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Pat McAfee Addresses Rumors Of Being Written Off NXT TV By WWE: “Hey F**k You …”

Earlier today on Pat McAfees YouTube show, “The Pat Mcafee Show”, Pat spoke about his current status with NXT, after a fan on Twitter, whose username is Benny Butz, tweeted the following “NXT did the right thing to can you on XMAS”. The fan continued the tweet, telling McAfee, “They’re tired of cleaning spray tan off of the canvas. Get some sun son”. McAfee, whose current role with NXT is seemingly up in the air, had this to say:

“Hey Benny Butz get off my ass son! And I tried to get some sun son, but Indiana hasn’t had any in six months! Yeah I’m super Caucasian, I get red easy. So yeah I use the spray can! My first match at Takeover:30 where I made a few rookie mistakes, where I shoulda been an undefeated wrestler after that match… maybe I got to dark with the spray tan…I didn’t use the can, I went to get one in Florida, and maybe as I was sweating it dripped off my nose on to the canvas. Maybe everything that guy is saying is close to accurate, but that doesn’t mean I should have to read on the internet all Christmas that NXT has just written me off of television for the rest of my life. Hey FK you Benny Butz!”

You can watch todays full episode of the show on Youtube, airing at 12 ET/11CT. Stay tuned to for more on this developing story.

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