Raw vs. SmackDown Rivalry Push By Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman Took Raw vs. SmackDown Rivalry Seriously

Former executive director of RAW, Paul Heyman, reportedly took the rivalry between WWE’s two main roster brands seriously according to latest reports.

SmackDown and RAW have long been two separate brands for the main roster of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Unless there is a Wildcard Rule or some other kind of special invitation, they usually keep to their own brands. The Women’s Tag Team Champions are an exception because they travel between shows.

As we noted last month last month, Paul Heyman was fired from his job as the executive director of RAW, with Bruce Prichard now handling the creative direction for both brands.

According to Fightful, Heyman approached his job where he was more focused on building up new talent.

According to the report, Paul Heyman took the idea of a ‘rivalry’ between RAW and Smackdown seriously and applied that to his show. He was also proud of talents like Apollo Crews, Austin Theory, Angel Garza and others that he was using, who hadn’t been used prior.

He went to a lot of trouble to get Buddy Murphy (now known as “Murphy”) on the show and wanted to build more for the future of the brand.

This strategy paid off for WWE as a number of people that Paul Heyman pushed are still getting a good spotlight even after his departure. Austin Theory has disappeared, but there’s a reason for that even if WWE isn’t talking about it.

In the aftermath of Paul Heyman’s release from power, a number of people that he pushed are still getting a good spotlight on RAW. Austin Theory is one exception to that, as he has all but disappeared from the roster, but there’s a reason for that even if WWE isn’t speaking out on it.

WWE is continuing to push forward in the new era that doesn’t involve Paul Heyman as the Executive Director of Raw, as Bruce Prichard took over the creative lead on both Raw and SmackDown. Of course, WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon ultimately makes the final decisions on the product for both shows.

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