NXT On USA Results For 2/5/2020

NXT On USA Results From Winter Park, FL. (2/5/2020)

WWE’s black-and-gold brand returns at their home-base of Winter Park, Florida this evening for this week’s episode of NXT On USA.

Featured below are results of the show.


Video Recap showing highlights from Last Week’s NXT as well as Rhea Ripley’s appearance on Monday Night RAW this past week.

Opening Segment

We enter the arena and begin the night with the Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic champions. The Broserweights make their grand entrance into the NXT arena in their custom whip. They are officially announced as the crowd cheers as Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne enter the ring.

Riddle points out the Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic trophy and the “Broserweight-mobile” (it’s a thing, according to Riddle). As Riddle and Dunne are celebrating in the ring, music sounds for the Undisputed Era as they interrupt The Broserweights, cutting the celebration short. UE saying they don’t want to wait until Portland. The “Loser-mobile” is in the way, and there are other fish to fry according to Bobby Fish. Riddle jokes, “How many fish could Bobby Fish fry if Bobby Fish could fry fish?” Riddle continues repeating the phrase in a sing-song fashion to the liking of the crowd. Crowd chants, “Bro! Bro! Bro!”

Angel Garza vs. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

Angel Garza makes his way to the ring as his music sounds in the arena. A video clip is shown from last Monday’s RAW where Garza took on Rey Mysterio. Out next is Isaiah “Swerve” Scott as he makes his way down the ramp to his music playing. Bell rings and the match begins.

Springboard Hurricanrana by Swerve on Garza early on in the match-up. Garza short circuits Swerve’s momentum, knocking Swerve off the apron as we go to commercial.

As we come back from commercial, Garza hits a pin attempt on Swerve, kick out at two. Swerve drives Garza into the ropes, followed by a German Suplex. Swerve with a pin attempt, Garza kicks out at two. Garza hits a massive kick on Swerve as Swerve re-enters the ring.

Garza and Swerve on their knees in the center of the ring, trading chops back and forth. Swerve gains the upper hand in the match as the crowd begins chanting, “Garza! Garza!” Garza shaking off the Inverted Power Bomb from moments before. Swerve with the House Call following Garza throwing his pants at Swerve as a distraction to no avail.

Garza hits the Wing Clipper on Swerve in the center of the ring for the three count pin.

Winner: Angel Garza

After the Match

Garza declares he beat Swerve tonight and this past Monday on RAW he beat his cousin Rey Mysterio. Garza says he wants his Cruiserweight Championship title back and he knows Jordan Devlin is in the building, and he will be looking for him.


Undisputed Era walking through the backstage area looking for Tommaso Ciampa. Undisputed Era comes upon someone getting a haircut and taunt him before moving on. O’Reilly says “You missed a spot” and runs the clippers across the center of the guy’s head before moving on. We go to commercial.

As we come back from commercial, we see Sgt. Slaughter is in attendance, sitting ringside wearing an NXT shirt.

Dominik Dijakovic vs. Killian Dain

Dominik Dijakovic makes his way to the ring first as his music sounds in the arena. Out next is Killian Dain A video clip from earlier today where Dain tells Dijakovic that he’s in his way for the championship. Back in the ring, the bell rings and the match begins.

Dain rushes Double D to start off this match-up. Dain with a Clothesline sending Double D over the top rope and crashing to the floor on the outside of the ring. Running Crossbody by Dain for the counter as we go to commercial.

Double D hits the Chokeslam Bomb on Dain as we return from commercial break. Double D heads to the top turnbuckle, Dain counters with a Superplex, then struggles to get the cover. Both men make it back to their feet.

Double D with a big boot to the face of Dain, followed by Feast Your Eyes for the three count pin.

Winner: Dominik Dijakovic

After the Match

An announcement is made, It has been confirmed Dominik Dijakovic will go up against Keith Lee for the North American Championship at TakeOver Portland.

Lee standing at the top of the stage where Dijakovic joins him. Lee asks if Dijakovic is happy with this decision, to which Dijakovic nods. Lee extends his hand as both men set to exit, Dijakovic returns the handshake in good sportsmanship.


Cutting to the backstage area, Undisputed Era are still searching for Tommaso Ciampa. Walking up to Kushida, they ask if he’s seen Ciampa. Kushida attempts to fight his way out of the group, but is overpowered and beaten to the ground. Cole puts Kushida in a dirty clothes cart.

Next UE comes upon Bronson Reed where he also gets attacked. The Undisputed Era again continue walking, telling the cameras to follow as we go to commercial.

Announcer’s Table

Mauro is at the announcer’s table, joined by Finn Balor and Johnny Gargano as they speak on their match to come at “Takeover: Portland”. Balor declares he is coming to Portland not to have the match of the year, but to have the last match of Gargano’s life.

Kacy Catanzaro vs. Mercedes Martinez

Mercedes Martinez makes her way to the ring first as her music sounds in the arena. Out next is Kacy Catanzaro. A video clip is shown detaling Catanzaro. The bell rings and the match begins.

An early lock up to start off this match, Kacy gets behind Mercedes momentarily. Mercedes counters with a Spinebuster followed by a pin attempt, Kacy kicking out at two.

Kacy hits a Head Scissors takedown followed by a Clothesline on Mercedes. Kacy continues to dominate the match until Mercedes gets a big hit for the counter. The match heads to the outside momentarily. Mercedes throws Kacy back in the ring, hitting the Fisherman’s Buster for the three count pin.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez


NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley is backstage with Cathy Kelley. Kelley tells Ripley that Charlotte Flair is on her way into the building. Ripley seemingly uninterested as she declares her only concern for tonight is Bianca Belair. Smiling, Ripley says it is nice of The Queen to show up as we go to commercial.


Once again, Undisputed Era is seen walking backstage. This time Tommaso Ciampa attacks UE taking them out one by one. Ciampa drags Adam Cole into the arena, continuing to beat on him as the fans inside the arena begin to cheer. Ciampa is over powered by the rest of UE as they are inside the ring now.

The Broserweights make their way into the ring to help Ciampa. Security and multiple referees attempt to break them up as the crowd chants, “Let them fight! Let them fight!” William Regal comes out saying if they all want to fight, then it will happen tonight.

The remaining members of UE re-enter the ring, as the attack continues. Security breaks everyone up, though Cole and Strong team up on Ciampa on the outside of the ring. All of the men now on the stage fighting until the officials are able to calm everything down and separate everyone.

Jordan Devlin vs. Tyler Breeze

NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin makes his way out to the stage as his music sounds in the arena. Devlin making his NXT TV debut. Out next is Tyler Breeze as his music sounds and he makes his way to the ring.

Breeze goes for his pose on the apron, Devlin hits a Dropkick, sending Breeze crashing to the floor on the outside of the ring. Devlin re-enters the ring and holds his championship belt in the air, fans in the crowd begin booing as we go to commercial.

Later in the match, Devlin attempts the Devlin Side Suplex, to no avail. Breeze counters with a Super Kick, dropping Devlin to the mat. Devlin back to his feet, hits a Clothesline taking Breeze to the mat. Devlin hits Spanish Fly and rolls up Breeze for the two count. Single-leg Crab by Devlin, Breeze reaches for the ropes, crawling closer as Devlin drags him back to the center. Breeze flips over and rolls Devlin up for the two count.

Headbutt by the Irish Ace followed by a Side Body Slam on Breeze for the pin and the three count win.

Winner: Jordan Devlin

Charlotte Flair is seen entering the arena, announcer’s say we will finally get to hear from Flair in regards to Rhea Ripley’s challenge when we come back from the commercial.

Charlotte Flair, Bianca Belair, & Rhea Ripley In-Ring

As we come back from the commercial break, Bianca Belair is seen at the top of the stage as her music sounds in the arena. Belair makes her way down the ramp and enters the ring, flipping her hair in the center of the ring. Belair speaks, saying Ripley must have forgot that she was supposed to meet her at TakeOver: Portland, but Ripley went to RAW and got in Charlotte Flair’s business.

Belair says she doesn’t care about any “Queen”, Belair is interrupted as Charlotte Flair’s music sounds in the arena. Flair twirls once and then makes her way to the ring where she joins Bianca. The crowd chants, “Welcome home! Welcome home!” Flair gives an NXT “Wooo!” before she begins talking to Bianca.

Charlotte says Bianca ran her mouth and made it all about herself… before she can continue, Rhea Ripley’s music sounds in the arena and Rhea makes her way down the ramp, stepping up the stairs to the ring and entering, meeting in the center of the ring with Bianca and Charlotte. Bianca attempts to stand face to face with Rhea, Charlotte puts her hand in Bianca’s face and pushes her to the side without looking. Bianca is heated, looking around shocked.

Bianca stops Charlotte and says, “You standin’ here, and you don’t even go here”. Bianca says it will be her and Charlotte at WrestleMania. Charlotte says, “This is a conversation for champions, so stand over there and fix your braid.” Rhea interrupts saying she didn’t come into her house disrespecting her, so don’t come here disrespecting them.

Rhea says they have a saying around here, “We, are NXT.” as Bianca and Rhea team up and lift Charlotte then slam her to the mat. Charlotte exits the ring, trying to gather her barrings. Rhea stands alone in the ring holding her championship belt.

6-Man Tag-Team Match

Pete Dunne & Tommaso Ciampa & Matt Riddle vs. Undisputed Era

Undisputed Era’s music sounds in the arena as they make their way out to the stage and begin to make their way down the ramp. The match is being officially announced as The Broserweights and Tommaso Ciampa come out of nowhere and attack Adam Cole, Kyle O’reilly and Bobby Fish. The match still not even officially started. The left knee of Ciampa is continuously being targeted. O’Reilly ambushes Ciampa from behind. The bell finally rings beginning the match.

Ciampa levels O’Reilly and tags in Matt Riddle. O’Reilly tags in Bobby Fish. Fish and Riddle exchange blows, then take it to the mat for grappling. Riddle rolls up for a pin attempt. Pete Dunne and Adam Cole in the ring. Moonsault off the apron while the referee is distracted. Adam Cole with the Ground and Pound on Dunne.

Bobby Fish now in the ring with Pete Dunne. Another quick tag. Dunn drops O’Reilly and reaches to his side for the tag. Riddle catches the tag and Riddle clears the ring, taking over this match. German Suplex and the two count. Riddle is left in the center of the ring by himself as UE regroup together on the outside of the ring.

We go to commercial.

We come back from commercial, Adam Cole is tagged in. Cole locks in a Headlock on Riddle in the center of the ring. Riddle makes his way to his feet. O’Reilly and Cole double team Riddle and get a quick two count pin attempt, Riddle kicks out.

The crowd with mixed emotions, half cheering for Undisputed Era, half cheering and chanting for Riddle. German Suplex by O’Reilly, Riddle counters with a German Suplex of his own. Dunne gets the tag. Dunne lands O’Reilly on top of Cole and goes for the pin. Kick out at two.

Ciampa finally tags in and clears the ring, a Belly Throw, then a knee on O’Reilly. Ciampa goes for the cover on O’Reilly, Fish jumps in for the save. Ciampa allows O’Reilly to make the tag, as he welcomes Cole into the ring with a one handed wave-in. Dunne and Riddle stop O’Reilly and Fish from entering the match to help Cole. Ciampa and Cole in the ring alone once again, Ciampa ready to finish this match.

Out of nowhere, Roderick Strong jumps in with an interference, the referee calls a stop to the match.

Winner: No Winner Due to Disqualification

After the Match

Ciampa being held down by Undisputed Era, a yellow “X” is spray painted on the back of Tommaso Ciampa. The crowd booing in disappointment. “You are a joke, you are a nobody. Your story for the championship is over.”

The arena fades to black, all of a sudden The Velveteen Dream appears on the top turnbuckles in the ring, jumping in to attack all of Undisputed Era. Velveteen Dream stands with his hands high in the air as the crowd chants, “Welcome back! Welcome back!”


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