Chelsea Green SmackDown Update

Original Plans for WWE Women’s Match on Smackdown, Script Finalized Very Late

— On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Chelsea Green’s debut and subsequent injury on Smackdown was discussed. As noted, Green was part of the fatal four-way match to determine a spot on the women’s Survivor Series Smackdown team, but she broke her wrist, underwent surgery and is now sidelined indefinitely. Green was originally supposed to debut on Monday Night Raw earlier in the year, but after Paul Heyman – who wanted her on Raw – was removed from his position, her status was stuck in limbo.

— As for the match, the very initial script had it a three-way with Liv Morgan, Tamina and Natalya as the competitors with Morgan booked to win. However, sometime on Thursday night or Friday morning, Vince McMahon tore up the show and re-wrote it with Bruce Prichard, but all the other writers were in the dark and were going off the original show. At some point, Green was inserted into the match and was going to win but then the injury happened and they went back to the original finish. The entire Smackdown show was only finalized about an hour before it went on air, which means Sami Zayn’s comments about finding out he has to wrestle Apollo Crews with only an hour’s notice was accurate.

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