Paige Explains Absence From Friday Night SmackDown This Week

Paige Explains SmackDown Absence This Week: “Completely Out Of My Control, But At Least …”

So, here’s why Paige was unable to make it to Friday Night SmackDown this week, where she was advertised to be one of three big WWE Superstar returns on the show along with John Cena and Jeff Hardy.

The former SmackDown G.M. missed this week’s empty arena edition of Friday Night SmackDown at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida due to travel issues, no doubt as a result of all the chaos in the world over the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic.

WWE had advertised her in a segment with Bayley, where the tease was that she was going to confront the reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion on this week’s show.

After failing to make it to the WWE PC in Orlando, FL. for her advertised return on this week’s show, Paige took to social media to explain her absence.

“Sorry guys travel made it very hard for me to get there for SmackDown with everything that’s going on,” wrote Paige via Twitter. “Completely out of my control. very sorry.. But at least Bayley is keeping you entertained.”

Check out Paige’s statement explaining her absence from this week’s WWE Friday Night SmackDown show below.

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