NXT Worlds Collide Live Results (Sept. 4, 2022) – Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL

Greetings one and all and welcome to our live results coverage of NXT Worlds Collide! This marks the final NXT UK showing after airing their series finale earlier this week. If you haven’t yet read, NXT UK has officially shuttered as it makes way for next year’s NXT Europe and tonight’s matches are a whole bunch of title unification bouts and cross-brand title challenges! We’ve got stars from Raw and SmackDown present, in addition to the expected NXT & NXT UK fare, and here’s the five matches set for our program. NXT Champion Bron Breakker takes on NXT UK Champion Tyler Bate in a title unification bout. Also unifying titles are the women’s and tag divisions, as we’ve got a Fatal 4-Way for the tag titles and NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura takes on NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose and Blair Davenport. Also on tap is a North American Championship match between two-time champ Carmelo Hayes and former champion Ricochet. And not to be outdone, Nikki A.S.H. and Doudrop challenge Katana Chance and Kayden Carter for their NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship tonight.

Catch your last glimpse at NXT UK and let’s find out what happens when worlds collide, LIVE today at 4:00 Eastern!

Official NXT Worlds Collide Kick-Off Program

No matches occur during our thirty-minute kick-off program. Instead, we were given “expert commentary” by the usual suspects and had ample hype for tonight’s unification matches. You didn’t miss anything unless you like Toxic Attraction; if so, you’ll want to watch fifteen minutes in for a quick vignette featuring the trio; Tyler Bate was featured 25 minutes in. Nothing to see here, move along.

NXT Worlds Collide Live Results (Sept. 4, 2022) – Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL


Opening Video: Worlds Will Collide

Great video opening us, hyping the end of NXT UK and the unification of all their titles with their NXT equivalents. We get clips from the various Superstars who visited NXT earlier in the week to give sage words to every champ from both brands. Tonight’s show will have Superstars from NXT, NXT UK, Raw and SmackDown as the multiverse of McMahon faces it’s own crisis.

North American Match: Carmelo Hayes(c) w/ Trick Williams vs Ricochet

Out first is Ricochet, who “shocked the world with his return” this past Tuesday per commentary’s Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett. Ricochet gets a great welcome from the Capitol Wrestling Center (CWC). Carmelo Hayes is out next with a new, flashy entrance and new music. During it, the screens encircling the fans have jerseys put up–digital drawings with the surnames of the various North American Champions of days past and other vanquished foes, with the largest jersey displayed being that for Ricochet. Hayes’ name replaces it all and out comes “the A-Champ.” We get our official announcements and begin our match at 4:08pm EST! Both men start off hot, locking up multiple times and breaking holds, exchanging the lead as the momentum builds up, past a double-springboard feint from both men (Iron Man “punch” pose landing), through a point where Ricochet and Hayes both show off their agility with flips and somersaults. The crowd is on their feet in the opening two minutes of this match, with both competitors not slowing down a single iota until “the One and Only” takes the first lead of the match. Ricochet slows the pace and whips Hayes; Hayes counters a second whip into a slide-out, seeking safety outside the ring. Hayes re-enters the ring and Ricochet locks up with a side headlock, again slowing the pace.
Williams watches as Hayes and Ricochet again exit the ring. Both men exchange blows at the ringside; Ricochet chops Hayes back to the plexiglass barricade and chops him twice, hard, as the crowd pops for it. Ricochet sends Hayes into the ring and allows Williams to distract him just long enough for Carmelo to recover. Ricochet turns and walks right into a big blow from the champ, who covers for one. Hayes takes his turn on offense, chopping ricochet int he corner before slapping the back of his head disrespectfully. The crowd is absolutely lit for this one. Melo taunts Rico, slowing his offense and playing up to the crowd. Ricochet attempts a comeback but Hayes has it scouted, stopping Ricochet’s attempt at offense with a Superkick to the side of the head–right after Hayes dodges a roundhouse. “This is awesome” chant from the crowd! Ricochet and Hayes play cat-and-mouse as they streak back and forth across the ring, with Ricochet hitting his famous springboard somersault feint–only to have Hayes, again, pull a Miss Cleo and predict the future! Hayes springboards immediately after Ricochet, connecting Rico’s head to the mat and covering for a two and a half! Ricochet gets the shoulder up and hangs on, starting his comeback after a roll-through double-foot stomp gives him some precious seconds to recover. The crowd pops for both men as they yet again engage in another perfectly-timed and nearly flawlessly-executed double-springboard maneuver as both men think “cross body”–and both connect on each other, clashing in midair! The crowd chants for these two young men to fight forever and I can’t blame them.
We start to pick up the pace again as we build towards our finish. Hayes and Ricochet attempt multiple finishers but constantly slip out of them. Ricochet is the first to land one, using a Superstar to stun Hayes–but Hayes follows it up with a rebound headbutt! Ricochet fires off a Recoil, and the champ eats it all! Ricochet covers and would be a two-time champion if Trick Williams hadn’t pulled Melo’s leg over to the rope, unbeknownst to the ref! The crowd gives them hell for this, and Ricochet sends Trick bouncing up the ramp after connecting with a expeditious baseball slide kick! Ricochet returns hi attention to Hayes and eats both of Hayes’ signature moves, with Hayes now bleeding from the mouth as he covers the challenger! Hayes is in disbelief as Ricochet gets the shoulder up! Hayes shakes his head and climbs up the turnbuckles, ascending to the top rope. The crowd is on their feet as is Ricochet, who runs up the ropes and looks for a Spanish Fly. Hayes battles him briefly and Ricochet pivots, converting it into a Superplex! The crowd with a loud “holy shit” chant for the beautiful spot! Ricochet and Hayes are both down for a few moments. Williams is up at ringside and watches as Ricochet rises first, catching Hayes on his knees. Ricochet with a kick to the chest and a smack, then yells an insult at Hayes.
Hayes slaps Ricochet and calls him Susan (not literally, no) and the two begin a back-and-forth series of various blows; fists, forearms, crane kicks, whatever they’ve got ready are all unleashed as our exhausted Superstars answer each other blow for blow! Hayes ends the sequence with a double-knee strike to the jaw, and looks for a cover. Hayes nearly loses when Ricochet rolls Hayes up, immediately after kicking out, in a beautiful rope-side crucifix pin that was at least 2.9. Again the crowd pops and chants for our stars to fight forever! Both men continue, evenly matched with no man taking a commanding lead for long. Both take turns ripping each other off the turnbuckle. Ricochet stuns the champ with his signature but Trick Williams distracts Ricochet yet again! Ricochet attacks Williams and climbs the ropes. The crowd are on their feet and Ricochet looks for the Shooting Star Press! Hayes moves and lets his instincts kick in as the champ rolls Ricochet up with an inside cradle, stealing the win!
Your Winner and STILL North American Champion, Carmelo Hayes!

NXT/NXT UK Tag Team Championship Unification Elimination Match: NXT UK Tag Team Champions Briggs & Jensen vs Pretty Deadly vs Gallus vs NXT Tag Team Champions the Creed Brothers

We get video hyping this match and hear from all four teams. This will be an elimination, not a Fatal-4 Way! All four make their entrances and prior to the bell, they all begin to brawl–sans Pretty Deadly, who wisely wait ringside. A trio of refs separate things and finally restore order. Julius creed dropkicks a Gallus member, electing to instead take on Briggs. Both men lay into each other, with big man Josh Briggs executing a dead-lift side slam to take the first lead of the match. Briggs tags in Jensen and the two attack Brutus, then hit a double-team move (running boot into a held man). Jensen tags in Wolfgang, who’s quickly bull-rushed into the corner by Julius. Brutus is tagged in for the first time tonight and runs into Wolfgang, with both men bouncing off each other. Brutus with a beautiful Fireman’s carry takedown, followed by a working hold. At ringside, Lash Legend and Fallon Henley begin to brawl in the ring and outside, leading to Pretty Deadly and Josh Briggs attempting to break them up, which then lead to Wolfgang attacking them. The ref’s lose all control and Pretty Deadly take out the Creed Brothers with a double cross body attack, only to have Briggs & Jensen wipe them out! Gallus gets in on the action, tossing them out before Mark Coffey is sent flying by Wolfgang, wiping out everyone but Brutus Creed!
Wolfgang howls like a wolf, only to turn around and have Brutus whip him out of the ring! Brutus climbs the turnbuckle and it’s time for “butterball to fly” per Vic Joseph! Sadly ringside distractions slow Brutus, allowing Wolfgang to attack him. They battle at the top rope until Wolfgang executes a Superplex! Jensen hits a Famouser on Wolfgang and covers, but Mark Coffey makes the save! Briggs an Jensen look to double-team Wolfgang, only to have Pretty Deadly rip Josh Briggs out of the ring! Wolfgang covers Jensen but Jensen escapes and drops him with a heel kick, then climbs the turnbuckles! Mark Coffey trips him off the top! Coffey’s tagged in and hits a step-up kick to Jensen’s face, covering Jensen and pinning him to eliminate the NXT UK Champions! The crowd playfully chants “na na na na, goodbye” as Pretty Deadly and Gallus step toe-to-toe! NXT UK Champions Briggs & Jensen have been eliminated, 4:42pm.
Pretty Deadly, the only of these four teams to hold both NXT and NXT UK tag gold, face off with Gallus. The two longtime rivals exchange words then begin to go! After the crowd–who are absolutely still on fire for this match, too–get into and so do the Creed Brothers! The Creeds replace Pretty Deadly and double-team Wolfgang, then Coffey, and set up the quick exit for Gallus! Gallus have been eliminated, 4:45pm.
The Creeds Brothers and Pretty Deadly are our final two teams, and their bad blood goes back quite a bit. Kit Wilson and Elton Prince begin to isolate Brutus Creed, effectively cutting the ring in half for a few moments. Brutus however won’t be outdone and begins to physically overpower Wilson, dragging him towards the Creed corner. Finally Julius gets the hot tag and begins to clean house! He’s favoring his right elbow but continues to toss bodies and fire off suplexes like a machine! Prince, desperate to slow Julius’ momentum, counters a belly to belly with a sleeper! Briggs & Jensen and Gallus brawl back down the ramp! Julius hoists Prince up in a lengthy stalling suplex but Prince attempts to fight out of it. Julius, in a truly impressive display of power at 51 minutes into our broadcast, holds in and powers from a kneeling position to his feet to fire off the suplex! Holy shit! Briggs, Jensen, Gallus, and a small army of officials brawl at ringside again! Julius drops Kit Wilson with a dropkick then begins to go back after Prince. Julius counters a springboard with a spinebuster and turns his back to Kit Wilson. Kit comes in with a steel chair but Damon Kemp makes the save! …until he doesn’t! Damon Kemp retrieves the chair and attacks the Creed Brothers! The crowd does not approve of this. Kemp with a Urinage! Kemp leaves the Creeds laid out and pulls the ref up, sending him rolling into the ring so Wilson & Prince can cover! The crowd is nothing but loud boos as they cover and pick up the win! This will be Pretty Deadly’s second reign as tag team champions! The Creed Brothers have been eliminated, 4:53pm.
Your Winners and NEW Unified NXT Tag Team Champions, Pretty Deadly!

Backstage: Tony D’Angelo & Channing Lorenzo, Cameron Grimes

Tony D and Channing are talking when Grimes comes up. Grimes inquires about the missing stooge, and Tony claims he “fired him.” (Kayfabe, ‘eliminated’ him via bridge disposal; the Superstar himself was let go but may return someday). He tells Cameron that he knows Grimes needs some friends right now thanks to his feuding with Dyads and Gacy and such, and tells Cameron to make him an offer.

NXT/NXT UK Women’s Championship Triple Threat Unification Match: NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose vs NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura vs Blair Davenport

We’re shown each woman backstage and Meiko gets the best pop from the crowd by far. Speaking of Satomura, the reigning and final NXT UK Women’s Champion makes her way out to a great welcome for the 400-plus-day Women’s Champion. Wade Barrett reminds us that Meiko’s legendary career spans as far back as WCW and the mid-90’s NJPW/WCW crossovers. Out second is Blair Davenport, the odd-woman-out in this triple-threat unification match. Out last is our NXT Women’s Champion, Mandy Rose, who arrives in the parking lot in her ring gear in a sports car before making her way out, not escorted by Toxic Attraction. We get our official introductions and title presentation. Time to fight! Rose and Davenport wisely join forces early on, double-teaming Meiko and sending the future Hall of Famer out of the ring. Finally Rose and Blair turn on each other until Satomura re-enters the fray. Rose with a dropkick to Meiko; Davenport follows it up with a step-up kick to Meiko, drags her out of the ring, and scoop slams Satomura onto the hard floor! Davenport yells “that’s how it’s done!” Rose invites her to enter the ring, stating “this is my world” and playing up tot he crowd. Are they not entertained?
Rose drops Davenport with a slam but Blair fires back, taking the champ down and hitting her right in the back of her neck and shoulders with a low-angle missile dropkick. Blair looks for a cover and gets two. Davenport looks for a cross-body but Rose catches her mid air, shakes her head no, and converts it into a Fallaway Slam! Rose takes control briefly until Satomura drags her out of the ring as she attempts to rebound from ropes. Davenport attempts to kick Meiko on the apron but Meiko has her scouted! Meiko begins to lay into both women at ringside, firing off Asuka-Kicks to Blair! Rose rams Meiko into the hardened side of the ring then looks for a running knee to Davenport. Davenport dodges and Rose connects with the steps! Davenport with a double-foot stomp off the apron and right to Rose’s back. Ouch. That’s going to hurt tomorrow. Davenport and Meiko roll into the ring and the NXT UK foes circle before looking to strike. Meiko takes Blair to the mat and looks for a rear naked choke, then a crossface (modified). Davenport escapes and transitions into a arm-bar roll-up and both women attempt quick roll-ups, neither garnering a two. Blair begins to soften Satomura’s face with blows.
After a spell, Rose and Davenport again attempt to team up against Meiko. The crowd is fully behind all three but Meiko is clearly the favorite. The veteran fires off a chain of offense that sees her execute a double suplex to both women at the same time, side by side, and a unique axe/heel kick to both women after she positioned them on all fours, neck to neck! Meiko hangs on as Rose unloads on her and covers after a slam, nearly getting the win. Davenport makes the save with a foot stomp out of nowhere! Davenport with “the knockout blow” (ripcord knee to the jaw; not sure if it’s a move name or Vic being dramatic). Rose and Satomura begin to pop off strikes left and right until Rose hits both Davenport and Satomura with a sliding knee! Meiko dumps to the outside and Rose covers Davenport, picking up the win!
Your Winner and NEW Unified NXT Women’s Champion, Mandy Rose!

NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship Match: Kayden Carter & Katana Chance(c) vs Nikki A.S.H. & Doudrop

Nikki & Dou are out first to a great welcome, followed next by KC2. We get our official introductions and our next match is on its way! We get a short match, fraught with technical difficulties–Earth hates my city right now, and I apologize for the truncated results. Doudrop is the work horse for her team, spending the bulk of the time in the ring. The former NXT UK Women’s Champion dominates both members of KC2 during her stints on offense. Chance & Carter continue to show their innovation on offense with unique double-team moves that really, really need names. Doudrop and Nikki look for their new tag team finisher, the “Ash Drop” but are distracted by Toxic Attraction. Dolin and Jayne attempt to interfere, leading to Nikki attempting to brawl with them in the ramp. The ref fails to see Gigi physically restrain Nikki as Doudrop ate a double-team powerbomb from the champs, setting up the win for Carter & Chance.
Your Winners and STILL NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions, Kayden Carter & Katana Chance!

NXT/NXT UK Championship Unification Main Event Match: NXT Champion Bron Breakker vs NXT UK Champion Tyler Bate

Bron Breakker is out first to a great pop after a video hypes our main event. Out last, and for the last time, is our NXT UK Champion Tyler Bate. He’s shown walking backstage past various screens that highlight clips from his career, including when he won the NXT UK Championship for the second time. Bron and Tyler lock up, with Breakker slapping on a side headlock to start us off. The crowd loves both champs and rip off an early chant for Bate as he attempts to break free. Breakker blocks an escape attempt and wrenches Bate’s neck, taking him to a seated side headlock. Bate continues to attempt to squirm free, working his way to a vertical base before finally gaining a brief moment of separation with a whip. Bron and Tyler counter each other in a quick sequence of reversals, culminating with Breakker attempting a pin–and Bate answering with a crucifix pin attempt of his own. The crowd pops for both champs as they smile and nod in respect before looking to lock up again! Both men continue this several minutes into the match, locking up and proving they’re nearly evenly matched. Bate takes a turn controlling the pace, using working holds to take Bron to the mat and put him on the defensive. Bate keeps Bron grounded with the arm hold and Vic Joseph praises his strategy. Finally Breakker powers up to a vertical base and shoves Bate back against the ropes. Bron catches him with a Frankensteiner on the rebound and fires off a stalling suplex, followed by a standing Moonsault for a close two!

Bate, not to be outdone, begins to mount a comeback. He weathers through Bron’s offense and counters a middle-rope double-axe handle smash with a snap belly to belly suplex, covering for a very close two. Bate counters a Bron suplex with one of his own, rolling him up into an inside cradle for another two! Bron looks for a Frankensteiner but Bate reverses it into a sit-out powerbomb for yet another close call! Bate with a European Uppercut to Breakker in the corner! Bate is persistent, setting Bron up on the top turnbuckle and firing off chops and punches to keep the NXT Champion in place! Bate climbs the middle rope and the two throw fists, jockeying for position. Bate looks for an exploder suplex off the top but Bron slaps on the brakes with a series of elbows, and finally shoves Bate down! Bron climbs up top and smiles, woofing twice before hitting a Bulldog off the top rope! Bron covers for two, pulls Bate out of the and pivots it into a suplex back bomb! Bron covers but only gets two as commentary praise him for the foresight that it would take more than just one finisher to put away Bate. The two begin to chop and punch while on their knees and the crowd is on fire, loudly chanting for both men for well over a minute! Bron finally slaps an arm bar on Tyler and Vic Joseph hypes, ecstatically, all the fucking possible outcomes of what happens if “Tyler Bate quits” right here. Bate wiggles free and Bron again slaps the arm bar on, taking Tyler to the mat yet again!
Bate transitions it into a Fireman’s Carry and powers to his feet! The crowd come up on their feet as he pulls deep from his playbook, spinning Bron around and round before executing a driver for a two! Bron and Bate pick up the pace as we can feel our finish coming on! Bron eats a clothesline off a Bate rebound and nearly falls victim yet again! The crowd rips off another chant and both men continue the back-and-forth! Bate slowly climbs the turnbuckles, taking advantage of a downed Bron, but he’s too slow! Bron rises and grabs Tyler by the neck, Michael Myers style, and chokeslams him off the top! Bron covers and could have the win but Bate gets a foot up on the rope after a powerslam! Breakker’s frustrated and Barrett & Joseph point out on commentary that no one gets up after the powerslam. Bron posts up in the corner but Bate isn’t done, yet! Bate looks for his driver but Bron escapes. Bate counters a whip with a flip against the ropes, but turns on the rebound–and catches a spear that nearly cut shim in half as Bron had the move scouted! Bate went to the well one time too many and pays for it as Bron gets the pin!
Your Winner and NEW Unified NXT Champion, Bron Breakker!


After the Match: Goodbye, NXT UK, You’ll Be Missed

Tyler Bate and Bron meet in the middle of the ring, both straps draped over Breakker’s shoulders. Bate and Bron embrace and hug, with Bate hoisting the champ’s hand up in the air and giving him props to the crowd before shaking his hand. Bron thanks Bate and that’s all, folks!

In Closing

And that does it for NXT Worlds Collide and is as fitting a goodbye for NXT UK as we could expect outside, you know, the United Kingdom… What were your thoughts about tonight’s show? Let us know down below. Stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you tomorrow night for Monday Night Raw!


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