NXT On USA Results (5/27/2020)

NXT On USA Results From Winter Park, FL. (5/27/2020)

Welcome to EWrestling.com’s NXT on USA results for Wednesday, May 27th as WWE’s black-and-gold brand returns this week at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida tonight for this week’s episode of NXT On USA.

Tonight on NXT: Kurt Angle will guest-referee a cage fight match between Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher, Drake Maverick makes his latest last stand in an Interim Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Triple Threat tiebreaker against Kushida & Jake Atlas, Adam Cole negotiates with General Manager William Regal about Velveteen Dream, Charlotte Flair & a MYSTERY PARTNER vs. Io Shirai & Rhea Ripley, and more!

Featured below are results of the May 27, 2020 episode of NXT On USA written by EWrestling.com’s Newest Female Reporter: Jamie Rush. Follow me on Twitter @JamieRush312.


Opening Segment

Tonight’s edition of NXT kicks off with WWE’s black-and-gold welcoming a live crowd for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic forced the events into closed arena crowd-less shows! We head right into one of the matches scheduled for tonight.

Video Clip

We see a highlight video clip from last week’s match between Drake Maverick and Kushida as we head to the ring for the first match of the evening, a triple threat match in the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Semi-Finals. (The winner of this match will take on El Hijo del Fantasma in the finals.)

Drake Maverick vs. Jake Atlas vs. Kushida

All three superstars make their way to the ring for tonight’s first match which is a triple threat match in the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Semi-Finals. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match begins!

To start things off, Maverick and Kushida lock up in the center of the ring. Atlas comes in and breaks the hold and they trade strikes back and forth. Maverick uses his speed to take down Kushida, but Atlas hits Maverick with a backbreaker and goes for a pin, but Atlas breaks it up.

Atlas lands a Moonsault on Kushida, following up with a Springboard Blockbuster on Maverick. Atlas pins Maverick, who kicks out at the two. Atlas turns his attention to Kushida, hitting a Neckbreaker on Kushida, then attempting a cover on him. Kushida also kicks out at two. Atlas throws chops to the chest of Kushida. Kushida takes down Atlas and Maverick with kicks and palm strikes.

Kushida sets up Maverick on the top rope, but Atlas rushes in and intercepts a Superplex attempt. Atlas gets Kushida in an Electric Chair. Kushida escapes and rolls up Atlas for another pin attempt. Maverick tries to break up the pin, but Kushida hits Maverick with a Bridging German Suplex while continuing to pin Atlas. Maverick and Atlas kick out at two, and we go to commercial.

As we return from commercial break, we see all three superstars on their feet in the center of the ring trading strikes. Maverick goes on the offense, as he and Drake trade Strikes back and forth. Maverick heads to the top and lands a Dropkick on Atlas from the top turnbuckle. Next, Kushida attempts a Back Handspring Kick on Maverick, but hits Atlas instead. Kushida follows up with a Dive onto Atlas.

Kushida then lands a tornado DDT on Maverick followed by a Cross Armbreaker attempt on Maverick. Maverick reverses Kushida’s attempt, and rolls him up for a pin. Kushida kicks out at two. Atlas connects with a kick on Maverick knocking him out.

Atlas follows up hitting an Brainbuster on Kushida, then covers for the pin. Maverick breaks up the pin attempt at the two. Atlas turns his attention to Maverick in the corner, running full force at him. Maverick side steps and hits a Sliced Bread on Atlas, covering him, but Kushida breaks up the pin.

Kushida kicks away at Maverick, then takes him out with a palm strike. Atlas hits Kushida with a German suplex, and Kushida rolls out of the ring. Atlas Scoop Slams Maverick, then heads to the top rope. Atlas hits Maverick with the Rainbow DDT for the pin, but here is Kushida, breaks things up!

Frustrated, Atlas hits Kushida with a Pump Kick, then turns back to Maverick. Once again, Atlas goes to the top, but Kushida stops Atlas’s climb mid-way.

Kushida right behind Jake as they both get to the top rope. Maverick pops in and hits Atlas with a Leaping Forearm, knocking Atlas off of the top rope. Kushdia, still on the top rope, locks in an Armbar on Maverick. Atlas kicks the Armbar loose, Maverick gets his arm free.

Atlas is left on the top rope along with Kushida. Kushida goes for his Rolling Armbreaker. Atlas laying on the canvas with the Armbreaker on, Maverick lays an arm across Atlas, covering him. The referee counts to three, and the referee gives the pinfall victory to Drake.

Winner: Drake Maverick

After the Match

El Hijo del Fantasma comes down the ramp and shakes Maverick’s hand. They share a few words of respect and both look at the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. While Kushida seems to have a dispute, Tom Phillips tells us on commentary that the finals are Fantasma vs. Maverick.

Quick Announcement

We are told that Charlotte will defend her NXT Women’s Championship against both Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley at NXT TakeOver: In Your House, and later tonight, Shirai and Ripley will face off against Charlotte and a partner of Charlotte’s choosing later tonight, and then we go to commercial.


As we return from commercial break, we see Kurt Angle standing backstage at Full Sail University. Angle is talking to Timothy Thatcher about Thatcher’s match with Matt Riddle later tonight.

Highlight Clip – Dispute

We are shown a replay of the ending of the previous triple threat match, and we are shown that Jake Atlas actually tapped out right before the referee counted three for Maverick, but Maverick is still awarded the victory.

Johnny Gargano In-Ring

Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae make their way to the ring as Gargano’s new entrance theme plays the two down the ramp and into the ring. Gargano talks about how people are misconstruing his words, and he doesn’t want to get rid of anyone in NXT. He continues to say he just wants to make the show better and give people opportunities. The crowd boos as Johnny states he will hold for their applause.

Johnny and Candice then enter the ring, and Johnny announces that tonight will be the first Johnny Gargano Invitational. Johnny thanks the crowd, as if oblivious of the hatrid coming from the seats. Johnny continues on to say that tonight the first participant of the first Johnny Gargano Invitational will be Adrian Alanis.

Johnny Gargano vs. Adrian Alanis

Gargano already in the ring, his opponent Adrian Alanis makes his way to the ring, joining the Garganos. Johnny Gargano offers a handshake to Alanis, but then sucker punches him in the face. Gargano then continues to throw strikes at Alanis’s face over and over again. Alanis attempts to fight back with a Strike to Gargano’s face connecting. Gargano not happy with that, returns with a Superkick, then a Gargano Escape. Alanis taps out.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

After the Match

While Gargano and Candice celebrate in the ring, we see a parody video of the Gargano dinners with Mia Yim and Keith Lee on the large tron. Yim and Lee make fun of their weird promos with the sound effects and the lighting.

Yim says that LeRae is unhappy because she has never won a title and Lee mocks Gargano for being short. Tegan Nox suddenly appears the door and delivers a pizza from Gargano’s Pizza, then steals a slice and walks away.

Yim calls out Gargano and LeRae, and Yim and Lee toast to “making Gargano pay.”

Backstage – Drake Maverick

We head backstage where Maverick is being interviewed, following his win tonight in the Triple Threat Match with Atlas and Kushida. Maverick is asked about how Atlas tapped out. Maverick says that he wants to do things the fair way.

As Maverick is in the middle of talking, Kushida enters, telling Maverick to go ahead and go into the finals, and Maverick says that he wants Kushida to have the first shot at the NXT Cruiserweight Championship if he wins.

On that note, we head to commercial.

Backstage – Imperium

As we return from commercial break, we see Imperium standing backstage at Full Sail. They discuss being the new NXT Tag-Team Champions and how they plan to keep their championship. Finally, they call out Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch for their mockery before ending their rant.

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Raquel Gonzalez (w/ Dakota Kai)

As we return to the ring for the next match of the evening, we see Shotzi Blackheart make her way to the ring as her music sounds in the Full Sail arena. Out next is Raquel Gonzalez, who is accompanied by friend Dakota Kai. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match begins!

Blackheart rushes in at Gonzalez as the bell rings, though Gonzalez immediately takes control of the match. Blackheart attempts to keep things fast paced in order to stay out of Gonzalez’s reach. Gonzalez finally takes Blackheart down with a series of Shoulder Tackles.

Raquel assists Blackheart back to her feet, only to attempt to drop her back to the canvas. Blackheart gives it her all as she focuses on the left arm of Raquel. Blackheart tries to work over Gonzalez, attempting a Hurricanrana, then a Rolling Crucifix, to no avail as Gonzalez fights her way out.

Gonzalez then heads in for an Elbow Drop, Blackheart side steps and follows up with a hard Kick on Gonzalez. At this point, Dakota Kai climbs into Blackhearts entrance tank in an attempt to distract Blackheart. Tegan Nox comes running down and lands a Kick on Kai, taking her out. Blackheart focuses back on Gonzalez, rolling her up for the two.

We head to commercial break.

As we return from commercial, Gonzalez is in complete control of this match-up. Gonzalez hits Blackheart with a Powerslam and goes in for the pin. Blackheart kicks out at two. Gonzalez locks in a bear hug on Blackheart, but Blackheart hits Gonzalez with a series of elbows to the head, forcing a break. Gonzalez hits her with a Pendulum Backbreaker, covering her for two.

Blackheart hits Gonzalez with kicks to the head, then locks in an Ankle Lock. Gonzalez escapes, but Blackheart hits her with a Running Senton. Gonzalez leaves the ring, and Shotzi hits a Kofi Kingston-esque trust fall on both Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez.

Candice LeRae comes down to the ring and confronts Tegan Nox for Nox’s actions during the previous promo. The referee leaves the ring to deal with that situation and he misses Dakota Kai attacking Shotzi when Shotzi was on the top rope. The referee returns to the ring just in time to see Gonzalez hit Shotzi with a Power Slam, then covering her for three.

Winner: Raquel Gonzalez

After the Match

Tegan Nox gets in the ring and checks on Blackheart, as Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez retreat up the ramp.

Video Package

We get a video package hyping up the match between Finn Balor and Damian Priest’s match at TakeOver: In Your House.

Io Shirai & Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair & Mystery Partner

As we return from commercial break, we see out first is Rhea Ripley as her music sounds, Ripley making her way down the ramp and entering the ring. Out next is Io Shirai as her music sounds and the strobe lights flash Shirai on the stage. As Shirai makes her way into the ring, Mauro makes note on commentary, “Speaking of social media, cyber bullying is never justified, lets be better members of the human race. Rest in Power Hana Kumara.”

Shirai enters the ring with Ripley as Flair’s music sounds in the Full Sail University arena. Flair stands at the top of the stage doing her twirl in her robe as she’s officially announced.

Flair makes her way down the ramp, strutting as she gets to the bottom of the ramp, hesitating at the bottom of the steel stairs as the crowd shouts, “Wooo!” Flair enters the ring with Shirai and Ripley, doing one more twirl in the center of the ring as she removes her robe, exposing her championship belt around her waist.

Suddenly the music of Chelsea Green sounds over the speakers at Full Sail. Chelsea Green and Robert Stone make their way down the ramp and enter the ring. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match begins. Rhea Ripley starts things off with Chelsea Green.

Chelsea rolls out of the way of Ripley. Chelsea strikes Ripley, completely pissing her off. Ripley slams Chelsea to the canvas, then goes for Flair on the apron. Chelsea grabs Ripley by the hair, Io Shirai tags herself in as Ripley falls into their corner. Shirai with quick movements and strikes, taking down Chelsea in the corner, followed by multiple Stomps to the chest of Chelsea. More back and forth between the two until Charlotte and Shirai end up as the two legal competitors in the ring. Charlotte kicks away at Io in the corner, and Green tags back in.

Io Shirai tosses Green out of the ring, then hits a Diving Crossbody onto Green on the outside, Shirai follows and tosses Green into the barricade on the outside. Shirai tries to roll Green back into the ring, but Green instead tosses Shirai into the barricade, then rolls her back in the ring, and we go to commercial.

As we return from commercial break, Charlotte has Shirai in a Headlock inside the ring. Charlotte shakes Shirai around, then she tosses her to the mat. Rhea reaches for a tag, but Charlotte pulls Shirai away. Charlotte lands Chops and taunts Ripley. Charlotte accidentally lands a Chop to her own partner, Chelsea Green. Shirai tries to use the distraction to get to Rhea for the tag, but Charlotte blocks again.

Chelsea Green tags in and Shirai finally gets to Ripley for the tag. Rhea hits several Knee Strikes on Green, followed by a Snapmare followed by a Dropkick. Rhea hits a Facebuster on Green and goes for the pin. Charlotte breaks up the pin. Chelsea tags in Charlotte and Charlotte hits Rhea with a big boot. Charlotte goes for the Figure Eight, but Shirai breaks it up and tags in.

Finally, Shirai hits Flair with her Double Knees in the corner, covering her for two. Shirai then hits a Double Foot Stomp on Charlotte, finishing with a Tiger Kick. Shirai goes for a Springboard Dropkick, but Chelsea Green pushes Charlotte out of the way. Flair attempts to taunt Ripley in the corner, and Shirai heads in and tries to hit Charlotte, but Charlotte dodges and Shirai accidentally hits Ripley. Charlotte rolls up Shirai and uses the ropes for leverage, pinning her for three.

Winners: Charlotte Flair & Chelsea Green

Backstage – Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae

Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano are interviewed backstage. Johnny is irate at the actions from moments ago. Johnny calls out Keith Lee for NXT TakeOver. Candice says why wait, and calls out Mia Yim for next week. She also says Tegan Nox should be ashamed of herself.

Backstage – Kurt Angle/Riddle

Once again, we see Kurt Angle backstage. This time, Angle is talking to Matt Riddle backstage about the match later tonight.

Quick Announcement

We are told that Adam Cole and William Regal will negotiate something after this commercial break.

Quick Announcement

We are told that Adam Cole and William Regal will negotiate something after this commercial break.

Video Conference – Adam Cole and William Regal

As we return from commercial, Adam Cole and William Regal have started their conference over a video communication system online, presumably Facetime. Cole brags about being the longest-reigning champion in NXT history. He then follows up complaining about Velveteen Dream. Cole says that the Undisputed Era deserve a fair shot at the NXT Tag Team Championships, and he wants Regal to keep Velveteen Dream away from Cole.

Regal says that he thinks Dream deserves another shot at Cole’s title, and he says that Dream’s match will probably have the match at NXT TakeOver: In Your House. Cole complains about Dream being an attention hog, and Regal says that Cole is just like Dream in that way. Cole is upset about the comparison stating that is like comparing a Ferrari to a matchbox car.

Cole says that, if he beats Dream at TakeOver: In Your House, he wants to stop Dream from challenging again for the title again if Cole wins. Regal agrees to Cole’s terms and says that he will find a location for Cole and Dream to fight that will allow both of them to obtain the spotlight, and that is Regal’s only condition. Cole agrees, and we go to commercial.

Video Package

As we return from commercial break, we see a video package hyping up Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan.

Leon Ruff vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Leon Ruff already in the ring as this match is called. Tommason Ciampa’s music sounds in the Full Sail arena. Ciampa makes his way down the ring, Scarlett appears on the entrance ramp with Karrion Kross, but she stares Ciampa down from the ramp.

Ruff tries to use the distraction and roll up Ciampa for the pinfall, but Ciampa kicks out and takes out Ruff with a Shining Wizard. Ciampa hits Ruff with a running knee in the corner and stares at Scarlett. Ciampa hits Ruff with the Fairytale Ending, still staring down Scarlett, and he pins Ruff for the victory.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

After the Match

Scarlett and Ciampa continue to stare each other down after the bell rings. Ciampa waves at Scalett as she walks up the ramp, but Karrion Kross comes on the tron.

He says that he agrees that Ciampa is special, and that TakeOver is also special, but he also says that he is going to make Ciampa feel “something that he has never felt in his life.”

Quick Announcement

Up next, Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher will take on each other in the NXT Fight Pit, after this commercial break.

Matt Riddle vs. Timothy Thatcher
Special Guest Referee: Kurt Angle

As we return from commercial break, out first we see Timothy Thatcher as his entrance theme plays him out and into the ring. “Broooo…” out next, is Matt Riddle, representing the Broserweights. The special guest referee Kurt Angle signals for the bell. The bell rings, and the match begins.

Riddle goes after Thatcher as soon as the bell sounds. Riddle with the take down on Thatcher, as the two are on the canvas, Riddle pounds away at Thatcher’s head. Riddle attempts an early submission attempt, then kicks away at Thatcher. Thatcher catches Riddle’s leg and goes for a Sleeper Hold. Riddle gets behind Thatcher and hit a Release German Suplex. Riddle hits a Running Broton.

As the match continues on, commentary reminds us that this match can only end via knock out or tap out. Thatcher lands Chops on Riddle. Riddle retaliates with a Kick to the face of Thatcher. Thatcher starts bleeding from the mouth as Riddle knocks out a tooth in Thatcher’s mouth with a Kick. Angle signals for medical staff to come down to the ring, they inspect Thatcher’s mouth as we go to commercial.

As we return from the finally commercial break of the evening, we head back into tonight’s main event cage match. Thatcher and Riddle are throwing strikes back and forth. Thatcher attempts an Armbar, to which Riddle blocks. Thatcher then lands a Suplex on Riddle, following up with a Heel Hook. Finally, Thatcher transitions into a Single Leg Crab which he then turns into a Modified STF. Thatcher releases. Thatcher kicks away at Riddle and Angle forces him back.

Riddle gets to his feet at the five count, but Thatcher follows up with a Butterfly Suplex and a Crossface, but Riddle reverses and goes for the Bromission. Thatcher goes for a triangle but Riddle picks him up and lands a Powerbomb. Riddle attempts a Running Broton. Thatcher side steps and Riddle lands hard.. Thatcher hits Riddle with a Suplex onto the platform, then attempts to follow up with a Butterfly Suplex but Riddle gets out of the move.

Riddle then lands a Ripcord Knee Strike dropping Thatcher to the mat. Riddle hits a Floating Bro. Riddle giving his all with Chops and Kicks to Thatcher’s chest. Thatcher is able to dodge one of Riddle’s kicks. He takes advantage of the moment, and locks in a Rear-Naked Chokehold. Riddle drives Thatcher around the ring, slamming Thatcher into the cage wall. Riddle slams his body weight onto Thatcher onto the mat, but Thatcher won’t release the hold. Finally, the movement stops as Riddle looks to be passed out, and Angle lifts Riddle’s arm. No reaction. Angle calls for the bell.

Winner By Submission: Timothy Thatcher

After the Match

Timothy Thatcher celebrates as NXT goes off the air…

That’s all folks!!!

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