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Paul Heyman Reveals He Pitched For Logan Paul To Come To The WWE While He Was RAW Executive Director

Legendary pro wrestling manager Paul Heyman made an appearance on After The Bell with Corey Graves to talk about topics such as how when he was still the executive director of WWE RAW, he pitched an idea to former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon for Logan Paul to come to WWE that would ultimately culminate in a match at WWE’s SummerSlam, WWE’s Survivor Series or WWE’s Royal Rumble.

Paul Heyman said:

“When I was executive director of RAW, I had pitched Logan Paul to Vince McMahon to get involved in a scenario that would ultimately culminate in a SummerSlam or Survivor Series or a Royal Rumble match. So I had seen the Paul brothers disrupting the boxing industry from the very beginning when they got involved. I mean, they just came in at such a level and with so much fanfare. This is a no brainer to the tribal chief, and it’s a no brainer to his special counsel. This is global publicity. This is a chance to take Logan Paul’s audience and put those eyeballs on WWE, and more importantly, on Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman and the Bloodline. Of course, the desire is to retain as many eyeballs as possible because we’re trying to seduce them with our brand of entertainment.”

You can check out Paul Heyman’s full comments at this link. H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.

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