NXT UK Full Recap(7/1)- B.T. Sport Studios, London, England

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the NXT UK Recap. This edition of the show is centered around a main event matchup between Trent Seven, and Eddie Dennis. Let’s get down to it!

NXT UK (7/8/21)

⁃ The show kicks off with the usual opening intro, and the announce team welcomes viewers to the B.T. Sports Studios.
⁃ Nathan Frazer makes his way down the ramp, and he’s in the first match.

Nathan Frazer vs Kenny Williams

The opening bell sounds, and both men tie it up right away. Williams immediately scores a takedown, and begins to work over the arm of Frazer. Kenny grounds his opponent into the mat, until Frazer begins to come to life. Frazer escapes from a front facelock, and begins to show off his quickness. Nathan lands a takedown of his own, and works over the arm of Williams. Kenny fights him off, as both men go into the corner, and Frazer flips out of it. Nathan begins to stomp a mudhole in Williams, who goes to the outside. Frazer follows Kenny with a big dive, and nearly misses Williams, but he doesn’t. Frazer rolls Williams back into the ring, and continues to show off his explosive offense, until Williams goes for the knee with a tackle. Nathan screams in pain, and Kenny continues to attack the injured leg, before stomping away at Frazer. Williams tries a cover, and grabs a hold on the injured leg of Nathan, who will not go away. Frazer continues to fight back, and almost scores a surprise roll-up, but the match is still going. Williams looks to control things again, and lands a boot to the face, before trying a cover. A resilient Frazer gets a shoulder up, and Williams continues to deliver punishment, until trying yet another pin. Kenny goes back to the leg again, and applies a single leg crab for a moment, until Frazer fights him off. Nathan finally slows down the attack from Kenny, and both men go down, but Frazer is up first. Nathan hits strike after strike, until Williams lands a stiff shot. Frazer goes to the apron, and both men fight into the corner, where Frazer goes to the top rope. Frazer lands a missile dropkick, and follows up with a pin, forcing Williams to kick out. Kenny looks to regain the advantage, but Frazer almost rolls him up again. Nathan follows up with a big slam, but he falls down to the mat, and both men are down. Frazer stands up first, and climbs to the top rope, as Williams scurries away. Frazer goes on the chase, and Williams lands a cheap shot in the corner, before pulling Frazer into the ring post. Williams climbs back into the ring to hit a nasty reverse DDT, and scores the win for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Kenny Williams

⁃ After the match: Replays are shown from last weeks brutal beat down of A-Kid, at the hands of Jordan Devlin.
⁃ Backstage: Rampage Brown is shown talking to the media, and he’s interrupted by Joe Coffey. They have a talk behind closed doors.

**Commercial Break**

⁃ After the break: Replays are shown from last week’s confrontation between the women’s locker room and Meiko Satomura.
⁃ Back in the arena: Subculture make their way to the ring, and Mark Andrews will battle in singles action.

Mark Andrews vs Lewis Howley

The referee calls for the opening bell, and each man starts off slow, before tying up. Both men go into the corner, where the referee begins the count, and forces a break. Both guys have a standoff for a moment, until tying up again, and Howley scores a takedown. Lewis runs the ropes, and he’s caught by Andrews briefly, but Howley takes him down again. Andrews hops right up, and lands a takedown of his own, before grabbing a hold for a moment. Both men stand back up again, and go into the corner, where Howley fights out. Howley fires up with a few strikes, but Andrews stops him with a spike into the mat from out of nowhere. Howley goes to the outside, and Andrews follows up with a dive. Sam Stoker steps in to talk a little trash to Andrews, and tries to cause a distraction, but Mark is having none of it. Howley tries to capitalize on the distraction, and fails for a moment, before taking complete control of the match. Howley eventually scores a takedown, and applies a pin, but Andrews is still in it. Howley continues to apply pressure, as Andrews grabs for his own ribs, but he’s still fighting. Andrews runs the ropes, and lands a crossbody on Howley, before heading to the outside. Howley goes on the chase, and regains the upper hand, before rolling Andrews back into the ring. Howley applies a headlock to Andrews, and cranks away at the neck of the Subculture leader, until Mark fights out. Andrews goes to the top rope, but Howley stops him with a kick, and meets him up there. Andrews eventually fights off Howley, and attempts a moonsault, but Lewis catches him, and plants him into the mat. Howley mistakenly looks for a tag, and Andrews begins to come alive, and turns the volume up. Andrews nearly scores a victory with a powerbomb straight into a cover, but Howley kicks out. The referee then becomes distracted by Stoker, and the rest of Subculture makes their way out to stop Sam. Back in the ring, Andrews hits the Stundog Millionare, and heads to the top rope. Mark comes crashing down with a huge 720 splash, and puts away Howley for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Mark Andrews

⁃ Earlier this week: Jack Starz is interviewed at the PC. Dave Mastiff walks in, and encourages Starz to “keep going.”

**Commercial Break**

⁃ Backstage: Tyler Bate accepts a challenge for a future NXT UK Heritage Cup defense.
⁃ Back in the ring: Laura Di Matteo is already standing by, so you know what that means.

Laura Di Matteo vs Blair Davenport

The bell rings, and each women is hesitant to get started, until Davenport takes Laura to the mat. Blair begins to work over the arm, and scoops Laura up, before slamming her into the canvas. Laura stands up quickly, and briefly takes the offensive attack to Davenport, but Blair lands a stiff dropkick to the back to stop her. Blair begins to make it rain strikes, and she looks methodical in her approach. Blair tosses Laura all around the ring, and goes for a suplex, but Laura blocks it. Davenport gets a bit upset, and turns up the intensity, allowing Laura to land a surprise blow. Laura tries a pin, but the shoulders of Davenport aren’t all the way down. Davenport capitalizes on the mistake with thunderous strikes, and finishes off Di Matteo with a brutal knee upside the jaw for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Blair Davenport

⁃ After the match: Davenport cuts a promo, and says “I’ve arrived in NXT UK.” Blair closes with a message to the women’s locker room, stating “I’m putting all of you on notice.”
⁃ In a promo package: Aoife Valkyrie is talking about her undefeated streak. Jinny is also shown speaking, and she plans to break the streak.
⁃ In an undisclosed location: Rohan Raja pledges his loyalty to Teoman.

**Commercial Break**

⁃ Back in the studio: Trent Seven is on the way to the ring.

Trent Seven vs Eddie Dennis

The main event bell sounds, and Seven comes out of the gate fast. Trent quickly beats Dennis all around the ring, until Eddie stops the onslaught for a moment. Seven continues to keep up the fast paced offense, and lands a Hogan-like leg drop, but Dennis rolls to the outside. Seven follows Eddie with a diving attack, sending both men hard into the barricade. Eddie stands up first, and lands a thunderous chop, before sending Seven back into the ring. Eddie follows up with a slam on Seven, and tries a cover, but Seven isn’t finished yet. The offensive attack by Dennis continues, and Eddie verbally berates Seven, who begins to fire up. Trent lands a DDT from out of nowhere, and both men briefly go down. Seven stands up first, and hits a strike to the back, before attempting a suplex. Dennis blocks it, and nails Seven with a strike, before dumping him into the mat. Dennis tries a cover, and Seven kicks out on instincts, shocking Eddie. Dennis applies a neck hold, and wrenches the neck of Seven, who tries his hardest to fight out. Dennis refuses to let go, and hits stiff uppercuts on Trent, until Seven lands a takedown. Seven quickly follows up by planting Dennis into the mat, and applies a cover on Eddie for a very close near fall. Seven heads to the top rope, and comes flying off of it with a high risk maneuver, but Dennis rolls out of the way. Dennis climbs up top for a dive of his own, as Seven meets him there, and cuts Eddie off. Trent sets up for a superplex, but Dennis slides out of his grip, and puts Seven in a crucifix powerbomb position. Dennis nails the powerbomb, and immediately looks to hit a second one, and does so. Seven lands in the corner, and somehow lands a surprise suplex on Eddie, but Dennis comes right back with a thunderous lariat. Both men go down, and exchange jabs on their knees, until eventually standing up. They both begin to exchange huge blows, and go back and fourth with shots, until Dennis goes for a pumphandle slam. Trent slides out, and runs the ropes, rebounding with a massive Seven Star lariat for the 1-2-NO! Dennis is still in the match, and both men are down once again, as the referee begins to count. Seven makes it back up, and looks to hit the Birminghammer, as Dennis fights off of the shoulders of Trent. Symbiosis makes their way down to the ring, allowing Dennis to set up for a superplex on Seven. Trent reverses, and drives Dennis into the mat, who goes to the outside. Seven follows him, and dives into all three members of Symbiosis, sending everyone up the ramp. Trent rolls Dennis back into the ring, and nails the Birminghammer for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Trent Seven

⁃ After the match: Symbiosis attacks Seven, until Tyler Bate makes the save, along with a pair of nunchucks. Bate and Seven stand tall, as the show fades to black.

Now it’s time to hand out a few awards!

Superstar of the Night: Kenny Williams

Match of the Night: Trent Seven vs Eddie Dennis

That’s all for this weeks edition of NXT UK! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great rest of your day!

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