NXT On USA Results (4/1/2020)

NXT On USA Results (4/1/2020): WrestleMania 36 “Go-Home” Show For WWE NXT Brand

WWE’s black-and-gold brand returns this week at the empty Performance Center in Orlando, Florida tonight for this week’s episode of NXT On USA.

Featured below are results of the April 1, 2020 episode of NXT On USA written by eWrestling.com’s newest female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow me on Twitter @JamieRush312.


NXT begins at 8:00 p.m. on the dot on the USA Network, the opening theme playing us into tonight’s show. We start off highlighting The North American Championship Triple Threat Title Match which is the Main Event of the evening. We then go directly into Velveteen Dream’s entrance.

Velveteen Dream vs. Bobby Fish

Smoke and blue lighting surrounds Velveteen Dream as his music sounds in the arena and Dream makes his way slowly down the ramp, stopping to pose on the apron outside of the ring, then entering. Dream steps in the ring and twirls in circles, followed by rolling around on the mat, finally making his way back to his feet signaling “come closer” as he leans over the top rope staring into the camera to end his entrance.

Out next, a completely opposite type as a brute, Undisputed Era’s Bobby Fish makes his way out as his music sounds in the arena. Fish points to Dream as he enters the ring, telling him to get in the ring. The bell rings and the match begins. Both men circling the ring, Fish with a Waist-Lock, Dream counters getting Fish to the mat. Dream calls Fish “Old man” stating it’s “past Fish’s bedtime”. A shot to the face by Fish. Dream with multiple blows for the counter, knocking Fish to the mat.

Dream gets a cover on Fish, Fish kicks out at one. Dream grinds as he holds the neck of Fish, helping him back to his feet. Fish locks a submission on Dream from behind, wrapping his arm tighter around the neck of Dream. A shot to the leg of Dream by Fish. Dream sitting in the corner as Fish shouts at the referee to get him out of the corner.

Dream runs away, exiting the ring, an injury to the left leg as he puts distance between himself and Bobby Fish. Dream climbs to the top and a Double Ax Handle right between the eyes of Fish, followed by a Back Elbow. Dream throwing hay-makers at Fish in the corner of the ring. A Super-kick gets the best of Bobby Fish as Dream heads back to the top rope.

Dream gives Fish plenty of time to exit the ring, Dream flies out of the ring onto Fish at ringside. Dream helps Fish back into the ring, Fish rolls back out of the ring, slamming Dream into the barricade as we go to our first commercial break of the night!

(A preview of “Edge The Second Mountain” is aired as the commercial break comes to a close, highlighting the journey of Edge’s neck surgeries following his forced retirement, including interviews with Edge’s wife, Beth Phoenix. Then Edge’s ultimate return after nine long years, returning for the 2020 Royal Rumble Event.)

As we come back from commercial break, the commentators at ringside note that Fish and Dream fighting all over the arena during commercial. Fish swipes the leg of Dream on the apron, landing a shot to the injured left leg of Dream. Fish makes his way back into the ring with Dream who is clearly in pain now, holding his leg. Fish lands a blow to the midsection of Dream who leans in the corner of the ring.

Fish shoves his knee into the face of Dream in the corner, the referee breaking the two up. Dream looks spent as Fish drags him to the center of the ring. A shot to the hamstring of Dream. Fish continues dominating the match, throwing a knee to the ribs of Fish. Fish lands a Senton over the top rope for another pin attempt, Dream kicks out at two as we once again go to commercial break.

As we return from commercial break once again, Bobby Fish has Dream in a submission hold, Dream trying his best to hold on. Fish turns and puts Dream in a Sleeper. Dream flips Fish off of his back. Dream Valley Driver by Dream followed by the cover, Dream gets the three count out of nowhere! Dream one step closer to the champion, Adam Cole.

Winner: Velveteen Dream

After the Match

Velveteen Dream makes his way to his feet, helping the referee back to his feet after the three count, the ref holding Dream’s arm up in victory as Dream smiles, his music playing as we go into a video recap of highlights from the match.

As we return to the ring, Dream is holding a microphone and begins, “Adam Cole, if you put your video games down long enough and take a second to open your third eye, maybe you would realize play time is over. Your experience is coming, play hard, but you are about to get worked harder than you ever have. Courtesy of the Dream. With a snap of his fingers, his music sounds again as he slides backwards out of the ring.

Video Clip: Riddle Attacked During Last Week’s NXT

We immediately go into a video clip from last week’s NXT where we witness a lone Matt Riddle is attacked by two new members of NXT (Pete Dunne not in attendance due to a prior engagement). We then see Malcolm Vivens is behind the attack, where he announces the two men are the newest tag-team of the future of NXT.

Backstage Interview: Malcolm Vivens

As the video clip ends, we see Vivens standing with the two over-sized tag-team partners. McKenzie Mitchell begins by asking what message Vivens was sending when Viven’s associates attacked Matt Riddle last week.

Vivens begins by stating he’s glad to see his reputation precedes itself, as he’s a business manager. He adds he’s been traveling all over the world looking for the next big competitors.

He then announces his two associates and their stats, ” Rinku, 6’4 275lbs when he hits you, you will fall like a stack of bricks. Sauraf 6’8″ 300lbs I dare someone to get in his face, I would love to see it. Together, they are Induce Share.” Vivens ends his statement calling out the Broserweights stating, “We’re waiting”.

Dexter Lumis vs. Jake Atlas

Dexter Lumis is announced as he’s already standing in the ring, Lumis stares down the camera as ominous music plays him in, Lumis not blinking once. Next, his opponent Jake Atlas as his music sounds. Atlas makes his television debut as he makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring with Lumis. The bell rings and the match begins.

A thousand yard stare by Lumis as Atlas moves in for a hit, Lumis side steps and follows up with multiple blows, crushing Atlas. Atlas knocks Lumis off his feet momentarily, Lumis back to his feet landing a Spine Buster on Atlas. Multiple shots to the side of Atlas’s face. Lumis circles Atlas as Atlas struggles back to his feet. Lumis throws Atlas into the corner.

Atlas hung up on the middle rope. Lumis slides in for a cover, Atlas kicking out at two. Lumis back to his feet holding the face of Atlas breaks free, hitting a Leaping Neck Breaker on Lumis. Atlas flies through the ropes sending Lumis into the barricade. Both men back in the ring, Lumis with a shot to the throat, shutting Atlas down. Lumis gets a submission on Atlas who taps, Lumis refusing to let go as the referee demands he release his grip.

Winner: Dexter Lumis

After the Match

Lumis stands, his creepy stare locked in on his opponent, Atlas who is still laying in the center of the ring, seemingly unconscious. Lumis then staring into the camera and into the souls of the at-home audience.

Quick Announcement

The commentators announce Keith Lee is still to come, as we see Lee sitting backstage with headphones on. We then go to our next commercial break.


As we come back from commercial break, we see the startling video clip of Killer Kross that originally aired during Triple H’s in-ring discussion with Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa. The Doomsday Clock striking twelve as the clip comes to an end.

The commentators state the timing of that doomsday clock left more questions than answers. Not only who, but when. Tom Phillips then points out the rivalry between Gargano and Ciampa reached cosmic levels as we go into a video from NXT 3 weeks ago when the two brutally attacked one another all through Full Sail University.

Video Clip (Replay of Ciampa/Gargano Brawl Backstage 3 Weeks Ago)

Almost the entire video clip of Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa battling it out backstage at Full Sail University almost three weeks ago on NXT, which they would later be fined for and ultimately lead to Triple H bringing the two together to announce they had to end this years long rivalry or NXT would move on without either of them.

An ad is shown for Black Heart vs. Rebel Heart, One Final Beat for next week’s NXT on USA Network at 8/7C which Triple H has made official.

6-Woman Gauntlet Match
Shotzi Blackheart vs. Deonna Purrazzo

(This match is announced as a “Second Chance Gauntlet Match” is announced as the rules are explained: two superstars start the match once one is pinned or submitted, that woman exits as another comes out. This continues until all 6 women have fought in the match and the one woman left standing is declared the winner that moves on to take the last spot available in next week’s Ladder Match.)

Out first is Shotzi Blackheart. Deonna Purrazzo makes her way out as her music sounds in the arena, her entrance very similar to that of Charlotte Flair with the familiar robe and even the twirl with hands raised as she enters the ring.) The commentators note that whoever wins the Ladder Match next gets to face whomever is the champion after Wrestlemania. The referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and the match officially begins.

To start things off, Purrazzo quickly overpowers the petite Shotzi Blackheart. Blackheart receiving multiple kicks to the body by Purrazzo. Purrazzo looking for an early pin fall as she rolls Blackheart up, Blackheart kicks out. Blackheart launching herself at the back of Purrazzo, followed by a pin fall attempt of her own. Purrazzo kicks out. A Pump Kick by Purrazzo, followed by a Short Arm Clothesline for another cover.

Once again Blackheart kicks out. Both women back to their feet, Purrazzo with multiple shots on Blackheart, leading into another cover on Blackheart who once again kicks out. Purrazzo in command as she locks in a Headlock. Blackheart flailing as she inches towards the ropes, finally rolling over and landing strikes to the midsection of Purrazzo for the release. Blackheart struggles to her feet in the corner of the ring.

Blackheart fires back on Purrazzo as Blackheart heads to the top turnbuckle. Purrazzo with a blow on Blackheart as she climbs up matching the height of Blackheart. Blackheart with a Headbutt followed by a Senton off the top for the cover. Blackheart gets the three count pin. Deonna Purrazzo Eliminated

2nd Match of 6 Woman Gauntlet Match
Shotzi Blackheart vs. Xia Li

Shotzi Blackheart gets back to her feet following her pin elimination of Purrazzo. Xia Li’s music sounds next as Li runs down the ramp and enters the ring to continue this 6-Woman Gauntlet Match. Xia Li quickly dominates the match as she enters the ring and the match continues. Li takes Blackheart down, pointing in her face as we go to commercial break.

As we return from commercial break, Li hits Super-kick on Blackheart, Li shouting with each move. A kick to the back of the neck by Shotzi Blackheart. Shotzi with a submission back-bend on Li. Li quickly taps. Xia Li Eliminated

Third Match of 6 Woman Gauntlet Match
Shotzi Blackheart vs. Aliyah

Shotzi Blackheart once again getting back to her feet following her second successful elimination as she awaits her next opponent. Aliyah’s music sounds as Aliyah comes running full force down the ramp, sliding into the ring with Blackheart. The match continues on! Blackheart goes for a Clothesline, Aliyah with a take-down and quick pin attempt. Blackheart kicks out and both back to their feet.

Blackheart and Aliyah separate, looking disoriented momentarily. Blackheart with a submission attempt on Aliyah. Aliyah counters, turning it into a pin, Blackheart kicks out. Blackheart is slammed to the mat by her hair. Blackheart covered by Aliyah, Blackheart kicking out quickly. Aliyah with multiple blows on Blackheart in the corner of the ring, fighting her way into a cover on Blackheart, shouting, “I’m more deserving!”

Aliyah grabs Blackheart by the hair, Blackheart grabs the hair of Aliyah, a loud smack to the chest of Aliyah. Setting up for a German Suplex, Aliyah holds onto the ropes. Blackheart still gets a Suplex and hit another submission (the same that took out Xia Li). Aliyah taps. Aliyah Eliminated

Fourth Match of 6-Woman Gauntlet Match
Shotzi Blackheart vs. Kayden Carter

Kayden Carter’s music sounds next as Shotzi Blackheart stands near the ropes, knelt down and ready for her next opponent to enter the ring. Carter runs down the ramp and enters the ring, bulldogging Blackheart immediately into the ropes behind Blackheart. Carter hits quick strikes on Blackheart.

Carter throws Blackheart off the ropes, Carter with a cartwheel, “I want this opportunity too!” Carter announces as she goes after Blackheart. Blackheart lifts Carter onto her back, landing a Knee on Carter. Blackheart attempts to get to the top rope, Carter catches Blackheart in the ropes as we go to commercial break.

As we come back from commercial break, Blackheart still has control of this match, having entered number one. Blackheart with the Senton off the top, landing a pin for the three count on Kayden Carter. Kayden Carter Eliminated

Fifth Match of 6-Woman Gauntlet Match
Shotzi Blackheart vs. Dakota Kai (w/Raquel Gonzalez)

As Shotzi Blackheart returns to an offensive position in the ring following her fourth successful elimination of this six woman gauntlet match, music sounds for Dakota Kai. Kai makes her way quickly down the ramp and enters the ring with an awaiting Blackheart.

Kai with a kick to the midsection of Blackheart immediately, then a pinwheel of blows taking Blackheart to the mat. Kai’s friend is waiting on the outside of the ring. Kai puts a boot into the neck of Blackheart pressing hard as the referee tells her to back off. Blackheart returns blows on Kai, attempting to get out of the corner. Kai slides out of the ring, grabbing the ankles of Blackheart and taking her off her feet.

Blackheart’s face slams into the mat as she’s pulled under the rope by Kai. Both woman back in the ring and Kai goes for the cover on Blackheart. Blackheart kicks out and quickly rolls away. Kai drags Blackheart back to the ropes, putting a knee in the back of Blackheart. Raquel with the assist from the outside, the referee doesn’t see.

Kai with another take down and cover attempt. Kai locks in a submission, Blackheart makes her way out. Back and forth pin attempts by the two women. Kai again with a boot to the throat of Blackheart. Kai with a Front Kick to the face of Blackheart in the corner, followed by another pin attempt. Blackheart kicks out again as Kai shouts, “Come on ref!”

Blackheart trips Kai and attempts to grab Kai’s legs, Kai kicks Blackheart backwards. A series of Clotheslines by Blackheart. Blackheart with a Belly to Back Suplex on Kai. Kai rolls out of the ring into the arms of Gonzalez. Shotzi Blackheart goes flying through the ropes taking out both Kai and Gonzalez, followed up with a howl. Kai grabs the attention of the referee.

Kai with a kick on Blackheart as Blackheart re-enters the ring. Dakota Kai hits the Go To Kick for the victory over Blackheart.

Winner and Earning Final Spot in NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender Ladder Match: Dakota Kai

Video Package

The Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair Feud is highlighted as the events that lead up to the match between Ripley and Flair for Wrestlemania. The Ripley promo showing Rhea Ripley’s journey to coming into her own leading up to this match with Flair is included.

Kushida vs. Joaquin Wilde

As we re-enter the crowd-less arena, music sounds for Kushida as Kushida raises his arms above his head through the smoke at the top of the ramp. Kushida makes his way down the ramp and up the steel stairs, entering the ring and climbing the turnbuckle to look out into… the empty arena. Kushida jumps down and shadow boxes as he awaits his opponent.

Out next is Joaquin Wilde. Wilde makes his way to the ring, removing his jacket before climbing the steel stairs to enter the ring, then doing his signature shout of the DJ horn in the center of the ring as he removes his sunglasses. The bell rings and the match begins. Kushida takes control early on in the match up.

Wilde holding the wrist of Kushida who takes Wilde to the mat for an early cover, Wilde quickly kicks out. Kushida attempting to catch the Arm Bar, Wilde throws his foot at the ropes for the break. Both men back to their feet, Wilde attempts to take control of Kushida. Wilde takes Kushida to the mat. We go to commercial break.

As we return from commercial break, Wilde still keeps control of Kushida as he attempts to take Kushida down for another pin attempt. Kushida momentarily takes control as he lands a Roundhouse Kick on Wilde followed by a Handspring Elbow. Wilde unable to regain control goes to the offensive in the end of this match as Kushida hits a Juji Gatame lock for the submission on Wilde.

Winner: Kushida

After the Match

As Kushida stands in victory, Wilde and Kushida shake hands as respectful competitors to end the segment in the ring.


We see Dominik Dijakovic standing backstage preparing for his match later tonight with Keith Lee and Damien Priest. With that, we go to commercial break once again.

Video Package: Gargano vs. Ciampa

As we come back from commercial break, a Tommaso Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano video package is played. During the video, different voice clips can be heard from both Ciampa and Gargano, also from Triple H from last week’s discussion in the ring about ending the feud once and for all. Towards the end of the video the “Empty Building Match” is hyped for next week’s NXT on USA Network.

Backstage Interview: Joaquin Wilde

McKenzie Mitchell stands backstage with Joaquin Wilde outside of the arena where she asks Wilde about his loss just minutes before to Kushida. Wilde begins his response, stating he loses all the time… out of nowhere an SUV nearly hits Wilde in the parking lot, cutting him off mid-sentence. A man steps out of the SUV in a luchador get-up yet speaking in clear English as he demands that Wilde get into the vehicle. Wilde clearly kidnapped by the same people that kidnapped Raul Mendoza. Strange.

NXT North American Title Match
Keith Lee vs. Dominik Dijakovic vs. Damien Priest

OH Bask in His Glory (note: thanks readers for the correction!) The NXT North American Champion Keith Lee makes his way to the ring as his music plays in the crowd-less arena. Out next is Dominik Dijakovic as his music sounds, he enters the ring with Lee and the two exchange glances as they await the third and final competitor of the match.

Finally, Damien Priest’s music sounds as he makes his way to the ring down the ramp, finally all three men standing inside the ring. Greg Hamilton formally introduces the NXT North American Title Match as a Triple Threat Match. The bell finally rings and the match begins!

All three superstars look to one another, Priest focuses on the North American Champion as he attempts a Spin Kick, Lee catches Priest and throws him across the ring at Dijakovic. Dijakovic attempts to hit a Choke Slam on Priest, though Priest wiggles his way out of the move. The three then proceed to throw Stereo Roundhouse Kicks at one another taking us into commercial break.

As we come back from commercial break, we see that somehow Keith Lee has been sent to the outside of the ring, as Lee is on the floor. Back inside the ring, Priest throws strike after strike at Dijakovic who is stuck in the corner of the ring. As Dijakovic lifts Priest off his feet, Priest once again gets out of the move, countering with a DDT of his own.

Immediately following the DDT, Priest heads to the top turnbuckle, Lee decks Priest then attempts a Suplex on Priest into the ring. Priest again kicks and moves, struggling his way out of the Suplex attempt. Lee then wraps his arms around Priest. Dijakovic sneaks in and puts Lee into an Electric Chair. Priest then turns his attention to Lee, landing a Spin Kick Doomsday Device, all three men lay in the middle of the ring.

All three superstars make their way back to their feet, Lee throwing a strike, then Dijakovic throwing a strike of his own, Priest also throwing a strike as all three men are clearly worn out at this point. Lee seemingly catching a second wind as he goes towards the other two competitors, Priest and Dijakovic join together momentarily to land a Double Choke-slam on Lee after both men take turns throwing strikes at Lee.

Dijakovic then turns towards Priest, going for a Feast Your Eyes, Dijakovic is able to back out of the move. Priest then hits a Razor’s Edge on Dijakovic at Lee who is on the outside of the ring. Lee catches Dijakovic on the outside of the ring. Priest then lands a Step Up Tope Suicida to the outside where Lee and Dijakovic are. With that we go to our final commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Dijakovic attempts a Moonsault off the top, and botches it horribly. Priest then slams Dijakovic with a Choke Slam. Priest attempts a pin on Dijakovic who kicks out at the two. Dijakovic back to his feet, throws Priest at Lee, Lee Power-bombs Priest onto Dijakovic multiple times. Lee follows up with a Spirit Bomb on Priest for the pin attempt.

Dijakovic breaks the count. Lee clearly upset, turns his attention to Dijakovic and lands a Spine Buster. Lee then heads for the top rope for a high flying move, Priest takes this opportunity to kick Lee in the face. Priest follows up with a Top Rope Ranna attempt to which Lee blocks. Priest again goes after Lee, taking Lee down with a Ranna. Dijakovic takes this opportunity to head to the top rope.

Dijakovic flies off the top turnbuckle, landing a Flying Elbow Drop on Lee. Priest and Dijakovic then turn their attentions on one another as they land a kick to the face on each other simultaneously. Both superstars land on Lee. Lee kicks out. Dijakovic hits a Sky Twister Press from the top turnbuckle onto Lee. Dijakovic then follows up with a pin attempt.

Miraculously, Lee is able to kick out once again! Priest then sneaks to the outside, lifting the apron and pulls a nightstick out from under the ring. Dijakovic grabs Priest and attempts a Feast Your Eyes which Priest blocks as he counters with the nightstick. Lee throws Priest out of the ring then turns to Dijakovic. Le his the Big Bang Catastrophe for the three count and the win!! Lee retains his NXT North American Championship! Oh, bask in his glory!!

Winner and STILL NXT North American Champion: Keith Lee

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