The Ilconics Appear On The Gorilla Position Podcast (May 2019)

Peyton Royce & Billie Kay Claim They Have Creative Freedom With Their WWE Promos

During a recent appearance on The Gorilla Position podcast, WWE Women’s Tag-Team Champions The Ilconics (Peyton Royce and Billie Kay) spoke about the creative input they have in their promos on WWE television.

Royce and Kay both claimed that sticking to a script doesn’t feel “organic” to them, and that they enjoy crafting their own “inside jokes” for segments while traveling on the road together.

“We actually do, and we’re very lucky,” said Royce when asked if The Ilconics have creative freedom with their promos. “That’s the thing; our banter is how we talk and if we’re given, ‘This is your line and that’s my line’. This and that, it doesn’t come off organically, but when it’s just us talking… A lot of the time, we put into our talking segments, inside jokes that we make in the car on the way to Yakima.”

Billie Kay added, “What makes us laugh, we just do, because then it’s just this genuine, organic personality coming out.”

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