Paige Believes Sasha Banks & Naomi Will Return to WWE With Triple H in Charge

Former WWE Superstar Paige took part in a media scrum at the recent Starrcast V Event and spoke about a number of topics such as how she thinks Sasha Banks and Naomi will eventually return to the WWE now that Triple H is in charge of WWE’s creative.

“She’s a big part of it. Everyone loves Sasha Banks, right? The Four Horsewomen, in general, are such a big part of the women’s revolution. I think she’ll be back. Now with Hunter in charge and taking the reigns, just SummerSlam in general showed how much WWE has changed overnight. I don’t think anyone has 100% been happy with a pay-per-view in a long time, but people were walking about from SummerSlam like, ‘holy shit. This is a turning point.’ Eventually, Sasha and Naomi, hopefully, will come back.”

Paige also spoke about how for the right person and right time she is definitely thinking of making a return to the WWE and how she would love to face Sasha Banks and AEW Star Britt Baker.

“I feel if I come back, I would love to face Sasha, because it’s a built in storyline, and she’s a fantastic wrestler. I would love to face Britt Baker. I think she’s incredible. I have to be careful and I still have that mind block right now, but eventually, for the right time and person, I’ll definitely have a match for sure.”

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