Randy Orton talks with WWE.com about his storied 15-year run in WWE

Orton Names Best RKO He Ever Hit, Lists His Biggest WWE Accomplishments

Longtime WWE veteran Randy Orton recently spoke with WWE.com to discuss the 15th year anniversary of his career in World Wrestling Entertainment.

During the interview, “The Viper” was asked to reveal what he considers to be the single greatest accomplishment of his career, however he explained why he can’t choose just one accomplishment.

“There’s honestly not one thing,” said Orton. “[Being the] youngest champ, I think I’ve won more Survivor Series Matches than anything else, maybe I’m tied with Ultimate Warrior, won two Royal Rumbles, won Money in the Bank, I’ve main-evented WrestleMania, I’ve wrestled in 13 WrestleManias — those are all up there.

Orton continued, “I’ve stolen the show numerous times. I’ve wrestled in Seoul, I’ve wrestled in Auckland, New Zealand. There’s not one thing, there’s a bunch of things.”

Additionally, Orton was asked to name what he feels is the best RKO of his storied WWE career.

“I would say probably the one with Evan Bourne,” said Orton. “It just shows you how important timing is and I felt like the timing on that particular one was harder to achieve than any of the other ones.”

‘The Viper’ continued, “The one on Seth [Rollins] at WrestleMania was difficult, too. I’ve done some cool ones with Dolph [Ziggler] and Cesaro, too, and springboards in with Carlito and CM Punk. The timing is what makes that. But the hardest one, the highest-risk one to hit perfect was the Evan Bourne one, and that’d probably be why it’s my favorite.”

Check out the complete Randy Orton interview at WWE.com.

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