WWE NXT Results (3/11/2020)

NXT On USA Results From WWE Performance Center In Orlando, Florida (March 11, 2020)

WWE’s black-and-gold brand of WWE NXT takes a brief hiatus from their usual home of Full Sail University in Winter Park, as they travel to their home base at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida for this week’s episode of NXT On USA.

Featured below are complete WWE NXT results from Wednesday, March 11, 2020.

WWE NXT RESULTS (3/11/2020)

Show Opener

We enter the WWE NXT Performance Center, which plays host to NXT for the first time tonight for this special edition of NXT on USA!

Mauro Ranallo welcomes us to tonight’s show as he announces we are up and running with the North American Championship Match.

Keith Lee(c) vs. Cameron Grimes

For the first match of the night, out first is North American Champion Keith Lee as his music sounds in the arena. Lee makes his way down the ramp, entering the ring as. Lee’s music cuts as he stops to pose in the center of the ring.

Out next is Cameron Grimes as the crowd begins to boo Lee’s opponent. Grimes struts down the ramp, hanging off the apron as he holds the rope, trash talking the crowd. Grimes enters the ring with Lee as the match is officially announced. The referee signals for the bell.

The crowd begins to chant, “All bask in his glory!” as the referee holds up Lee’s championship belt. The bell rings and the first match of the night begins! Grimes attracts more boos, then the mood changes as the crowd chants, “Keith Lee, whoop whoop!”

Grimes looking to take down Lee, to no avail. Lee grasps Grimes in his clutches, locking in a bear hug as he goes for a Power Bomb. Grimes kicks his legs, wriggling his way out of Lee’s hands.

Grimes attempts a German Suplex on Lee, unable to lift Lee, Grimes attacks the back of Lee with strikes. Lee puts on the brakes, grabbing Grimes and throwing him into the ropes. Grimes falls to his knees. Lee assists Grimes back to his feet by his hair.

Attempting to power Lee to the mat, Grimes throws a strike at Lee. Lee counters, knocking Grimes through the ropes out of the ring. Grimes on the apron lands a massive Kick on Lee. Rolling Tumble by Grimes, caught by Lee on the outside of the ring. Grimes lands his feet back on the apron.

Lee receives a Stomp to the face by Grimes. Grimes jumps from the apron, once again caught by Lee mid-air. Grimes holds on to the top rope, Lee lands a Spirit Bomb. Both men re-enter the ring. The crowd cheering for Lee.

Grimes standing on the outside of the ropes, Lee on the inside. Lee throws the hat Grimes had placed on the top turnbuckle, then climbs to the second turnbuckle, holding onto Grimes as Lee gains leverage. Grimes counters, then gets to the top turnbuckle.

Diving Crossbody by Grimes onto Lee inside the ring as we go to our first commercial break.

As we come back from commercial break, the crowd is chanting “Keith Lee!” as Lee holds Grimes in a fireman’s hold across his shoulders. Grimes counters into a German Suplex attempt once again.

Lee with the Standing Switch, Grimes attempting to fight Lee off with Back Elbows. A Leap Frog by Lee followed by a Crossbody Drop by Lee, landing Grimes in the center of the ring, flattened. A huge elbow to the jaw for the follow up by Lee.

Lee goes for the Power Bomb, Grimes makes his way out. Grimes with a Superkick followed by a Roundhouse Kick, finally landing a German Suplex on oversized Keith Lee! Grimes goes for the pin in a bridge following the German Suplex.

The crowd begins an “NXT! NXT!” chant as Lee kicks out of the pin attempt. Lee laying in the ring, Grimes begins stomping in the corner of the ring, Lee attempting to land the Spirit Bomb on Grimes who avoids the move, following up with a massive Superkick to the face of Lee.

Lee Shoulder Shoves Grimes across the ring, following up with the Big Bang Catastrophe for the pin and the three count. Lee retaining the North American Championship title!

Winner and STILL NXT North American Champion: Keith Lee

After the Match

Fans continue to bask in the glory of Keith Lee’s victory after the bell. Lee standing in the center of the ring in the WWE Performance Center as he catches his breath.

From behind, Damien Priest with a night stick, lays out Keith Lee. Dijakovic comes from the back just as quickly to the rescue of Lee. Priest quickly makes his way to the backstage area.

Dijakovic picks up the championship belt, attempting to help Lee to his feet in a show of sportsmanship. Lee stops at one knee, then jumps up landing a Spirit Bomb on Dijakovic. Lee exits the ring, rubbing his head as he gets to the top of the ramp and looks back at the ring.

Announcer’s Table

Mauro Ranallo and Nigel McGuinness welcome WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix to the announcer’s table. Ranallo, brings up how three weeks from this Sunday for the first time ever, the NXT Women’s Title will be defended at Wrestlemania.

Phoenix responds saying Wrestlemania will prove to be epic, but turns her attention to the night before TakeOver Tampa where 5 spots still remain for the number one contender in the Women’s Championship match.

A video package shows Mia Yim and Dakota Kai in a Ladder’s Match up next on NXT, as we go to commercial break once again.

We return to the WWE Performance Center where fans are seen holding up “We Are WWE” gear.

Qualifier For Number One Contender Ladder Match
Mia Yim vs. Dakota Kai

Out first in this qualifier match is Mia Yim as her music sounds in the arena. Yim enters the ring as the crowd starts to boo. The music for Yim’s opponent Dakota Kai begins to play as Kai makes her way to the stage, accompanied by Raquel Gonzalez. Yim signals for Kai to “bring it” as Kai and Gonzalez make their way down the ramp, entering the ring together. Gonzalez stands firm, staring down Yim, then finally exiting the ring.

The referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and the match begins. Kai looks for a Flying Kick to Yim early on, Yim side steps as Kai lands hard on the mat. Yim quickly rolls Kai up taking advantage of her disposition on the mat. Kai kicks out. Both women back to their feet, once again Yim rolls Kai for another pin attempt. Kai kicks out again, making her way back to her feet. Kai slaps Yim across the face.

Yim counters with hard hitting offense, throwing Kai to the corner. Yim with Knee Strikes to the mid-section of Kai. The crowd begins chanting, “Mia! Mia!” Yim throws Kai with an Irish Whip, Kai with the reversal. Basement Drop Kick by Yim as she goes for the cover. Kai kicks out. Yim continues to dominate the match. Kai’s face is slammed into the corner turnbuckle. Yim lands a boot to the face of Kai.

As Yim runs at Kai, Kai throws Yim over the top turnbuckle. Yim lands on the outside of the ropes on the apron, landing a kick to the knee of Kai. Yim goes for another kick as Gonzalez scoops Yim off the apron, holding Yim across her shoulder, then dropping Yim on her face against the apron as we go to commercial.

As we come back from commercial, Yim continues to attack the right knee of Kai. Yim back on offense as she lands a Neck Breaker on Kai, followed by a Drop Kick. Cannonball by Yim as she goes for the cover on Kai. Kai struggles to her knees.

Kai counters as she snaps Yim’s throat off the ropes. Kai screams in the face of Yim as she lands a back forearm on Yim. Kai goes for the cover, Yim escapes the cover. Kai cries, almost throwing a tantrum as she gets back to her feet.

Yim is dragged to her knees as Kai rocks several kicks to the face of Yim. Yim gets Kai to onto her shoulders then Powerbombs Kai to the mat for the cover. Yim using her legs for leverage for the pin attempt as Gonzalez sweeps the foot of Yim, breaking the cover.

The crowd boos as Yim stares down Gonzalez. Yim asks the referee if he saw it. Kai sneak attacks Yim while the referee isn’t looking. Yim still able to get the cover on Kai as the referee turns around for the three count pin!

Winner: Mia Yim

After the Match

Mia Yim barely has time to lift her arm in victory after pinning Dakota Kai as Raquel Gonzalez quickly enters the ring, attacking Yim from behind. Yim rolls around in agony on the mat. Gonzalez checks on Kai in the corner of the ring before driving Yim into the mat once again. The crowd begins chanting, “You Suck! You Suck!”

Announcer’s Table

Ranalo announces that Mia Yim now joins Chelsea Green for the 6 Woman Ladder Match at NXT TakeOver Tampa for the number one contender spot, which goes down three weeks from this Saturday. Two spots filled, four remaining.

Yim finally back to her feet in the ring, smiling as she still moves on, Yim stands in the center of the ring as the crowd chants, “Mia! Mia!”

Tommaso Ciampa Arrives

McKenzie Mitchell walks up to Ciampa as he makes his way through the parking lot of the WWE Performance Center, Mitchell speaks to Ciampa, “Last week Johnny Gargano said you are going to do things his way tonight. Can you shed some light on that?”

Gargano simply nods as he responds, “his way…” walking ahead of Green and out of the frame. We go to commercial break.

Kushida vs. Raul Mendoza

As we come back from commercial break, the WWE Performance center lights are dimmed as blue lights surround the stage and the ramp as Kushida’s music sounds in the arena. Kushida makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring.

Out next is Raul Mendoza as his music sounds. Mendoza quickly makes his way down the ramp, jumping into the ring. Mendoza points at Kushida telling him to “come on”. The bell rings and the match begins.

Mendoza explodes out of his corner and immediately a flurry of forearms are thrown back and forth between the two competitors in the center of the ring. Fast paced back and forth action between the two, finally a Dropkick to the jaw of Kushida by Mendoza, slowing the match down.

Mendoza to the top, walking across the ropes as he flies at Kushida, Kushida sends Mendoza crashing to the mat. Kushida make his way to the top, rolling through as Mendoza side steps. Mendoza lands a Neck Breaker, as he follows up flying off the rope with a backflip, landing on Kushida with a Crossbody.

Kushida with a flurry of forearms once again. Back Elbow by Kushida followed by a Superkick to the mid-section. Mendoza off the ropes with a hip toss by Kushida. Kushida with a cartwheel and some unique moves, landing Mendoza on the mat.

Kushida makes his way to the top turnbuckle, Mendoza flies through the air with a Spinning Roundhouse on Kushida, rocking him momentarily. Mendoza climbs to the top along with Kushida who attempts to fight Mendoza off.

Both men standing on the top turnbuckle, Kushida gets the Spanish Fly, then flips Mendoza, immediately locking in the Juji Gatame on Mendoza for an immediate submission tap.

Winner: Kushida

A video clip is shown of Rhea Ripley on Monday Night RAW last Monday. Rhea Ripley is announced to be joining us in the WWE Performance Center when we come back from commercial break.

Interview With Tyler Breeze

Mauro Ranallo sets up a pre-recorded video clip of McKenzie Mitchell interviewing Tyler Breeze earlier in the day. Breeze says the PC Ring built Tyler Breeze. Without it, he wouldn’t have made it this far.

Austin Theory steps in to view and introduces himself. Theory says the PC can turn superstars into Megastars. Theory motions to Breeze, saying sometimes it just doesn’t pan out to that. Breeze then snaps a picture of Theory with his phone.

Theory asks if he just took a photo. Breeze responds, “Yea, you look great, for a flash in the pan.” Breeze walks off, getting the last word.

Rhea Ripley In-Ring

Ripley’s music sounds in the WWE Performance Center arena as Rhea Ripley makes her way down the ramp and enters the ring, stopping to pose on the apron per usual entrance style.

The crowd cheers! Ripley begins things saying if Flair thinks she can psyche Ripley before their match, she needs to think again. Ripley goes on to say she definitely feels the pressure going into what will be the biggest match of her career thus far. However knocking the Queen on her royal ass definitely eased her nerves.

Before Ripley can continue, Charlotte Flair’s music sounds in the Performance Center arena, the crowd begins cheering and booing with mixed opinions. Flair does her twirl at the top of the ramp, looking down at Ripley. Flair holding the mic about to speak is cut off with a chant from the crowd of “You don’t go here!” Flair responds to the crowd, “Yes guys, Made Here”.

Flair continues to hype Wrestlemania and the upcoming match with Ripley. Flair enters the ring with Ripley, telling her she is entering deep waters and is going to drown fast in WWE. As Flair enters the ring, Ripley goes on the offense, attacking Flair as the two brawl it out.

Flair locks Ripley in with a Figure Four after their brawl, referees and officials attempting to break it up. Flair puts her foot on Ripley who is rolling back and forth in pain as the segment ends.

Mia Yim In Parking Lot of Performance Center

As we come back from commercial break, Mauro sends us to the parking lot where the latest qualifer for the Women’s Ladder Match at TakeOver Tampa is walking. Mia Yim is shown beaming as she speaks to the camera.

Yim begins, “Man, I couldn’t wait for my redemption! At TakeOver Tampa, I will be in my own element, with ladders, and…” she is cut off as she is almost hit by an SUV.

Raul Mendoza is seen standing off in the distance as the SUV that almost hit Yim screeches to a halt. Two men in Luchador masks jump out and grab Mendoza, throwing him into the SUV as the peel out.

Qualifier For Women’s Championship Number One Contender Match at Takeover Tampa
Tegan Nox vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Out first is Tegan Nox as her music sounds in the arena. Nox makes her way down the ramp and enters the ring where she awaits her opponent. Out next is Deonna Purrazzo as her music sounds. Purrazzo makes her way to the ring, entering with an awaiting Nox. The bell rings and the match begins.

Both contenders circle the ring, Nox throws a forearm to the face of Purrazzo as she twists the arm of Nox. Nox is slammed to the mat, Nox holding her shoulder as she still isn’t at 100% yet. Purrazzo gets a cover, Nox is able to kick out. Purrazzo smacks the mat shouting, “Are you kidding me?”

Back and forth action, Nox protecting her clearly injured shoulder and arm throughout the bout. Finally Nox is able to get on the offensive. Nox lands the Shiniest Wizard, knocking Purrazzo out, covering for the three count and the win.

Winner: Tegan Nox

The Broserweights vs. Undisputed Era

Out first are Bobby Fish, Roderick Strong, Kyle O’Reilly, and Adam Cole. As they make their way to the ring for O’Reilly and Fish’s match against The Broserweights, Velveteen Dream is seen at the Announcer’s Table.

Dream states he has all three of his eyes focused on Adam Cole after calling Undisputed Era “the four little men” in the ring. Dream ends things hyping his match against Adam Cole as a TakeOver Tampa match as we go back to the ring.

Cole announces he is about to become the longest reigning NXT Champion of all time, looking to Dream as if he’s going to attack any second, but is interrupted by, “Broooo” as The Broserweights music sounds in the arena.

Pete Dunn and Matt Riddle make their way to the ring as their entrance music continues to play through the Performance Center arena. Dunn and Riddle enter the ring. The bell rings and the match begins.

O’Reilly and Dunne start things off for this tag-team match up. Back and forth action between the two until Dunne finally tags in Riddle. At the same time, O’Reilly tags in Fish. Riddle takes control of the things, keeping Fish on the ground following a Waist Take-down.

Dunne enters the ring as he and Riddle land Stereo Gutwrench Suplexes on Fish and O’Reilly as we go to commercial.

As we come back from commercial break, the action is fast and fierce. O’Reilly and Dunne eventually go back and forth blow for blow, O’Reilly landing a Clothesline for the take down on Dunne. Dunne makes his way to Riddle for the tag. O’Reilly tags in Fish as well.

Riddle is hit with a Flying Knee off the top rope from Fish, followed by a cover. Dunne enters the ring for the save, breaking the count. Grizzled Young Veterans make their way to the ring as Dunne makes his way back into the ring.

Riddle and Dunne finally land the Riddle-End, Dunne gets the cover for the three count and the win.

Winner: The Broserweights

Tommaso Ciampa In-Ring

Tommaso Ciampa makes his way to the ring as we go to commercial break.

As we come back from commercial break, Tommaso Ciampa is in the center of the ring at the Performance Center. Ciampa gets the crowd hyped and they start a “Daddy’s Home! Daddy’s Home!” chant. Ciampa asks Gargano if he hears the crowd.

Gargano appears on the big screen above the stage. Gargano says things will be done his way, on his time. Gargano says he knows everything about Ciampa. He hasn’t forgotten the last three years or what Ciampa did to Gargano, or to NXT.

Ciampa is gone for six months and everyone forgets? Gargano asks if he missed an apology somewhere. Ciampa exits the ring, and heads up the ramp. Gargano continues his rant, suddenly Ciampa is seen behind Gargano in a board room.

The two begin to brawl. Ciampa throws Gargano across the table. The brawl heads down a hall and ends up in a training room. Gargano still attempting to gain control over Ciampa. Gargano sprays something into the eyes of Ciampa, then throws Ciampa through a window.

Ciampa finally gets the upper hand on Gargano, as the two fight back out to toward the crowd and make their way back to ringside. Both men continue to brawl back and forth as they exchange blows.

Finally Gargano locks Ciampa in the GargaNo Escape as Drake Wuertz is able to break the two apart, only to be hit by Gargano. Gargano explains he wanted everyone to see all this as this is a teachable moment. Ciampa gets back up and lands Gargano through the announcer’s table with an Air Raid Crash as William Regal comes out, checking on both superstars as the show ends.

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