Pete Dunne interview highlights

Pete Dunne Talks About His Relationship With Triple H, More

WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne spoke with following his big championship victory. Below are some of the highlights.

On his relationship with Paul “Triple H” Levesque: “It was really important to get a pep talk like that. Like I said, it’s always in our mind to go out there and kill it, regardless. We know that our future here is less secure than if we were full-time with the NXT brand or SmackDown LIVE or Raw, because we’re fighting to secure a full company in the U.K., and not just for ourselves. As far as the relationship with Triple H goes, he has been incredibly supportive and has given us a chance to make a name for ourselves. That’s one of the most overwhelming things about it. For myself and Tyler Bate to go out there and show what we can do in front of an audience that probably isn’t that familiar with what we do, I’m grateful.”

On who he has his sights on now that he is on top of the ladder as WWE U.K. Champion: “It doesn’t matter. Anyone and everyone. I want to get as much TV time as possible. I want to get the U.K. brand pushed as far along as possible. I’d love to get in the ring with Wolfgang or Mark Andrews or Trent Seven. I’d really love to have rematches with Tyler Bate. The more time I get in the ring with these people, the more time we have to secure our future, and the greater opportunity I have to prove myself as the future of WWE.”

On his quick rise to the top: “It has all moved so fast. We talk about it all the time. Honestly, I was not really expecting all that much coming out of my tryout six months ago. I thought I could go and make a bigger name for myself on the independents and possibly in Japan, places like that. But to go from that six months ago to where I am now — where I’ve been on NXT, clearly, been on a SmackDown LIVE tour, been backstage at WrestleMania, and now, it seems like, stole the show at TakeOver — that’s an unbelievable accomplishment in such a short stretch of time. With all the things that I’ve done here, I thought this would take a lot longer.”

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