NXT On USA Results (4/8/2020)

NXT On USA Results From Performance Center in Orlando, FL. (4/8/2020)

WWE’s black-and-gold brand returns this week for a pre-taped empty arena show from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL for the continuation of the TakeOver matches airing on the USA Network at 8:00 p.m. EST.

Also Tonight: Blackheart vs. Rebel Heart: One Final Beat

One empty building, One ring, one final beat. Two best friends-turned-bitter rivals finally enter the ring, only one will exit, the winner of the long time coming fight to end the rivalry once and for all. Both superstars determined to prove who is the true heart and soul of NXT (with the stipulation if they happen to engage again following tonight’s end all battle, NXT will move on without either superstar).

Featured below are results of the April 8, 2020 episode of NXT On USA written by EWrestling.com’s newest female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow me on Twitter @JamieRush312.


Ciampa vs. Gargano Video Package

As we setart off tonight’s NXT on USA, a video package airs highlighting the rivalry between Ciampa and Gargano with a voice over from Triple H explaining the details leading to tonight’s Empty Building Match.

NXT on USA Opening

We enter the closed-set NXT Full Sail University Arena as we begin tonight’s closed-set performances. The #1 Contender Ladders Match is announced as we head to the ring!

Women’s Championship #1 Contender Ladder Match
Io Shirai vs. Tegan Nox vs. Chelsea Green vs. Mia Yim vs. Dakota Kai

Out first is Io Shirai to kick things off in this #1 Contender Ladder Match for the Women’s Championship as a strobe light flashes her into the ring where she awaits her opponents. Tegan Nox makes her way to the ring alongside Io Shirai as her music sounds in the arena. Nox jumps into the ring, standing in front of the already set up ladder outside of the ring. Next, Robert Stone asks for our attention as he announces “the face of the division” Chelsea Green. Green makes her way to the ring where Nox and Shirai stand in their corners as Green finishes her entrance and poses. Music sounds for Mia Yim next as Yim walks in with a banadana covering her face as she enters the ring, pulling it down as she looks at her opponents inside the ring.

Out next, accompanied by Raquel Gonzalez, is Dakota Kai. Kai poses with Gonzalez then enters the ring alone with the other contenders in this ladder match! Last to the ring is Candace LeRae, LeRae stops to touch the ladder set up at ringside before entering. The match is formally announced as all six women begin to trash talk one another. The referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and the match begins!

All the women immediately pair of and move to opposite corners as Kai dumps Shirai out of the ring. Gonzalez is signaled to bring the match to the ring as Kai levels the women inside the ring, taking them down one by one. LeRae with a Basement Dropkick wipes out Gonzalez, stopping her short of getting the ladder into the ring to friend, Kai! Half the woman brawling inside the ring, half the woman brawling ringside as everyone desperately attempt to take down as many contenders as possible to ultimately climb that ladder!

A “Pain Train” for Dakota Kai as each of the contenders attack Kai one by one inside the ring. Flap Jack on LeRae by Shirai. Shirai exits the ring, grabbing a ladder from underneath the apron at ringside. LeRae stops Shirai and both women fight it out in the ring. Green interrupts, face planting LeRae into the ladder in the center of the ring with a smile as we go to our first commercial break!

As we come back from commercial break, Robert Stone is cheering on Chelsea Green who is going one on one on the outside of the ring with Yim. Inside the ring, Kai and Nox duke it out in the center of the ring. Kai smashes a Forearm into Nox, Nox counters, slamming Kai in the corner. European Uppercut by Nox on Kai, followed by a Choke Slam. A tug of war between Green and Nox over the ladder hanging half way out of the ring, Green still on the outside of the ring.

Kai and LeRae stare each other down on either end of the ladder, costing them both the chance as Shirai and Nox take them down. Shirai and Yim attempt to climb the ladder, but are immediately dragged down. Green nails Yim with a chair on the ladder, Yim counters, smashing the chair into the knee of Green. Shirai catapults Yim face first into a ladder set up in the corner of the ring, then howls. As Shirai attempts to make her way up the ladder, Gonzalez enters the ring knocking over one ladder, then the one holding Shirai.

Shirai flying with the ladder, then landing Crossbody onto the remaining women at ringside as we go to commercial break once again.

Back from commercial break, Raquel Gonzalez continues to be a problem for the contenders in this match up, stopping only to assist Dakota Kai into the ring, then climbing in herself to lift Kai over her shoulders and begins to climb the ladder herself! Yim grabs Gonzalez momentarily, Gonzalez lands a kick on Yim. Gonzalez sending Kai higher up the ladder, LeRae enters the ring sending Kai crashing back to the canvas as Gonzalez and Yim duke it out in the corner of the ring.

Yim looking to Power Bomb Gonzalez through the table at ringside, Nox comes in for the assist slamming Gonzalez through the table with the help of Yim. Dakota Kai with a kick slamming Nox crashing through a ladder into the barricade, looking to be immediately knocked-out. LeRae on the top of the ladder, fingertips on the ladder, Nox on the opposing side equally close to the top of the ladder. Shirai comes in grabbing LeRae off the ladder, LeRae slams into the canvas.

Shirai then grabs Nox and pulls her from the ladder as well. LeRae with a German Suplex on Shirai. Robert Stone commanding Chelsea Green to enter the ring and climb the ladder, advising her that she’s good to climb. Green struggles with a leg injury, unable to climb the ladder. Stone enters the ring, injecting himself in the match. Stone gets to the top of the ladder, pulling Green up the ladder to the briefcase. LeRae and Shirai knock over the ladder, Stone slamming to the mat, Green getting tied up in the ropes as she falls with the ladder.

Another ladder is set up, Shirai and LeRae climbing the ladder, Shirai sending LeRae dropping to yet another ladder that has been made into a bridge in the corner of the ring. Shirai removes the briefcase becoming the #1 contender!!

Winner and #1 Contender To Challenge Charlotte Flair For NXT Women’s Championship: Io Shirai

After the Match

Io Shirai poses with a smile in the center of the ring with the briefcase that sends her into an upcoming match with the NXT Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair!

Video Package From 2 Months Ago

A video clip showing Finn Balor who was addressing his next move in NXT, when he was attacked by Imperium. The clip ends as we go to commercial break.

Video Clip From 1 Month Ago

As we come back from commercial break, Finn Balor calls out Walter. Balor later facing Alexander Wolfe, sending a message to Imperium as he stomps Wolfe. Imperium interferring in the match. The referee sending them to the backstage area. Balor ultimately beating Wolfe. Then finally a video message from Balor to Walter stating his title is on borrowed time.

Video Clip Indus Sher

Malcolm Bivens introducing Indus Sher during a Matt Riddle match from 2 weeks ago is highlighted.

Indus Sher vs. Ever Rise

Out first is Indus Sher (Rinku and Saurav) accompanied by Malcolm Bivens as their music sounds in the arena. They enter the ring with Bivens, Bivens smiling and shimmying between the two boheamoths in the center of the ring. Out next is Ever Rise (Matt Martel and Chase Parker) who quickly make their way to the ring, entering the ring with their awaiting opponents. The bell rings and the match begins.

Martel starts things off with Rinku to start things off in the match. Martel moving quickly, attempting to dominiate Rinku, Rinku quickly throwing Martel to his corner where Parker makes the tag. Parker attempting the same fast pace, to no avail as he’s thrown across the ring as well. Parker is leveled in the center of the ring. Parker is steam rolled by both members of Indus Sher.

Later a Crushing Corner Clothesline on Parker, Indus Sher momentarily double teaming Parker. Parker continues to take a beating in the center of the ring by Rinku. Rinku attacks Martel on the apron before turning back towards Park. Rinku tags in Saurev. A Big Elbow from the top turnbuckle, finally Rinku makes the pin.

Winners: Indus Sher

After the Match

Malcolm Bivens enters the ring to celebrate in the center of the ring.

Video Clip

A video clip from earlier today where Adam Cole mock claps for Velveteen for beating Bobby Fish, one of the baddest men on the NXT roster. He states lightening never strikes twice, adding Velveteen does not deserve a title shot.

Cole continues on, stating maybe he will one day wake up and decide to end Experience or shatter a Spotlight. And that’s Undisputed.

As we go to commercial break, the main event is announced to be coming up after the break!

Video Clip

A video clip from Wrestlemania 36 last Sunday is aired, highlighting the match between Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair, Flair kicking out of the pin after the Rip Tide and ultimately beating Ripley to becoming the NXT Women’s Champion.

Flair Interview

Charlotte Flair being congratulated during an interview immediately post-Wrestlemania, Flair saying congratulations are not necessary, stating it’s the woman that makes the title, now the 2 time NXT Women’s Champion. Flair says Ripley was “alright” during the match, but Ripley did what every woman in the division does, bowed down, ending with a “Woooo!”

Ripley Interview

As the video of Charlotte Flair’s interview ends, we instantly go into a video clip of Rhea Ripley being interviewed following her Wrestlemania loss, ultimately losing the NXT Women’s Championship. Ripley merely states through tears, “She was a lot better than I expected…”

Blackheart vs. Rebel Heart – One Final Beat
Tommaso Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano

We see a car pull up with Johnny Gargano driving, his wife getting out of the passenger seat to drive the car away. She gets in the car, then comes back quickly handing a package to Gargano, looking him in the eye, then getting back in the car to drive away. Gargano enters the empty building, HHH standing in the center of the ring. HHH states, “Right on time, it starts in this ring, it ends in this ring. I dont care what you guys do to each other, but when it’s done here, it’s done. Drakes here will officiate, what he says, goes. Just here to decide the winner, nothing more.”

HHH looks to both men then continues on, “So you guys have at it. When I walk through that door… it’s on. HHH exits the ring, and walks through the door. Ciampa and Gargano enter the ring at the same time, slowly walking towards each other. Ciampa kicks the chair out of the way, stating, “Just you, just me, I win.” Gargano responds “You don’t win, I win!” The slug-fest begins! Gargano reiterates, “I win!” Ciampa knocks Gargano through the ropes. Gargano over the top rope as Ciampa strikes again. Gargano is holding his arm on the canvas inside the ring, Ciampa holding his head as he hangs onto the ropes as we go to commercial break.

As we come back from commercial break, we see Ciampa attempt to hit Gargano in the head with the steel chair that had earlier been kicked to the corner of the ring. Gargano striking Ciampa in the midsection first to stop him. “Brothers huh? Brothers? Who you gonna replace me with? Tell me. Hmmm?” between each word a strike to Gargano. The referee asks if Gargano wants to stop. Ciampa responds for him, “He ain’t stopping, he’s Johnny Wrestling.” Gargano exits the ring, grabbing Ciampa by the leg, throwing his knee into the post. Then again.

Ciampa falls to ringside. Gargano states, “Torn ACL? How many surgeries?” as he kicks Ciampa. “How long has it been?” kicking Ciampa again. Then Gargano states, “this is where it ends!” Ciampa lifts Gargano for a Delayed DDT, Gargano writhing in pain ringside. Finally both men make their way back to the ring, but only momentarily as Gargano stomps Ciampa. Ciampa rolls out of the ring and puts his hands up as Gargano flies through the ropes on him. Gargano sits on the apron as he states, “That the best you got? The best you got Danny?” Gargano mock claps for Ciampa.

Gargano throws Ciampa into some boxes (about 50 bottled waters on a table, not sure why since it was only supposed to be two men and one ring plus a referee). Gargano hits Ciampa in the back with a trash can lid as he asks, “What else we got?” Gargano then hitting Ciampa with a trash can. Gargano again stating, “Is this all you got? I expected a little more.” Back in the ring once again. Gargano stomping Ciampa int he center of the ring. Then asks about his surgeries.

As he asks, “Torn Labrum?” as he drives a chair into Ciampa shoulder, then Gargano asks, “Torn ACL?” as he drives the steel chair into the leg of Ciampa. Then finally into the spine of Ciampa. The referee asking Ciampa if he wants it stopped now. Gargano answers this time stating, “this is what he wanted.” Gargano temporarily sits in the steel chair looking at a pained Ciampa. Gargano states, “I’m starting to feel a little bad, but no worries, it won’t last much longer” as he sets up a chair in the corner of the ring.

Gargano attempts to drag Ciampa through the ring and into the steel chair in the corner, Ciampa counters, slamming Gargano into the corner and through the steel chair as we go to commercial once again.

As we come back from commercial break once again, Gargano is grabbing the ropes, trying to get back to his feet, Ciampa moving towards him, Gargano pulls the rope down as Ciampa falls through the ropes and to the floor. Ciampa runs and hits Gargano with a trash can lid at ringside, saying something about the torn acl once again, too quick to understand. Ciampa stomps the hand of Gargano, then puts Gargano in the chair, neck then arms. Now Ciampa quickly claps and says, “Great job” mocking Gargano’s taunt minutes before.

Ciampa finds a crutch, amazingly, as he states, “brings back memories Johnny, brings back memories.” Ciampa states, “You always talk about my actions, never the intent.” Torn ACL, I did that for YOU not for them! Stating he finished the match in Chicago for Gargano with the torn ACL. Gargano scooting away, Ciampa continues toward him then suddenly gets sprayed with a fire extinguisher (fire safety!) and falls backwards holding his eyes. Gargano back to his feet, grabbing Ciampa, trying to throw him through the table, Ciampa kicks and powers out, ultimately throwing Gargano through the table.

Both men check themselves for bleeding as they gasp for air. Ciampa states, “it ends in the ring” Ciampa starts cutting off the ropes holding the apron on the ring with some clippers. The referee asks Ciampa to stop, stating, “You don’t have to do this, how long have y’all known each other?” Ciampa replies, “I don’t have to do this, I want to. I’m tired of the lies. I lived with him! I’m tired of the charade.” Ciampa pulling up the mat and the canvas. Ciampa heads back over to Gargano, throwing punches.

Gargano struggles away, dragging himself out the Exit, Ciampa shouts, “where are you going? It ends in here!” as he points to the ring. A rolling trunk comes through, smashing into Ciampa. They move to the outside of the building. Gargano attempts to shove another rolling trunk at Ciampa, this time Ciampa side steps and moves under a trailer. Gargano calls Ciampa a cowards for running away, Ciampa climbs up on a semi truck and shouts, “Oh Johnny…. Johnny Wrestling!!” Gargano makes his way to the top of the semi truck. (As does the referee) The two throw punches back and forth. Ciampa with a forward kick, knocking Gargano off his feet as he states, “Is this fun?” Ciampa stomps Gargano.

Gargano throws a few punches. The referee begging the two to go back inside as it “ends in the ring”. Gargano says, “Remember this?” and goes for a kick, Ciampa blocks and counters with a kick of his own. Both men are laying on the top of the semi truck as we go to commercial break.’

As we return from commercial break, Gargano is back on the ground and making his way towards the doors to re-enter the building. Ciampa comes down off the semi truck as well, following close behind Gargano. They make their way back inside. Both men are back in the ring, Gargano attempting to choke Gargano with the crutch in the center of the ring, instructing Ciampa to tap. Ciampa hits Gargano with the trash can lid. Gargano ends up with the lid, smashing it over the back of Ciampa over and over again.

Ciampa covering his head and face with both arms. Gargano tries to use the crutch to get back to his feet, then grabs Ciampa by the beard, pulling his face up. Both men out of breath. Both men now sitting in the ring. “This is what you wanted Tommaso, you’re a failure… you’re a failure… You’re a failure as a man… you’re a failure… as a husband, a failure as a father” Ciampa starts laughing. Gargano uses the crutch to pull Ciampa’s chin up to look at him. Ciampa still laughing, on his knees in the ring.

Gargano calls him a monster, stating “Willow will thank me for this!”

All of a sudden Ciampa jumps up to his feet and begins attacking Gargano with the crutch then stomping him, completely losing control as he shouts, “Say it! Say IT!” Adding, “you want this to end!” as Gargano seems to be crying, we go to commercial.

We come back from commercial and Ciampa pulls the crutch from behind Gargano, yanking him backwards in a cross-face inside the ring. More craziness ensues, seems this match is going to continue forever, neither looks to want to give up. Later both men are struggling inside the ring, hitting each other with crutches. Candace LeRae walks in, looking as if she’s going to cry, then begins to cry. LeRae puts her hands over her face as she sees both men sprawled out inside the ring. “Stop, what are you doing? Just stop stop stop.” LeRae states, “Who are you Johnny? Who are you?” Then walks over to CIampa, “I hate my husband, ok? I hate my husband. Are you happy? Finish it.”LeRae states, “Fine, I’ll finish it.” and kicks Gargano in the balls.

Gargano drops to his knees. LeRae looks back at Ciampa, then exits the ring. Ciampa sits on the bottom rope, then struggles to one knee, then both knees in front of Gargano. Ciampa reaches, to turn Gargano for the pin, but begins to cry. Gargano cries on his back, Ciampa puts one hand on Gargano’s chest, then pulls away. Ciampa states, “I didn’t mean for this.” CIampa leans his head against Gargano and again states, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry….” CIampa stands up. Gargano says, “I’m sorry too.” LeRae back from outta nowhere, kicks Ciampa in the balls too, then laughs. Pan to Gargano, laughing as well. Gargano, pulling a cup from his pants as he replies, “You lose, you lose.” Gargano then drops Ciampa with a Piledriver. Then 1, 2, 3…. Gargano wins?

Winner: Johnny Gargano

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