NXT On USA Results (4/15/2020)

NXT On USA Results From Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL. (04/15/20)

WWE’s black-and-gold brand returns this week at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida tonight for this week’s episode of NXT On USA. Tonight will be the first LIVE show from Full Sail, following weeks of taped editions of NXT amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Featured below are results of the April 15, 2020 episode of NXT On USA written by EWrestling.com’s Newest Female Reporter: Jamie Rush. Follow me on Twitter @JamieRush312.


The April 15, 2020 edition of NXT TV on USA Network is LIVE tonight from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida! The show starts at 8:00 p.m. as we see highlights from last week’s action on NXT. The video makes a point of showing Killer Kross’s appearance following Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa “One Ring, One Night, One Winner”… only that’s not how things went exactly.

Gargano ultimately receiving help from his wife, Candice LeRae as they trick Ciampa and when his guard is down they still the victory, walking off laugh with no one the wiser…. well, not “no one”. When watched closer, as Gargano and LeRae exit the empty building and begin making their way through the parking lot, where a car sits behind the semi-truck Gargano and Ciampa fought on top of minutes prior.

Scarlett and Killer Kross just look on as the “happy couple” continues forward, celebrating the night’s victory.

Commentator’s Table

As the video package ends, we are welcomed by Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton to tonight’s edition of NXT on USA Network. A quick update and banter between the two to get this show on the road! Finn Balor’s music sounds through the speakers at Full Sail University to start off the first match-up of the evening!

Finn Balor vs.Fabien Aichner

Out first is Finn Balor as his music sounds in the arena, Balor stops at the top of the stage momentarily, before making his way into the ring. Out next is Fabien Aichner. Aichner’s music sounds over the speakers as well as he enters the ring with his opponent, Balor. The match is officially announced, the bell rings and the match begins!

Balor wastes no time as he lands a Side Headlock on Aichner for the take down to the canvas. Balor goes for an early pin attempt, Aichner gets the shoulder up as the referee gets to two. Neither man able to get back to their feet as Aichner counters with an Arm Bar on Balor. Both men go back and forth taking the advantage early on in this match up.

Aichner gets the upper hand on Balor as he hits a Suplex followed by a Release Hammerlock. Balor sets up for a Sunset Flip and nails it on Aichner, immediately following up with a Drop Kick on Aichner. Balor lands a Forearm Drop followed by a Kick off the apron onto Aichner as we go to our first commercial break of the evening!!

As we come back from commercial break, Balor and Aichner are on the canvas, grappling. Back and forth action between the two as Aichner tries to gain control, finally hitting a Back Breaker on Balor. With that, Aichner has full control as he blocks almost everything that Balor attempts to throw at him. Aichner throws a combination at Balor,

Balor is clearly bruised and beaten as the welts and marks are now showing up on his body as Aichner looking to hit the Aichner Knee on Balor ringside into the steel stairs! The match eventually makes it’s way back into the ring where Balor lands Aichner on the canvas and follows up with the Coup De Grace, ending the match with 1916 for the three count pinfall victory!

Winner: Finn Balor

After the Match

As Phillips recaps the match at the commentator’s desk, mentioning the visible marks on Balor’s body from the match just moments ago with opponent Aichner. Balor looks to the camera and begins trash talking Walter, warning him as we head backstage to end the segment.


We enter the backstage area of Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL where we see Velveteen Dream sitting on his couch, waiting for Adam Cole to arrive apparently.

Quick Announcement

Byron Saxton announces that Charlotte Flair will be here on NXT later in the show to address the NXT Women’s Division.

Video Package

Next we see a video package highlighting the Dakota Kai vs. Tegan Nox match-up in Portland. Tonight Tegan Nox goes head-to-head with Kai’s recent body guard/buddy, Raquel Gonzalez.

Commentary Table

We head back to ringside where Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton discuss The Queen, Charlotte Flair. Phillips sends us into the video of Flair’s interview.

Charlotte Flair Interview

Charlotte Flair begins the interview stating that she always backs up what she says, Flair then points out that she does believe that Ripley is “the future”, but Flair quickly adds that she is not going to apologize for greatness.

Flair makes note that as NXT Women’s Champion, she will solidify her legacy as the past, present, and future of Women’s Wrestling altogether! Flair then goes down the list of all the women she has beaten in the division including Paige, Trish Stratus, Rhonda Rousey, an undefeated Asuka, etc.

Towards the end of the interview, Flair makes it a point to say she is now focusing her attention on Mia Yim, the first person Flair happened to wrestle in WWE. Flair states she will take care of Yim, then continue down the Women’s Division, taking everyone down one by one by one, reiterating she’s going to be the best.

Xia Li vs. Aliyah

Both Aliyah and Xia Li make their way to the ring seperately as they are announced to begin this match up. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match begins. Straight out of the gate, Li establishes dominance in this match-up with Aliyah. Many expected Aliyah to come out a little harder to make Xia Li pay for breaking her nose by keeping her out of the Ladder Match.

Aliyah finally able to catch herself and gather her barrings as the referee steps Li to the side, hoping to calm her down some. Aliyah now ready to take control of this match, Aliyah hits Li with the Thesz Press followed by a Chin Lock for a submission attempt on Li. Li finally able to get her legs where she needed, begins to throw a series of Kicks at Aliyah.

As Aliyah is starting to wear down, Li hits Aliyah with a Spinning Waterfall Kick for the three count pin fall and the win!

Winner: Xia Li

Video Package

As we head into the video package, the announcement by William Regel is reiterated, stating there will be an NXT Interim Cruiserweight Championship Tournement to find out who will obtain the championship belt.

Quick Announcement

As we come back from the video package, we are now at ringside with Byron Saxton who simply states that coming up after the break is Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Akira Tozawa. With that, we head into commercials!

Quick “Bro” Promo

We see Matt Riddle talking on the phone with his “bro” Pete Dunne. Riddle wants Dunne to reveal wh Riddle’s mystery partner is. Dunne refuses to disclose the information to which Riddle responds, “Broooo.”

Akira Tozawa vs. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott and Akira Tozawa take turns making their entrance to the ring as their music sounds in the Full Sail University arena in Winter Park, Florida. Swere and Tozawa both stand in the ring alongside a referee. The referee signals for the bell to ring and the match begins.

As the match gets under way, Byron discusses Tozawa from the commentator’s table at ringside. Byron makes a point to mention that Tozawa is a former Cruiserweight Champion, though only for a short period of time (one week). A Chop Fest ensues between the two competitors, no one able to gain control as they continue to exchange strikes back and forth.

Swerve is thrown off the apron by Tozawa, Swerve landing on the floor outside of the ring. Swerve eventually makes his way back into the ring as he goes after Tozawa. Tozawa attempts to block each strike attempt until finally Tozawa is hit with a Drop Kick as we go to commercial break.

When we come back from commercial break, there continues to be more back and forth striking between Tozawa and Swerve. Nothing too exciting to note for a bit, then Tozawa lands an Octopus Stretch on Swerve. Swerve attempts to power out of the move, to no avail. Swerve then gets in position and hits a Brain Buster on Tozawa, finally able to break free.

Again Tozawa tries to gain control over Swerve as he rolls Swerve up for a pin attempt, Swerve is able to kick out at two and Swerve attempts to re-establish dominance in this match up! Finally we see a Jumping Spin Kick from Tozawa followed by a Suplex that lands Swerve in the corner of the ring hitting the turnbuckles. Tozawa heads uptop for a Senton, landing it on Swerve!

Swerve seems to have taken all he could handle as Tozawa goes for the cover once again, this time the referee gets the three count for the pinfall!

Winner: Akira Tozawa


As we head backstage, once again we see Velveteen Dream, still sitting around waiting on Adam Cole who still hasn’t made his presence known.

Video Promo

A video promo for El Hijo del Fantasma airs. Fatasma highlights his history (in Spanish) as he declares he wants to launch his NXT career by winning the Cruiserweight title!


Rinku and Sarif are seen backstage with their manager, Malcolm Bivens. Bivens states that there are many people in India, and he just so happens to represent the two baddest men from that region of the globe. He goes on to discuss the match Riddle has coming up, stating it is of great interest to him. Then Rinku and Sarif

Matt Riddle & Timothy Thatcher vs. Bobby Fish & Roderick Strong

Representing Undisputed Era, Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong make their way to the ring at Full Sail University as their music sounds in the arena and they head down the ramp and enter the ring. As the music ends, Fish and Strong stand at the ropes looking up the ramp as Matt Riddle makes his way out holding both of the Tag-Team Titles in either hand.

Pete Dunne appears via Skype stating he wishes he could be there to defend the tag-team title with Matt Riddle. Dunne continues on to state that he found someone that is cut from the same cloth and will represent the title with pride, Timothy Thatcher. Matt Riddle’s jaw drops as he sees Thatcher make his way down the ramp. The bell rings and the match begins.

Matt Riddle starts things off for his corner, Bobby Fish for his team. A lot of trash talking early on in this match. Riddle with a Waist-Lock and an early take down on Fish. Both men on the canvas as the two begin to grapple throughout the ring. Fish rolls to the ropes and hugs the bottom rope as he shouts, “Break! Break!” Both men back to their feet, Fish with the take down on Riddle this time.

Fish gets Riddle into a cover attempt, Riddle kicks out at two. Fish trying to take control as Riddle continues to roll around and twist out of each attempt by Fish as we go to commercial break!’

As we come back from commercial break, Strong comes into the ring to capitalize, and another tag as Timothy Thatcher tags in as well. A Forearm in the face by Fish for another pin attempt, a kickout by Thatcher. More grappling on the canvas as the referee watches closely from one knee. Fish in control of Thatcher on the canvas. Fish digs a Knee into the back of Thatcher.

Strong tags in, Thatcher lands an Uppercut. Riddle tags in and a quick Double Team action. Butterfly Suplex followed by a Kick to the chest by Riddle. A series of Suplexes by Riddle, Thatcher makes his way into the ring, Riddle asks, “You ready bro?” as both men land Suplexes on Fish and Strong.

On the outside of the ring, Fish takes out Thatcher. Butterfly Suplex by Strong on Riddle now inside the ring. Fish drops Riddle to the canvas, Strong tags in and lands a Back Breaker on Riddle for another pin attempt, Riddle kicks out. All four men end up on the outside of the ring.

(Dexter Lumus gazing eerily at this tag-team title match from a dark room…then we flash back to the match in ring.)

Riddle makes a tag, attempting to battle out of a two on one situation. Riddle out of breath and beat red as the match goes to commercial break!

Back from commercial break, Riddle fights his way out of the corner, Riddle still beat red as he continues to be punished by Strong and Fish. Snap Suplex and into the cover, then changing his mind as he begins to strike Riddle in the face in the corner of the ring.

Tommaso Ciampa is announced to have something to say at the end of this match up.

Riddle sitting on the turnbuckle in the Undisputed Era’s corner as he continues to take the attack by Fish and Strong. Riddle needing to get the tag to Thatcher. Thatcher with his hand as far in as he can stretch. Snap Suplex attempt, Riddle counters with Fisherman Suplex. Riddle almost gets to corner, Strong stops him. Riddle kicks Strong. Finally Riddle makes the tag!

Thatcher on a roll in his NXT debut, giving punishment to Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish. Chops cutting down Strong in the corner of the ring. An Inzuguri to the back of the neck followed by an Arm Bar! Thatcher forced to break before the count of five. Thatcher going for Butterfly Suplex, Fish sent to the outside as he tries to enter illegally. Bobby Fish now legal, a cover and a kick out by Thatcher. Several kickouts towards the end of this match back and forth.

Knee Strike to the back of the neck of Riddle. Thatcher eventually gets the submission on Strong for the win!

Winner: Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher

Tommaso Ciampa Statement

“I’m done with this. I’m done with you Johnny I’m done with Candace, I’m done with all of this. We agreed that when this was ove, whoever wins, wins. Johnny you, and Candace, showed the world. So congratulations Johnny Gargano, you are the better man… you…” Ciampa is hoisted up and there is flailing and crashing around the room. Suddenly we see an unconscious Tomasso Ciampa laying on the ground.

We see Killer Kross lean over Ciampa’s face as he snarls and grunts, “tick-tock…”

That’s All Folks!!


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