NXT On USA Results (2/12): Winter Park

NXT On USA Results From Winter Park, FL. (2/12/2020)

WWE’s black-and-gold brand returns at their home-base of Winter Park, Florida this evening for this week’s episode of NXT On USA.

Featured below are results of the show. The following report was written by our correspondent Jamie Rush.


Show Opener 

Video clip showing highlights from last week’s NXT on USA Network including the return of Velveteen Dream and guest appearance by Charlotte Flair.

The camera pans the crowd at NXT Full Sail University as Mauro Ranallo breaks down the line up for tonight.

Inside The Ring: Roderick Strong Calls Out Dream

Roderick Strong’s music sounds in the arena as Strong makes his way to the ring quickly, demanding they cut the music. Strong grabs a mic saying this is between him and Dream, calling what he did “so disrespectful” and how he “made it personal” involving Strong’s family. Strong ends saying he demands an apology.

Music sounds for Bronson Reed “Dream isn’t the only one you have a problem with, you have a problem with me, and we’re gonna resolve it right now!” Reed quickly makes his way into the ring with Roderick Strong, the bell rings beginning this impromptu match.

Roderick Strong vs. Bronson Reed

Reed enters the ring and begins throwing right hands and chops on Strong. Elbow Drop by Bronson Reed. Reed with a Side Slam on Strong. The crowd claps. Reed pulls Strong’s shirt up over his head, covering his face with it as he continues dominating the Double Axe Handle to the back of Strong by Reed.

Strong breaks away momentarily, only to be locked up by Reed with a quick pin attempt. Strong kicks out. Reed and Strong both on their feet. Strong gaining momentum, hitting a few Chops of his own on Reed.

Reed lifts Strong up over his head, holding him for several seconds before delivering a Brain Buster. Reed explodes off the apron with Strong, both landing on the outside of the ring as we go to commercial.

Reed with a Corner Clothesline as we come back from commercial. Strong running on fumes as Reed goes for a pin attempt, Strong kicking out at two. Back Elbow by Reed. Strong attempting to land a few blows. Reed lands Strong neck first on the ropes, followed by a massive Clothesline, going for a pin once more.

Reed going for the Frog Splash, Strong counters, dropping Reed to a sitting position on the top turnbuckle. Strong setting up for a Suplex, lands the move hard! Strong hooks the leg for a two count, Reed kicking out just in time. Wrecking Ball Drop Kick by Strong on the outside of the ring.

Reed with a high flying move over the top rope as Strong is momentarily distracted by the music of Dream, though nobody comes out. A well timed Knee on Reed for the three count pin and win inside the ring.

Winner: Roderick Strong

After the Match

Velveteen Dream shows up on the screen above the stage, saying Strong tried to take Dream’s career. Dream asks what would happen if something was taken from Strong as a picture appears of Strong’s wife and son. Dream continues “Someone, somewhere, would fill all of Marina’s dreams” Dream shows how he has Strong’s family painted on his tights again. Strong is furious as he runs out of the ring towards the backstage area.

Broserweights… Portland or Bust!

A video is shown of The Broserweights, Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne, with their 2020 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic trophy. Dunne asks Riddle how they’re going to get it to Portland. Riddle is thrilled to take a road trip, bro.

Random footage from their road trip is shown. The Broserweights riding in a Ford Mustang, suddenly being pulled over by police. Dunne has no driver’s license. Dunne again asks how they’re going to get to Portland. Riddle says the three of them, the three best buds (Riddle, Dunne and the trophy), need to re-group and figure it out.

“To be continued…”

Commentator’s Table

As we come back from commercial, commentators thank singer Poppy (#NXTLOUD THEME “FILL THE CROWN”) then announce Poppy will be at NXT TakeOver Portland.

Backstage Interview With Angel Garza

Angel Garza looking confident backstage as he is asked by Cathy Kelley about his #1 contender’s match with Lio Rush later tonight. Garza seems unfazed by the possibility of Rush winning.

Rush walks into view and interrupts the interview, telling Garza the guy he fought in December is not the same guy he’s fighting tonight. Rush finishes, telling Garza he’s getting his championship back whether he likes it or not. As Rush walks out of view, Garza mocks Rush’s movements, laughing.

Candice LeRae vs. Dakota Kai

Out first is Candice LeRae as her music sounds. Dakota Kai makes her way to the ring next as her music sounds in the arena, Kai enters the ring with LeRae. Kai explodes out of the corner as the bell rings and the match officially begins. LeRae with a counter Kick to the side of the head of Kai.

Both women on the outside of the ring, LeRae crawling back in the ring, Crossbody over the ropes onto Kai. LeRae re-enters the ring, once again through the ropes with a second Crossbody. A third time, LeRae back in the ring and back through the ropes, throwing Kai into the barricade on the outside of the ring. Back in the ring, LeRae with a pin attempt, Kai kicks out at two.

Kai begins gaining control of the match, hitting forearms and kicks on LeRae. Kai kicks LeRae, who’s now bleeding from the nose, to the outside of the ring. Kai landing hard on her shoulder as we go to commercial.

LeRae with Diving Swinging Neck Breaker on Kai as we come back from commercial. Kai sweeping the foot of LeRae. German Suplex by LeRae. Taking a page out of Johnny Gargano’s play book, trying to force Kai to tap. Kai drags herself and LeRae inch by inch to the ropes, LeRae rolls her to the middle of the ring.

Kai turns over, countering on LeRae, pinning Kai to the mat for the three count.

Winner: Dakota Kai

After the Match

Dakota Kai slams the ring bell into Candice LeRae. Tegan Nox all over Dakota Kai out of nowhere as officials seperate the two. William Regal sending as many officials as possible into the arena. The crowd chanting, “Let them fight! Let them fight!” A preview of this Sunday’s match up between Tegan Nox and Dakota Kai.

Johnny Gargano vs. Cameron Grimes

As we come back from commercial, Johnny Gargano is announced in the NXT Full Sail University Arena as his music sounds. Gargano makes his way down the ramp, stopping to high five fans on his way to the ring. Out next is his opponent Cameron Grimes. Grimes enters the ring, removing his cowboy hat, whipping his hair around a few times as he places his hat on the ring post. The bell rings beginning the match.

Early lock-up, Waist-lock take-down by Grimes. Rear-naked Chin-lock by Gargano, Grimes grabs the ropes, the referee forcing Gargano to let go. Gargano gets Grimes in the center of the ring, once again putting Grimes in a submission move. Grimes once again reaches the ropes forcing Gargano to let go. This match staying on the mat so far.

Arm Drag by Grimes, followed by a counter Arm Drag by Gargano. Gargano once again transitioning into an Arm Bar on Grimes, making it unable for Grimes to reach for the ropes. Knee to the “bread basket” of Gargano by Grimes. Gargano with a Drop Kick on Grimes. Grimes on the outside of the ring, Gargano hits a Rolling Cannon Ball onto Grimes. The crowd chanting and cheering as the match continues on the outside of the ring.

Gargano with a massive Chop to the chest of Grimes. Gargano with several more Chops to the chest of Grimes as the crowd cheers on. Back in the ring, Grimes launches Gargano face first into the mat as we go to commercial.

We come back from commercial German Suplex by Grimes as he falls into a Bridge Pin on Gargano, Gargano kicks out. Gargano in the corner of the ring, massive kick to the face of Grimes as Grimes runs at Gargano. Inverted Face Lock by Gargano, dropping Grimes face first to the mat followed by a Clothesline on Grimes.

Gargano hits a Spear, turning Grimes inside out. Several reversals and two count pin attempts back and forth. Shifting the momentum, Grimes grabs Gargano in a Crossbody mid-air, landing on top of Gargano with a pin attempt. Gargano kicks out at the very last second. Back and forth counters.

Gargano locks in his finisher submission move on Grimes, causing Grimes to tap as Gargano gets the full lock in for the victory.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

After the Match

Johnny Gargano standing in the center of the ring, looks into the camera and says, “Finn I hope you’re watching. This Sunday at TakeOver Portland, that’s why I am… what they say I am!”

Backstage Interview With Adam Cole

One week away from NXT TakeOver, Cole tells Roddy not to worry about Velveteen then says, “tonight I’m going to teach Koshida, then at TakeOver Portland I will teach Ciampa.” Cole finishes by saying he will do whatever it takes to keep the championship belt on his shoulder, ending the interview saying, “now you can leave.”

Robert Stone Brand Promo

Robert Stone, standing with Chelsea Green, begins by saying “Power is earned through commitment.” Stone continues saying Carter will never be lucky enough to get those three seconds again, and next Wednesday there will be a rematch and a relaunch of the Robert Stone Brand.

Lio Rush vs. Angel Garza

Out first as his music sounds in the arena is Lio Rush. Rush makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring. Next out is Angel Garza as he makes his way down the ramp, stopping to pose on the outside of the ropes on the apron. Garza enters the ring with his opponent, Rush. The bell rings and the match begins.

Garza removes his pants immediately, not wanting to play any games in this match. Garza with a Double Foot Kick mid-air on Rush. Rush in the corner, Garza slapping with left then right over and over. Rush hanging from the top turnbuckle, Garza takes advantage.

Rush on the outside of the ropes on the apron, Garza kicks Rush. Garza grabbing Rush by the hair, lifting him to his feet. Garza looking for the Pile Driver, Rush kicks his legs, Garza letting go. Rush goes for a Crossbody, Garza catches him mid-air. Garza carrying Rush around on the outside, slamming Rush into the side of the ring, then into the stairs leading into the ring.

Garza still carrying Rush, puts Rush on the barricade, then lands a boot between the shoulder blades of Rush as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial break, Lio Rush hitting a Senton off the apron onto Garza on the outside of the ring. Both men back in the ring, Rush goes for the pin on Garza who kicks out. Rush back to his feet, staggering as he attempts to catch his breath and gather his barrings.

Garza delivers a Straight Knee, Rush counters with a Spinning Heel Kick, Garza with a Super Kick on Rush, Rush counters again. Rush going for the Come Up, Garza counters with a kick and a pin attempt. Garza drags Rush by the hair to the top turnbuckle. Garza trying to hit the Wing Clipper. Rush with a series of Headbutts.

Rush hits the Crusher on Garza. Garza rolls to the outside of the ring, unable to be pinned. Rush attempting The Final Hour from the top turnbuckle to Garza on the outside. The crowd chanting, “NXT! NXT!” Back in the ring Rush goes for The Final Hour again, Garza puts his knees up.

Garza goes for the Wing Clipper, Rush counters with a roll up and the three count for the win.

Winner: Lio Rush

After the Match

Jordan Devlin comes out, meeting Lio Rush at the top of the ramp, congratulating Lio Rush on tonight’s match. Devlin continues saying Rush looks to be the next stop of the Devlin Cruiserweight Tour.

Devlin tells Rush not to get his hopes up, because his chances don’t look good. Devlin finishes by saying, “I’m going to show you next week, that you never bet against an ace.”

Mark Henry’s “Big Guy” Promo

Henry says big guys have always been ballin’. Henry first notes Keith Lee, 320lbs (moves like he’s 205) Dominik Dijakovic 6’7″ 260lbs, can step over the top rope like Undertaker, then backflip off of it like Rey Mysterio. Henry says he can only imagine what there two big guys will do this Sunday with the gold on the line (NXT North American Championship).

We go to commercial.

TakeOver Portland Line Up

As we come back from commercial the TakeOver Portland line up is recapped by commentators.

Adam Cole vs. Tomasso Ciampa
Tegan Nox vs. Dakota Kai
Undisputed Era vs. Broserweights
Keith Lee vs. Dominik Dijakovic
Finn Balor vs. Johnny Gargano
Rhea Ripley vs. Bianca Belair

Bianca Belair vs. Santana Garrett

Out first is Bianca Belair as she whips her hair, heading down the ramp and entering the ring. Out next is Santana Garrett, making her way down the ramp and onto the apron, flipping backwards over the ropes to enter the ring. The bell ring and the match begins.

Double Chicken Wing by Belair landing Garrett face first into the turnbuckle. Belair hits the Glam Slam and covers for the three count. That quick, she ends the match, then asks for a microphone.

Winner: Bianca Belair

After the Match

Belair says Ripley goes to RAW acting like Bianca is invisible or something. Belair tells Ripley to keep playing with her, because “Bianca Belair will come out the new NXT Cha…” Belair is interrupted as Ripley’s music sounds in the arena. Ripley comes out to the top of the stage, pyro going off around her as she lands her signature foot stomp.

Ripley makes her way down to the ring, and walks face to face with Belair. Ripley lifts the mic saying she is not looking past Bianca, she’s looking right at her. Ripley finishes by saying at NXT TakeOver Portland, she will go right through Belair. Ripley puts her belt right in Belair’s face.

Ripley lands a right hand as Belair misses her attempt to hit Ripley. Belair delivers a KOD to Ripley as her music begins playing again and Belair whips her hair and claps before bouncing around Ripley’s body in the center of the ring.

Kushida vs. Adam Cole coming up after the commercial.

During the Commercial, Bro

During the commercial break, we see The Broserweights trying to get the Dusty Rhodes Classic trophy to Portland. Riddle and Dunne sneak the trophy onto a private jet. Riddle shuts the door, locking The Broserweights in the luggage area of the jet. Dunne asks Riddle who this jet belongs to. At the same time, Triple H is shown walking across the runway. Portland-bound, hiding in Triple H’s jet. Back to commercial, bro.

Tommaso Ciampa’s Rant On Getting “Goldie” Back

Ciampa is seen talking to himself in an empty room. Ciampa shares that he will stop at nothing to get “goldie” back. Towards the end of his rant, Ciampa looks into the camera and talks to Cole directly, saying, “A man is most dangerous when he has nothing to lose, and Cole when you look into my eyes, you will know how true that is.” Ciampa slams his hands into the table and then walks out of view.

Adam Cole vs. Kushida

Adam Cole’s music sounds in the arena as Cole makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring, awaiting his opponent. Next out is Kushida as the lights dim and Kushida makes his way into the ring. The lights return, the bell rings, and the match begins.

Early lock-up between the two competitors. Kushida goes on the attack. Cole rolls out of the ring, Kushida with a Drop Kick through the ropes onto Cole. Cole counters a set up by Kushida, throwing him into the stairs on the outside of the ring. Cole jumps off the apron as he lunges towards Kushida.

Kushida grabs Cole with his legs mid-air going for the submission, letting go realizing they need to re-enter the ring as the referee continues the count. Both men return to the ring. Kushida goes through the ropes with a Baseball Slide Kick attempt, Cole counters, landing a kick of his own as we go to commercial.

Back from the commercial Kushida lands multiple elbows in the ring. Kushida hits a major Handspring Back Elbow off the ropes onto Cole. More back and forth between the two. Kushida with another big Drop Kick as the fans in the arena chant “Kushida! Kushida!”

Kushida knocks Cole from the apron to the floor with a handspring. Cole counters but misses and then levels Kushida, dropping him on the floor. Cole clutches his arm as we go back to commercial with Kushida down on the floor.

More back and forth between the two competitors, Cole trying to keep Kushida at arm’s length as he tries to gain momentum. Later, Kushida with multiple Kawata Kicks to the body of Cole. Cole lands a counter kick on Kushida. Cole with Last Shot for the three count pin on Kushida.

Winner: NXT Champion Adam Cole

After the Match

Tommaso Ciampa’s music sounds as Adam Cole is celebrating in the center of the ring. Ciampa walks slowly down the ramp and begins circling the ring, not taking his eyes off of Cole. Ciampa walks up the stairs and stands on the apron. The crowd with mixed chants for both men. Then in unison the crowd chants, “Psycho Killer! Psycho Killer!” followed by, “He’s gonna kill you! He’s gonna kill you!”

Ciampa says, “I take my life back” as he points to goldie. Cole responds, “Over my dead body” ending the show.

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