Photo Of Paul Heyman & Gabe Sapolsky Backstage At EVOLVE 131

Paul Heyman Backstage With Gabe Sapolsky (Photo), Renames ECW Arena

Following the EVOLVE 131 “10th Anniversary Celebration” on Saturday night, Gabe Sapolsky took to social media to thank everyone who has helped him along the way in his journey in the pro wrestling business.

The former Paul Heyman protege in ECW, who also helped start Ring Of Honor (ROH), posted the following on his official Twitter page after the show:

“EVOLVE 131 was a dream come true. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and been part of the journey. Sunday night we keep it going in Melrose, MA for EVOLVE 132.”

The new Executive Director of WWE RAW, Paul Heyman, responded on his official Twitter page with the following statement:

“The torch is officially passed …#ECWArena … should be called #EVOLVEarena. #EVOLVE131 … please support #EVOLVE132 @WWNEVOLVE #Philadelphia @WWE #ExtremeRules @BookItGabe.”

Check out a photo of Heyman with Sapolsky backstage at the event, which streamed live on the WWE Network from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, below.

For those who missed the show, check out our EVOLVE 131 “10th Anniversary” Results (7/13): Philadelphia, PA. Social Media Interaction



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