NXT UK Recap: (6/10/2021)

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the NXT UK Recap. This edition of the show is all about an NXT UK Women’s Championship clash between Kay Lee Ray and Meiko Satomura. Let’s get down to it!

NXT UK (6/10/21)

⁃ The show kicks off with footage of last weeks closing moments of NXT UK, and Nigel hypes tonight’s main event.
⁃ After the usual opening video package, WALTER makes his way down the ramp, and he has something to say.


The reigning NXT UK Champion makes his way to the ring as stoic as ever, and he talks about his recent title defenses. WALTER reminds everyone “I’m the longest reigning champion in all of modern WWE. This title is the most prestigious in wrestling.” WALTER adds “every time I step in this ring, I’m forced to restore the order of this great sport. I will forever be the NXT UK Champion.” WALTER keeps his words short, sweet, and to the point, before moving on.

⁃ Earlier today: Jordan Devlin is pacing around his own personal locker room.
⁃ Andy and Nigel further hype the main event, and the show heads to a break.

**Commercial Break**

⁃ After the break, Dani Luna and Flash Morgan Webster talk about Subculture. They’ll face Joseph Connors and Jinny next week.

Saxon Huxley vs Jordan Devlin

The bell rings, and Saxon miss fires on a strike right away. Both men go into the corner, and exchange strikes, until Devlin lands a thunderous chop. Huxley then throws Jordan across the ring, and splashes him in the opposite corner, before applying a headlock. They make their way back up, and run the ropes, until Huxley hits a shoulder tackle. Saxon tries a quick cover, and Devlin kicks out, and shakes off the frustration. Jordan causes Huxley to fall to the outside, and tries to regroup, but Saxon won’t go away. Huxley drags Jordan to the outside with him, and batters his body with the security rails, before tossing Devlin back into the ring. Huxley works over Jordan in the corner, and lands a nasty knee straight to the face of Devlin. Huxley heads to the outside, and follows up with another big drive-by strike, then heads back into the ring. Devlin and Huxley run the ropes, until Saxon lands a Thesz press on Jordan. Huxley continues to pick apart “The Irish Ace”, until Devlin rakes the eyes of Saxon. Huxley tries to run at Devlin, but Jordan stops him with knees to the chest, and follows up by standing on Saxon’s face. Devlin comes behind that with kicks to the ribs, and a big strike for good measure, before trying to hit the suplex. Huxley fights him off, and hoists him up for a massive powerbomb, and applies a cover for a close near fall. Saxon begins to fire up, and picks up Devlin in a fireman’s carry position, but Jordan fights off of his shoulders. Devlin hits an elbow strike to the back of the neck, followed by the Devlin Side suplex, and pins Huxley for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Jordan Devlin

⁃ When the match is over, Kay Lee Ray is shown preparing for the main event.
⁃ The NXT UK Tag Team Champions, Pretty Deadly, join the commentary team.

**Commercial Break**

⁃ Back from the break, Gallus is in the office of Sid Scala. They’ve made some sort of deal with him.

Andy Wild & Dan Moloney vs Symbiosis

Moloney kicks things off with Primate, and Primate starts off with massive strikes right out of the gate. Moloney finally stops him, and hoists Primate into the air, before backing into a tag. Andy Wild comes in on fire, but T-Bone quickly tags in, and brings the temperature down. T-Bone hits numerous shoulder tackles in the corner, until Wild fights out, and tags in Moloney. Dan briefly has the upper hand, until T-Bone blocks a strike, and hits knees to the ribs. T-Bone then sends Moloney to the mat with a strike straight to the back, and follows up by draping Dan on the ropes. Primate tags in, and tees up for a draping kick to the chest, before landing another stiff shot for good measure. T-Bone tags back in, and he continues to work over Moloney, landing strikes, kicks, and stomps all over his body, Dan squirms around the ring. Moloney eventually catches T-Bone with a surprise dropkick, and dual tags are made. Andy Wild picks up Primate, and suplex’s him all the way across the ring, but Primate somehow gets right back up. Primate avoids a move, and follows up with a spear, then quickly tags in T-Bone. T-Bone tags Primate back in, and slams Wild into the mat, setting up for a splash from Primate. The big man follows up with the splash, and puts away Andy for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Symbiosis

⁃ As the show heads to a break, Meiko Satomura and Kay Lee Ray make their way to the ring.

**Commercial Break**

⁃ Back from the last break, Teoman says he’s “here to put everyone on the hospital.”
⁃ Andy announces Wolfgang will take on Sam Gradwell next week.
⁃ Nigel announces Subculture against Jinny and Joseph Connors, in the second ever NXT UK mixed tag team match.
⁃ It’s time for the massive main event!

NXT UK Women’s Championship

Meiko Satomura vs Kay Lee Ray

After the big championship introductions, the bell rings, and this is gonna be good! Both women start off slow, and a bit standoff-ish. They eventually come together, and Satomura hits rapid kicks, driving Ray into the corner. The referee forces a brief break, and Meiko kicks Ray into the other corner. The referee forces another break, nearly allowing Ray to steal the match with a Gory Bomb attempt. Meiko quickly blocks, and sends Ray to the outside. Meiko takes her back into the ring, and tries to follow Ray, but KLR hits a stiff super kick. Ray looks to capitalize, and drags Meiko into the ring, staying on Ray with a headlock. Meiko eventually fights out, and sweeps the legs of Ray, then tries a bridging cover. Ray just gets the shoulder up, and begins to show signs of fight with a chop to Meiko. Ray tries to follow up with a suplex, but Meiko blocks, and Ray rolls through. Ray takes Meiko down with a clothesline, and begins to talk trash, before dumping Meiko face first into the ring for a pin attempt. Meiko kicks out, and Ray immediately applies a Koji clutch. Meiko somehow reverses, and locks in an STO, until Ray makes it to the ropes. KLR slides to the outside, and rams the arm of Meiko into the apron, before heading back into the ring for a vicious knee drop, straight to the side of the jaw of Satomura. Ray starts to take control with an arm hold, as the cheek of Satomura begins to swell. Ray releases the hold, and jams her foot in the face of Meiko, before connecting with a thunderous blow to the face of Satomura. Ray continues to build momentum after the knee drop, and tries a quick pin, but Meiko is still going. Satomura blocks an attempted Gory Bomb again, but she gets caught with a roll up. Meiko kicks out, and follows up by stunning Ray with a DDT, before delivering a kick to the face. Satomura applies a pin, but Ray kicks out, and hits Meiko KLR with her own signature move. Both women go down, and eventually stand back up. Ray sets up for the Gory Bomb again, but Meiko reverses, and nails a Gory Bomb of her own, though she can’t make the cover. Both women are down, but they eventually make it back up, and begin to exchange stiff strikes. They go back and fourth, trading massive shots, and smiling about it, until Meiko lands a final blow to the back of the neck. Satomura applies a cover, but Ray is still alive. Ray refuses to quit, and hits a big DDT out of nowhere, before trying a pin. Satomura kicks out quickly, and gets nailed with two super kicks, but Meiko gets back up!! Ray lands another superkick, and Satomura is still moving! Satomura hits a suplex, and tries a pin, but no luck. Satomura follows up with a slam, and a pin, but again no luck. Meiko tries more offense, but she runs straight into another superkick. Ray comes behind that with the Gory Bomb, and goes to the top rope. Ray lands a senton, and puts Meiko away for the 1-2-NO! A frustrated Champion goes to the outside, and she grabs her title, then walks up the ramp. The referee stops her, allowing Satomura to pick her up for a fireman’s carey slam on the floor. Meiko tosses Ray back into the ring, but KLR rolls through, and to the floor again. Meiko follows her, and gets caught with a strike, allowing Ray to set up for the Gory Bomb. Ray nails it the move with an assist from the apron, and rolls Meiko back into the ring for the cover. Ray pins Meiko’s shoulders down, and the referee counts the 1-2-NO! What?! Ray looks stressed, and Meiko comes to life, before heading to the top rope. Ray meets her up top, and they fight on the ropes, until Meiko hits a roll through powerbomb. Satomura follows up by applying a submission hold, until Ray makes her way to the ropes. Meiko waits on her moment to strike, and nails a stiff one, before applying a cover. Ray kicks out, and Satomura goes straight into a submission hold, until changing course, and driving Ray into the canvas with a slam. Satomura sets up in the corner, then runs at Ray, and nails Scorpio Rising for the 1-2-3! New Champion! New Champion! Ray’s 649 day reign is over!

Winner AANNDD NEW: Meiko Satomura

⁃ When the match ends, the announce team highlights the amazing battle, and Satomura stands tall in the ring, as the show fades to black.

Now it’s time to hand out a few awards!

Superstar of the Night: Meiko Satomura

Match of the Night: Satomura vs Ray


That’s all for this weeks edition of NXT UK! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great rest of your day!

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