NXT UK TakeOver Blackpool II Results (1/12/2020)

NXT UK TakeOver Blackpool II Results From Blackpool, England (1/12/2020)

NXT UK returns to the WWE Network with their NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II live special this afternoon from the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool, England.

You can watch the NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II pre-show live right here at eWrestling.com starting at 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time via the following YouTube player:


The NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II pre-show for today’s live WWE Network special from the Empress Ballroom in England is now underway.

Watch the entire pre-show as it happens live via the YouTube video player embedded directly above. We will begin our live play-by-play results coverage of the actual live event when the stream begins on the WWE Network.

The pre-show is wrapped up and the opening video package rolls to kick off today’s NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II live WWE Network special from the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool, England.

After the opening video package — which was awesome, by the way — we shoot live inside the Empress Ballroom as the camera pans around the crowd chanting “NXT! NXT!” as Tom Phillips and Nigel McGuinness formally welcome us to the show.

Trent Seven vs. Eddie Dennis

Following the brief introduction, the lights go down and Trent Seven’s music hits the loud speakers as the fans pop and the bell rings. The ring announcer sounds off for the first time today as he formally introduces Trent Seven, who makes his way down to the ring.

As Seven finishes up his ring entrance with the slow roll under the bottom rope into the squared circle, Phillips and McGuinness tell the full back-story that led up to this showdown between Seven and his opponent for this NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II opening contest — Eddie Dennis.

The lights go down again and Dennis’ creepy music hits the house speakers as he comes out wearing a mask. As he disrobes at ringside, the announcers hard-sell the cold, dangerous nature of Eddie Dennis. Dennis poses for the crowd as the final pre-match introductions are wrapped up.

Dennis tries to surprise Seven as soon as the bell rings, however a one-armed power bomb turns the tide. Seven is taking it to Dennis here in the early goings until he is caught up in the corner of the ring with a Razor’s Edge from Dennis.

We get our first high-spots of the match as the pace picks up quite a bit for a couple of crazy spots that gets the NXT UK Universe on their feet.

The noise inside the Empress Ballroom picks up as Seven hoists Dennis up for a Birminghammer, however the length and legs of Dennis makes it hard for the NXT UK veteran to execute the move as he fights his way out of it.

Dennis now goes to work on taking off the pad of the top turnbuckle in the ring. Seven gets him from behind and takes him up to the top rope as the turnbuckle pad falls off in the process.

Seven gets Dennis with a big superplex off the top-rope. He covers him but Dennis manages to kick out at two. As Seven goes to whip Dennis into the corner, Dennis reverses and throws Seven into the corner with the exposed top turnbuckle pad face-first.

The announcers get their sad, somber serious voices on now as Seven sells the spot. Dennis picks Seven up and launches him over the top rope. He sails over the top and crashes down hard after the Razor’s Edge to the floor.

Dennis quickly goes out and throws Seven in the ring. He covers him but only gets two. Dennis hoists Seven up for his Next Stop Driver finisher and hits it. 1-2-3. Dennis scores a victory in the NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II opener.

We see highlights of the action now as Dennis shows off a sadistic smirk as the camera closes in on a tight shot of his face.

Winner: Eddie Dennis

NXT UK Women’s Championship
Kay Lee Ray (C) vs. Toni Storm vs. Piper Niven

The video package airs telling the story leading up to tonight’s triple-threat match for the NXT UK Women’s Championship, with Kay Lee Ray defending against former title-holder Toni Storm and Piper Niven. That match is next — stay tuned!

Following the conclusion of the video package, Toni Storm’s music hits and the former NXT UK Women’s Champion makes her way to the squared circle in her return to the Empress Ballroom, the same venue she won the belt from reigning NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley almost exactly one year ago.

After her entrance, Piper Niven makes her way to the ring while the announcers hype her up. Now, the champ herself — Kay Lee Ray — heads towards the ring. The bell sounds and the fans echo the chant of “One Fall” as the ring announcer does the formal pre-match introductions for this, a world championship bout.

As Kay Lee Ray tries to get in some final pre-match intimidation, Toni Storm blasts her in the grill and the bell sounds. Storm and Ray end up fighting out on the floor until Piper Niven comes flying and crashing onto them from the ring. She hits a cannonball on the champ against the barricade on the floor.

Now Storm and Ray end up alone in the ring and Storm is hammering away from ground and pound until Niven comes in and hits a big splash onto both women. She goes for a pin attempt but only gets two. We see some more replays of the Piper Niven high-spot as Ray takes it to Niven in the corner. She poses to the crowd but Storm nails her from behind.

Storm looks for Storm Zero early on, but Niven comes flying at her with a cross body to break it up. A super kick from Kay Lee Ray floors Niven. Now she goes to work on Storm with a boot on the throat under the bottom rope. Storm with a release German Suplex before letting out a war cry/scream. A tornado DDT off the ropes gets a near fall for Storm. Niven breaks up a follow-up pin attempt.

Niven withstands a Gory Bomb attempt. Afterwards, Kay Lee Ray hits a super kick and then takes out Storm. She then turns into a Saito Suplex from Niven and now all three are down on the mat as various replays of recent action are shown on a split-screen view.

Business picks up now as Kay Lee Ray brings a steel chair into the ring. She chokes Niven with it by pushing it into her throat as she lays on the mat. Now she opens the steel folding chair and she puts Toni Storm’s head in it. She goes to stomp on it but Niven spears her to stop things before they got ugly.

Kay Lee Ray holds the chair and stares down Storm. She decides to drop it. Niven gets involved. They end up on the floor where yet another big dive high spot happens. Now Kay Lee Ray goes to the top rope and hits an even bigger dive spot onto Niven and Storm on the ground. The fans break out into a Mauro Ranallo-inspired “Mama Mia! Mama Mia!” chant as replays are shown and the action returns inside the ring.

Niven with a power bomb on Storm but Kay Lee Ray breaks up the follow-up pin attempt. Niven with a Michinoku Driver on Kay Lee Ray for a very close near fall that the fans inside the Empress Ballroom bit on. The fans break out into dueling “Let’s Go Piper!” and “Let’s Go Kay Lee!” chants. Niven goes for another Michinoku Driver but doesn’t get it. Instead, Kay Lee Ray hits a Gory Bomb on Niven. Toni Storm grabs the ref’s hand to stop the three count.

Niven with a wicked Destroyer, but Storm takes her out and hits Kay Lee Ray with her Storm Zero for the pin attempt. Niven ends up breaking it up. The fans erupt with “NXT! NXT!” chants as Storm shrieks and screams and replays are shown of the crazy sequence that just unfolded.

Back live, Storm is blasting away at Niven with punches from the mount. She pick up Kay Lee Ray looking for another Storm Zero. She hits it, this time slamming Kay Lee Ray on Niven. Now she picks Niven up for a Storm Zero. Instead, she hits a Pedigree of sorts for another close near fall attempt.

Storm goes to the top rope and hits a frog-splash but Kay Lee Ray immediately hits a super kick and steals the pin to retain her title.

Winner and STILL NXT UK Women’s Champion: Kay Lee Ray

Tyler Bate vs. Jordan Devlin

The video package for our next match, which will be a singles bout pitting Tyler Bate one-one-one against Jordan Devlin, has just wrapped up. Our third match here at NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II is about to get underway.

Following the video package, the fun, energetic music for Tyler Bate hits the house speakers as the NXT UK veteran makes his way to the squared circle to a ton of cheers and chants from the fans inside the Empress Ballroom.

After his entrance wraps up, the heart-beat style thumping is heard as Jordan Devlin’s awesome titan tron and arena production is shown as the camera pans in on the entrance aisle. The self-proclaimed best sports entertainer on the planet makes his way to the ring.

The music stops, the bell sounds and the fans immediately start going bonkers by singing and raising their hands in an early Fandango-fashion.

Bate plays to the crowd, which gets them to pick up the noise and energy as they sing and throw their hands in the air over and over again. The two start going at it now as the action begins.

Devlin goes to work on the joints in the hand of Bate. Bate tries to fight out of the wrist lock, however Devlin manages to keep his composure and keeps the hold applied. Bate finally reverses, only for Devlin to reverse it back.

The two hit the mat and start to chain-wrestle and exchange reversals. The two have a stand-off / stare down now as the fans applaud the efforts of both men. The pace picks up again now as Bate starts to gain the upper-hand on Devlin.

A military press gets the crowd on their feet again. An Asai Moonsault into the ring from Devlin gets them to pop again. Devlin is now taking over the offensive control in this one, as he is easily handling the NXT UK veteran while the fans try to motivate Bate back into the match with enthusiastic chants.

The announcers talk about the crowd being split for both Bate and Devlin as McGuinness explains how the NXT UK Universe has no choice but to respect his talent and ability. As Devlin continues to dominate the action with ease, the fans start singing some more. Devlin taunts the crowd as he continues to beat down Bate, mocking Mustache Mountain and getting some heat from the NXT UK fans.

Devlin holds Bate’s arm now and blasts him with kicks while he taunts him. Finally, Bate has a brief moment where his strength allows him to launch Devlin all the way to the floor. Bate quickly capitalizes, throwing caution to the wind and hitting a big dive onto Devlin on the floor. He goes to the top rope for a high-spot, as he waits on Devlin to get to his feet. As he does, Devlin jumps and lands in a Code-breaker-type move, driving his knees up into the mid-section of Bate as he came flying down off the top rope. Replays of this spot are shown as the crowd starts singing again.

Meanwhile Devlin is now firmly in control of the offense, taking it to Bate in the center of the ring. He’s looking for a surf board stretch now on Bate. He gets it and it looks painful! Tom Phillips asks Nigel McGuinness to explain how much that hurts. He attempts to do so as Devlin yanks down tighter on the submission hold. Finally he lets go of the hold and goes back to work. Bate is back to his feet now as both guys run the ropes and both launch into a cross body splash that meets in the middle in mid-air. We see replays of this now as both guys are down.

Bate fires up on offense now, making his big comeback. He eventually gets Devlin up and just airplane spins him for what seemed like forever. He really kept that going a while, such as the big Cesaro Swing spots.

As Bate continues to take it to Devlin, he blasts him with a brain-buster suplex for a near fall. Bate is slow to get back to his feet as well. The two exchange pin attempts and reversals on the mat. Devlin reverses a victory roll attempt with pure power, flipping Bate and covering him for a close near fall.

Bate goes for a cutter over the top rope on Devlin and blasts him with it. He goes for another one on the ring apron and sort of hits it, but both guys awkwardly crash down to the floor.

Both guys are slow to get up as the referee nearly counts both men out. Instead, we get a photo-finish on Bate getting into the ring at the count of nine-and-a-half from the ref, as Devlin tried a sneaky spot in an attempt to win by count out.

The two exchange punches and chops in the middle of the ring now. The two are slugging it out now with stiff, short punches. They get their best Rock’M Sock’M Robots impression in as McGuinness drops a “[Don] Frye / [Yoshihiro] Takayama” reference for you PRIDE FC fans out there.

We see the pace pick up now as the finish of this one appears to be drawing close. The entire arena are clapping their hands, stomping their feet and yelling and chanting at the top of their lungs. Now they’re singing as loud as an entire arena can possibly sing as we see a wide shot of this arena packed with wild NXT UK fans.

Meanwhile, Devlin is back to his feet and is heading to the top rope while Bate is still down in the middle of the ring. Bate pops up and crotches Devlin in the corner. Now Bate goes up after him. Both guys are standing with both feet on the top rope. They switch spots by walking the top rope and circling around. Now we get a big throw-suplex / Spanish Fly off the top that looked incredible. Somehow that, in addition to a Devlin Suplex follow-up from Jordan, was not enough to put away Bate.

As you can imagine, the intensity from the fans is picking up even more after that. That is notable because it didn’t seem like the crowd could go any more nuts than they already were. “This Is Awesome!” chants break out as Devlin looks for a Tyler-Driver on Bate, which Bate blocks. A big headbutt sends both guys to their butts on the mat.

Somehow Bate catches Devlin with a crazy DDT and follows up with a Tyler Driver 97 for a pin attempt. 1-2 … NO! A twisted-cork-screw-splash off the top rope from Bate is finally enough to put away Devlin. Bate wins an absolutely excellent match.

Winner: Tyler Bate

After The Match: Standing Ovation From WWE Legends

Following the epic encounter between Bate and Devlin, the NXT UK veteran Tyler Bate gets to his feet and celebrates with the fans in attendance as we see William Regal, Triple H and other WWE / NXT legends and officials giving Bate (and Devlin) a much-deserved standing ovation.

NXT UK Tag-Team Title Ladder Match
Gallus (Wolfgang & Mark Coffey) (C) vs. Imperium vs. The Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson & James Drake) vs. Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews

The video package airs for the Fatal-4-Way Tag-Team Ladder Match for the NXT UK Tag-Team Championships. The NXT UK Tag-Team Titles will be on-the-line next inside the Empress Ballroom here at NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II.

Out first are the NXT UK Tag-Team Champions Gallus — Mark Coffey and Wolfgang. They hand over the tag belts to the official for this match, as they will be suspended above the ring for this four way tag-team ladder match.

The contenders start making their way out now. First out are the team of Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews, followed by The Grizzled Young Veterans — Zack Gibson and James Drake — and Imperium’s Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner.

The final pre-match introductions for this championship contest are taking place now. The belts are hoisted above the ring where they will remain until the winning team retrieves them with the assistance of a ladder. All four teams start brawling now to kick this one off.

Pairs of slugfests spill out to the floor now as only two teams remain in the ring duking it out. Wolfgang and Mark Coffey enter the ring now and start taking it to The Grizzled Young Veterans.

Imperium and the other duo of Webster and Andrews hit the ring now. The baby faces use their fast-paced, high-risk offense to take out the members of Imperium. They hit a double moonsault now as they are left in the ring alone.

Meanwhile on the floor, the first ladder is grabbed from under the ring. Instead, Gibson and Drake opt to leave the ladder in favor of a pair of steel chairs. They enter the ring with said-chairs and start hitting any-and-everything that moves.

Wolfgang re-enters the ring and hits a big spear. Gallus hooks Drake in the Tree of Woe and they place a steel chair in front of his face. Instead, Gallus is taken out and from the floor, Barthel and Aichner from Imperium run and jump up on the apron, each blasting Drake with a kick to the chair that blasts his face while he was still hung upside down in the Tree of Woe.

Now, the first team to get a ladder into the ring is Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews. Imperium hits the ring to take them out and now they start to climb until Gallus comes in with a second, bigger ladder, taking them out in the process. The fans chant “We Want Tables!” now as the first use of ladders gets started.

A Slingshot Samoan Drop into the ladder. Webster trying to hold onto the ladder for his protection, no such luck. Springboard Moonsault off the top turnbuckle by Fabian onto Webster. Fabian starts climbing the ladder as does Gibson. A taller ladder is added to the ring by Drake, Gibson helps.

Everyone starts climbing multiple sized ladders in the ring towards the championship. Four ladders in the ring as Andrews is slammed with a flip off the ladder by Gibson. Gibson sends Drake to the top of the ladder so he can hold him up on his shoulders as they are too short to reach. Gibson left alone at the top of the ladder. Imperium with European Bomb taking Drake out of the equation.

Imperium with their chance to set up the ladder, but first they clear the ring, taking away anyone else’s ability to climb with them. Gallus send Imperium falling to the mat inside the ring. With a kick and a Power Slam, Drake is back out. Over the top rope to the outside the fight goes to the floor. Webster and Andrews go for a Double Stunned Millionare. The Welshmen grab the tallest ladder seen yet, the largest available, before it can be brought into the ring, the fight starts back up on the outside of the ring.

Two tables set up on the floor on either side of the enormous ladder. Gallus are prevented from their plot. Mark is laid on top of a table, it collapses under his weight, looking like a mistake, but the the Welshmen go off the top of the ladder, Jeff Hardy eat your heart out! The crowd goes wild for this high flying stunt off the ladder into the chest of Wolfgang. Andrews and Webster struggle back to their feet as they are clearly hurting.

They work together as they have throughout the match in unison, grabbing a ladder and putting it into the ring. Andrews and Webster all alone in the ring, set up a smaller ladder and they reach, but too short to reach the title. An Atomic Drop for the counter as they try to slow down the Welshmen. Absolute carnage. Kendo stick out of nowhere by Andrews who unleashes mayhem on everyone, clearing the ring. Imperium make their way back into the ring.

Brain Buster on Andrews as he’s pulled from the ladder. The United Kingdom tag team titles are at the tip of Martel’s fingers. Barthel holds on to the ladder as he’s tried to be removed with a German Suplex. Barthel’s partner holds on from under the ladder lifting him back up. A ladder snaps in half. Barthel jums holding the ladder to try and place himself under the title, he’s pushed over while holding the ladder and falls to the outside of the ring.

NXT UK Tag Team Champions Mark Coffey and Wolfgang retain the title as they climb the ladder and remove the belts one at a time. All the other tag teams of the match are laid out on the outside of the ring.

Winners and STILL NXT UK Tag-Team Champions: Gallus

WWE United Kingdom Championship
WALTER (C) vs. Joe Coffey

Joe Coffey representing Gallus comes out to his music as it sounds in the building and he makes his way to the ring, jumping and hyping himself up as he enters the ring. The arena fades to black, a white screen appears and a silhouette of one man standing at the top of the ramp from Imperium, UK Champion Walter is shown standing alone with his arms behind his back, then he starts walking down the ramp towards the ring. Walter removes his robe and belt as the match is formally announced as a one-fall UK Championship match.

The bell rings and the match begins. Sleeper Hold attempt early on by Coffey. Back Drop Driver, causing a roll out of the ring and a counter with the boot. Launching himself out of the ring, a European Uppercut stunning the big man. Coffey sent over the barricade. Several body shots on Walter. Walter lands awkwardly as Coffey goes for a pin attempt, Walter kicks out. Both men back to their feet.

Stalling Suplex by the Iron King, refusing to be stopped! Coffey takes a moment to re-assess the situation as Walter struggles back to his feet. A big backhand by Coffey, Walter asks for another. Coffey complies, with a chop to the chest of Walter. Coffey goes for another, Walter counters with a massive chop to the chest of Coffey. Walter stands in the center of the ring at attention with his hands behind his back as Coffey is laid out on the mat.

Coffey is knocked out of the ring where Walter follows, attacking Coffey, then leaving him laying like a rag-doll against the barricade. Walter enters the ring as the referee starts to count out Coffey. Coffey struggles back into the ring only to be slammed to the mat and another pin attempt by Walter. Walter grabs Coffey in a Single Leg Boston Crab. M.T.M. in the center of the ring, Coffey gets his foot on the rope causing Walter to let go.

Coffey absorbing the multiple forearm shots to the chest by Walter. Coffey firing back with some strikes of his own. Walter with a Knee Drop onto the neck of Coffey. Coffey rolls several times to get out of the ring to regroup. Walter leans over the ropes and grabs Coffey by the hair. Walter uses the ropes to his advantage for leverage against Coffey.

Walter is sent onto his back, Coffey rushes to the top turnbuckle. Coffey goes for a Drop Kick but is caught in a Double Leg Hook Boston Crab transferred into an S.T.F. Walter puts Coffey in a reverse angle three quarter nelson. Coffey muscles his way to the bottom rope and gets his toe onto the bottom rope and locks his leg onto it causing Walter to be forced to let go.

Coffey catches Walter with a Close Range Forearm. Both men taking a lot out of each other, giving it all they have. Coffey goes for a move of his own, Walter counters and slams Coffey to the mat for a two count pin attempt. Coffey kicks out, getting his shoulder off the mat.

Coffey switches the direction of the match up. Coffey pushes forward. A boot to the face of Walter. Walter counters with a Power-bomb and two count pin attempt. Walter grabs Coffey right back into a Sleeper Attempt. The crowd is chanting. Coffey slings Walter off him. The official is accidentally taken out of the ring when Coffey dodges a move om the outside of the ring.

Coffey with a Power-bomb and a roll up. The crowd counts “One! Two! Three!” and begin to cheer. Coffey realizes he didn’t officially win as the referee is still laid out on the outside of the ring. Alexander from Imperium enters the ring and attacks Coffey. Vladimir Kozlov comes running down the ramp and takes out Alexander. Coffey can’t put any weight onto his knee on the outside of the ring. Walter back to his feet, gets out of the ring and goes towards Coffey and gets a Big Knee on Coffey.

Walter drags Coffey back into the ring and the crowd counts, “One! Two! Three!” still no ref. The referee finally jumps in and as he gets to “two” Coffey gets his shoulder up. Walter goes to the top turnbuckle, Coffey with a Big Chop to Walter. Coffey’s knee buckling under his own weight, falling to the mat. Walter seemingly going for the Splash, Coffey counters, launching Walter over his head.

The crowd chanting “Walter” as both men are crawling towards one another in the ring. Both men make their way to their knees where they exchange blows. Slowly they make their way back to their feet in the center of the ring. Walter with a kick to the injured knee of Coffey. Big left and a fury of punches on Walter in the corner. Walter with another blow to the knee before taking out Coffey’s legs from under him. Walter with a Splash and Coffey gets his shoulder up at two once again! Walter throws his head down on the mat. Both men laying flat on the inside of the ring, trying to catch their breath.

Walter and Coffey sit up, Coffey goes for a rush on Walter, Walter sets Coffey for a Power-bomb, Coffey rolls out and All’s Best for the Bells for the cover, Walter still kicking out at two. Both men sweaty and worn out, Coffey protects his knee and gets back to his feet. Walter goes for the Sleeper Hold to counter against Coffey. Coffey only a moment too slow.

Walter with a massive kick to the back of Coffey. Once again a Sleeper on Coffey. Coffey grabs the rope forcing Walter to let go. Walter trying to finish Coffey with a Power-bomb. A loud chop to the back of Coffey that echoes through the arena. Walter driving his forearm into the neck of Coffey. Coffey finally unable to take any more, taps, Walter wins by submission. Both men lay flat on their backs gulping for air as Walter’s music plays in the arena.

Winner and STILL WWE U.K. Champion: WALTER

After the Match: The Undisputed ERA Strikes Ahead Of Worlds Collide

Following his successful title defense, the leader of Imperium stands tall in the ring still the reigning WWE United Kingdom Champion. Out of nowhere, NXT faction The Undisputed ERA are shown hitting the ring through the crowd. They stand around WALTER and stare him down.

Eventually, all four guys beat down WALTER. They hold him up and Adam Cole warns WALTER that this is what is coming when the NXT and NXT UK showdown at Worlds Collide takes place at Royal Rumble Weekend later this month.

That ends the NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II live special. Thanks for joining us!


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