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Panicked Texts Reby Sky Sent Matt Hardy During AEW ALL OUT, Update On Hardy From Hospital

Reby Hardy was one concerned wife on Saturday night.

As seen during the AEW ALL OUT pay-per-view, Matt Hardy appeared to just barely avoid a potential disastrous situation after landing awkwardly on his head after taking a spear from Sammy Guevara off of the top of a scissor lift.

The spot was supposed to see Guevara spear Hardy off the scissor lift and through a table, however the bump overshot the table by quite a bit and Hardy’s head smacked directly onto the pavement with great force.

During this spot in the match, Hardy’s wife sent a number of panicked texts to the cell phone of the AEW star, which she has since shared for fans to view on social media.

The texts start off with Matt sending Reby one final text before starting the match.

“Love you,” wrote the veteran pro wrestling star who was putting his career on the line in the first-ever “Broken Rules Match” against Guevara at AEW ALL OUT. “I gotta [head] out to the football field in just a minute to start our match.”

“Hope you enjoy,” Hardy wrote, wrapping up his text with a sarcastic smiley face, knowing that the bout included some dangerous spots that would be anything but joyful to one’s better-half.

Reby replied with two quick texts before the mood changes and it is clear that she is reacting to watching the aforementioned scissor-lift spot play out live on the pay-per-view broadcast.

“I love you,” she wrote. “Don’t be dumb!”

While a lack of intelligence played no factor in the accident in the match that would transpire, things definitely didn’t go how either of them would have liked.

“What the f*ck you practically cleared that table,” wrote Reby in the text that followed a few minutes later.

“What the f*ck,” read an additional immediate follow-up text. “MATT WHAT THE G*DDAMN F*CKING F*CK.”

The answer to that vulgar, albeit completely rational question is still up in the air, as “what the f*ck” Hardy’s exact physical condition is in after taking the violent fall in the “Broken Rules Match” with Guevara.

What is clear is that Hardy would go on to be taken to a nearby local medical facility after the match, where he was given the proper tests to evaluate his condition in terms of the severity of the concussion he sustained, as well as any other potential additional injuries.

As of this writing, the results of Hardy’s medical evaluation have yet to be disclosed.

In terms of the PPV, the announce team of Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur would give essentially a legitimate update later in the show when explaining the confusion that surrounded the moments that followed the scary scissor-lift spot in the “Broken Rules Match” between Hardy and Guevara.

The bout appeared to be stopped immediately after the injury occurred because the initial belief was that Hardy either could not, or should not, continue the match. Instead, AEW physician Michael Sampson would go on to clear Hardy to continue, which led to the match being restarted and then quickly wrapped up with the final spot where Hardy threw Guevara off of a scaffold platform and won when “The Spanish God” of the Inner Circle was counted out.

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