Brock Lesnar & Dana White Take A Meeting

Photo: Brock Lesnar Meets With UFC President Dana White In Las Vegas

As noted, UFC President Dana White has gone on the record predicting that if he were forced to gamble, he would place a bet on Brock Lesnar fighting inside the Octagon for the UFC again at some point in 2018.

With that in mind, and the smile on Dana White’s face and caption in the following Twitter photo he posted on Monday morning, it sounds like we could be getting closer to that prediction coming true.

The UFC boss met with the WWE Universal Champion in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday, as he and the global leader in pro wrestling were in town for their Elimination Chamber 2018 pay-per-view.

There is no word regarding what was discussed at the meeting between White and Lesnar, who is also notably wearing an official UFC t-shirt in the photo.

Check out Dana White’s photo of himself and Brock Lesnar from their meeting in Las Vegas below.

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