Original Timeline for Bryan’s Evaluation & How Vince Had it Pushed Up

— The original plan was for Dr. Maroon to test/evaluate Daniel Bryan on 3/27 before Smackdown in Pittsburgh. This would have given WWE almost two weeks to work on creative plans for WrestleMania, in the event that Bryan wasn’t cleared.

— If Maroon didn’t clear Bryan, not only would that have meant little in the way of in-ring activity at WrestleMania, but the creative team would then begin developing plans to write him out of the Smackdown GM role as the belief was that he would begin preparing for a run with another promotion in the fall.

— However, it was likely Vince McMahon who insisted that Maroon evaluate Bryan this week so that they could settle on the WrestleMania plans and start building whatever angles they needed to do to set up the match and presumably to announce it on 3/27 on Smackdown.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Subscription information & prices available at f4wonline.com

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