Photo Of Paige’s New Del Rio-Inspired “Alberto” Tattoo, Update On Her WWE Status

Well, this story keeps getting more and more interesting.

After hooking up in real-life, Paige and Alberto Del Rio have constantly been in the news.

Whether it be for the blogs Paige posts publicly professing her love for the fellow wrestling star or rumors of friction with WWE management over their relationship. Whether it be for Paige’s injuries and rumored WWE hiatus and then a pair of WWE Wellness Policy violations and subsequent 30-day WWE suspensions. Whether it be for Del Rio acting on a clause in his WWE deal that would legally allow him to part ways with the company (while Paige currently scrambles to do the same without a similar clause in her contract), wrestling’s latest power couple is back in the headlines once again.

WWE Superstar Paige took to social media on Monday to post a photo of a new Del Rio-inspired tattoo she got on her ribs over the weekend. She would later take down the photo, but before she did, our friends at took a screen shot of the post she made on her official Instagram page that included the photo of the new ink which reads, “Alberto.” The caption that went along with the photo-post read: “When you love someone so much you give it all for. Not the expression, no literally give it all for.”

In addition to the new tattoo, Front Row Brian returned on Twitter with an update on Paige’s attempt to walk away from WWE alongside her boyfriend, Alberto Del Rio, as it doesn’t appear to be going as well as she would have hoped.

As noted, Paige hired a lawyer with the hopes of getting out of her contract with WWE. Her deal with the company, however, doesn’t expire until 2019 and does not include the same language that Del Rio’s deal had, so her situation is playing out much differently. According to Front Row Brian, WWE is avoiding giving in on the Paige situation to prevent the perception being such that other talents try and walk out whenever they want, regardless of their contract with the company.

“[Regarding Paige], she has a contract [with] WWE [until] 2019,” wrote Front Row Brian on Twitter. “She believes she will be able to get out of it so she quit. WWE has different opinion.”

He continued, “WWE can’t just say ‘Okay, we accept your resignation.’ Contract void. They have to fight or else their contracts become meaningless. Precedence.”

Featured below is the new “Alberto” tattoo on her ribs, as well as a close-up of the previous Del Rio inspired “Papi” ink on her finger.

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