NXT UK Results(6/24/21)- B.T. Sport Studios, London, England

Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the NXT UK Recap. This edition of the show is centered around a massive triple threat match, including three of the black and gold brand’s top stars. Let’s get down to it!

NXT UK (6/24/21)

⁃ NXT UK kicks off with the usual opening intro, and the announce team welcomes everyone to the show.
⁃ Mark Coffey makes his way to the ring, and he’s in the first match.

Mark Coffey vs Sha Samuels

The bell rings, and the two bruisers tie up right away. Both men struggle to gain the power advantage briefly, and exchange a few holds. Samuels forces Coffey to run twice, but Mark blocks both attempts, and scores a takedown on Sha. Coffey works over the arm, and forces Sha to stand, before running the ropes. Coffey rebounds, and gets leveled by Sha, allowing Samuels to put the pressure on. Sha begins to control things with brutal elbow’s, until grounding Coffey for a pin attempt. Coffey kicks out, and Samuels remains in control with a headlock. Coffey fights out with European uppercuts, and tries to turn things around, but Samuels is still fighting. Sha hits a nasty knee to the gut of Coffey, and makes it rain punches, until trying another cover. Coffey powers out at two, and Samuels immediately locks on the Butchers Hook. Coffey fights out, then tosses Samuels in the air with a huge back body drop, and both men fall. Coffey comes alive, and makes Samuels woozy, allowing Coffey to hit a bulldog from the middle rope. Coffey applies a cover, and Samuels kicks out at a close two. Coffey keeps the pressure on, and hits another big slam for a pin, but no luck. Sha reverses a strike attempt, and nails a suplex, but can’t follow up. Both men exchange blows momentarily, until Coffey hits Samuels with a kick to the chest, followed by a running elbow strike, and puts Sha away for the win.

Winner: Mark Coffey

⁃ Backstage: After the match, Isla Dawn warns Emilia McKenzie that they have “unfinished business.

**Commercial Break**

⁃ At the PC: Jinny bullies an NXT UK newcomer, for reasons.
⁃ Backstage: Subculture challenges Pretty Deadly to a future match.

Laura Di Matteo vs Stevie Turner

The opening bell sounds, and Turner takes Laura straight into the corner. The referee forces a break, and Turner goes right back to work. Stevie applies a headlock on Laura, and wrenches the neck, before grinding Di Matteo down. Laura fights back up, but Turner reverses pressure again, and goes back in control. Stevie catches Laura in the ropes, and lands a huge boot to the face on the apron. Turner follows that up with an elbow strike, and takes a moment to gloat at ringside, before sliding back into the ring. Turner goes right to work on the stunned Di Matteo, and tries a few quick pin combinations. Turner continues to get technical, and drives the knee into the back of Laura, while pulling her arms back. Di Matteo somehow fights out, and begins to make a comeback, but Turner goes for the hair. Turner uses the ropes to her advantage again, and hits a wicked flatliner variation for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Stevie Turner

⁃ Backstage: Gallus hypes up Joe Coffey, before his main event match.
⁃ At the PC: Nathan Frazer is training, and Kenny Williams interrupts him, challenging Nathan in the process.

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⁃ Promo package: Jack Starz sings the praises of Tyler Bate, who he will take on next week, in an NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship match.

Oliver Carter vs Teoman

The match begins, and both men start fast. Teoman quickly wrestlers Carter to the mat, and works over the arm, before slamming Carter. Oliver fires up, and lands a few rapid strikes, but Teoman briefly stops him. Both men fight into the corner, and Carter backs away. Oliver lures Teoman in, and nails a big boot, before sending him to the outside. Carter beats Teoman all around the ringside area, until Teoman tosses Carter into the steps, and rolls him into the ring. Teoman tries a pin, and goes to work on the arm of Carter. Teoman takes a moment to be proud of himself, and picks apart the body of Carter. Oliver starts showing signs of life, and tries to shake off the arm injury, but he can’t do it. Teoman grinds Carter back into the mat, and tries a crossface, but Oliver fights him off. Teoman switches to a fujiwara arm bar, and Carter desperately crawls for the ropes, forcing a break. Both men stand up, and Carter runs the ropes, rebounding with a crossbody. Carter is a house of fire, and lands a stiff kick to the gut of Teoman, before making a cover for a close two. Carter follows up with a shot to the jaw, and a body slam, applying a pin for the closest two count possible. Carter drags Teoman to the ropes, and places him on the top rope. Carter tries to hit a hurricanrana, but Teoman knocks him down, and locks on the crossface for the submission victory.

Winner: Teoman

⁃ Post match: Teoman applies the crossface to Carter again. Rohan Raja hits the ring to make the save, then double crosses Oliver.

**Commercial Break**

⁃ In a promo package: A-Kid shares a few thoughts on Jordan Devlin, and says he wil teach Jordan a lesson next week.
⁃ The announce team runs down the list of matches for next week’s show, and it time for the main event.

Joe Coffey vs Ilja Dragunov vs Rampage Brown

The bell rings, and this is gonna be good. All three men begin by brawling, and Dragunov is mostly in control. Coffey fires up briefly, until Brown nails a slam on Joe. Coffey answers back with a slam of his own, and Dragunov makes his way back into the fight. Ilja goes to battle with Brown, and tries to take him to the mat, but Brown is to big. Brown tosses Ilja to Joe, and Coffey slams him, before fighting Rampage. Both men exchange strikes, and Rampage lands a dropkick. Coffey quickly gets back up, and drives Brown into the corner, before dragging him into the center of the ring for a submission hold. Ilja makes his way back to his feet, and hits a dozen strikes on Coffey, who won’t release the hold on Brown. Ilja finally forces a break, and both men exchange stiff slaps, until Brown comes back for more. Dragunov and Coffey try to suplex Brown, who reverses, and nails a double-suplex. Coffey and Dragunov make it back up, and toss Brown to the outside, leaving only themselves in the ring. Coffey hits a Gotch-lift German suplex, and lands with a bridging pin on Dragunov, but Ilja is still in it. Ilja gains brief separation, and heads to the top rope, but Coffey is there with an answer. Brown comes back into the mix, and rips Coffey down. Ilja jumps over Brown, and lands on Coffey, as all three men begin to fight it out again. Rampage goes to work on Coffey, as well as Dragunov, who tries to fire up. Ilja hits strike after strike, running the ropes in between each one, and finally grounds Brown. Ilja let’s out a tribal scream, and he’s completely snapped. Ilja goes to the top again, and hits a missile dropkick, but then turns right into a Glasgow send off from Coffey. All three men show signs of wear and tear, as Coffey stays in the ring. Ilja and Brown fight on the outside, and Coffey dives into both men, before tossing Ilja back into the ring. Coffey heads up top, and lands a flying strike, turning Ilja inside out in the process. Coffey tries a cover, and nearly wins, but Ilja is resilient. All three men are down briefly, until Ilja begins to look even more unstable. Ilja and Coffey go blow for blow, until Coffey connects with a headbutt, and both men fall. They both lock eyes, and charge at each other, meeting with a huge thud. Brown runs in with a discus lariat on Ilja, and sends Coffey to the outside. Rampage goes on the attack, and finishes with a nasty scoop slam on the floor. Brown goes back into the ring, and he’s met by Dragunov, who scores a double leg takedown. Ilja grabs ahold of the waist of Brown, and nails multiple suplex’s in a row. Ilja goes for another, and he’s met from behind by Coffey. Rampage somehow finds his way to the back of the line, and hits a suplex on both men. They all go down for a moment, until Brown fights Coffey, who slams Rampage, and tries a cover. Brown kicks out, and both men struggle to get up. Joe goes for another strike on Coffey, but he’s blindsided by Ilja. Rampage nails a doctor bomb, and Ilja breaks up the cover. Rampage goes for a Doctor Bomb from out of nowhere, but Dragunov blocks it, and stuns Brown. Ilja quickly heads to the top rope, and nails the Torpedo Moscow on Rampage for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Ilja Dragunov

⁃ After the match, Ilja stands tall, as WALTER enters the ring. Both men have a brief chat, until WALTER slaps Ilja, and stands over him. WALTER follows up by choking Ilja out, and leaves him lying, as the show fades to black.

Now it’s time to hand out a few awards!

Superstar of the Night:Ilja Dragunov

Match of the Night: Ilja Dragunov vs Joe Coffey vs Rampage Brown

That’s all for this weeks edition of NXT UK! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great rest of your day!

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