippler Crossface on Ciampa. Ciampa refuses to tap. Ciampa grabs Cole, locking the arm. Cole rolls out of the ring. Roderick Strong diverting the attention of the referee as UE attack Ciampa on the outside seemingly destroying him and throwing him back in the ring. Covering Cole’s arm on Ciampa. Ciampa grabs Cole and throws him over the ropes onto UE. Then DDT to Strong, then flies over the ropes himself!

Cole with several amazing Superkicks on Ciampa then finally goes for the cover. Ciampa kicks out at two. Cole looking scared and shocked. O’Reilly leaves the title in the corner of the ring for Cole, Cole runs at Ciampa to hit him with it, Ciampa ducks it and takes Cole out. Ciampa running into the referee.

Johnny Gargano suddenly appears ringside telling Ciampa to come get the belt. Ciampa crawls towards Goldie, Gargano grabs it away, looking at the belt for a moment. Something snapped in Gargano, he looks up and smashes Ciampa in the face with it, Ciampa rolls backwards to the center of the ring. Cole puts an arm over Ciampa as the referee jumps in and counts the three.

Winner: Adam Cole

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