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Paul Heyman Says Sami Zayn Completely Changed The Dynamic And The Presentation Of The Bloodline

Legendary wrestling manager Paul Heyman made an appearance on WWE’s After The Bell with Kevin Patrick and Corey Graves to talk about topics such as how Sami Zayn being a part of The Bloodline has defined each and every other member and how Sami’s presence has completely changed the dynamic as well as the presentation and the interpersonal relationships within The Bloodline.

Paul Heyman said:

“Sami Zayn in The Bloodline. A perfect example of a catalyst that is now revealed multiple layers of the different personas within The Bloodline. We have defined Jey Uso, the right-hand man, far more with Sami Zayn than we did before Sami Zayn. We’ve defined Jimmy Uso as to which — the insult that Roman Reigns laid on Jey Uso when Jey was the first challenger to the title. The insult that Roman Reigns laid on him was, ‘You go through the airports and fans come up to you and say which Uso are you? Which twin are you? Which one are you?’ Nobody says that anymore. Everybody knows who Jey is. Everybody knows who Jimmy is. We’ve now established the difference between The Usos and they’ve established it themselves and they established it a whole hell of a lot more since Sami Zayn came into the mix. Sami Zayn comes into the mix at the same time Solo [Sikoa] comes into the mix and we have now certainly had situations where you get to see the persona emerge from Solo. You’ve seen a completely different side of The Tribal Chief. Tribal Chief wasn’t laughing before Sami Zayn. Laughed at a couple of people.”

“Laughed at John Cena, laughed at Kevin Owens, laughed at Drew McIntyre, laughed at Edge and Daniel Bryan when he stacked them at WrestleMania. But he wasn’t laughing in the middle of a promo segment. Sami Zayn has brought out a completely different wrinkle of The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and my reaction to Sami Zayn and how I deal with this new influence on The Tribal Chief when I’ve had The Tribal Chief’s ear the whole two years with very brief exception when there was tension caused by Brock Lesnar, brings out a different version of Heyman as well. So, one catalyst has completely changed the dynamic within The Bloodline, the presentation of The Bloodline and the interpersonal relationships within The Bloodline and it’s been the emergence of a star named Sami Zayn. That’s a perfect storm for us and new characters in different situations or even different characters that have never intermingled, interacted and putting them together and gauging that chemistry and presenting compelling, riveting scenarios that we haven’t done before that reveal the different layers to the dimensional personalities that we try to put forth. That’s fascinating television, that’s great programming, that’s good booking. That leads to different scenarios in the ring that you wouldn’t have imagined just a few days, few weeks, few months before. That’s what I’m looking at… New talent in the mix with talent they haven’t mixed with before.”

You can check out Paul Heyman’s full comments at this link. H/T to PostWrestling for transcribing the above quotes.

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