The Undertaker loses to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33

Photos: The Undertaker Bids Farewell To WrestleMania After Second Career Loss

WWE legend and WrestleMania icon The Undertaker lost for the second time in 25 matches at WrestleMania events on Sunday night, dropping a contest to Roman Reigns in the final match and legitimate main event of the evening.

“The Dead Man” gave a valliant effort, however in the end, the young, hungry, up-and-coming Roman Reigns was too much for him. Reigns had trouble finding a way to finish off “The Phenom,” throwing seemingly everything he had at the legendary competitor before finally scoring the pin after a massive spear.

After the match, The Undertaker, now 23-2 in his career at WrestleMania events, took a moment to soak in the admiration from the new, all-time record-setting audience of 75,245 in attendance at The Orlando Citrus Bowl / Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida. The fans began a thunderous, echo’ing “Thank You, ‘Taker! Thank You, ‘Taker!” chant, with seemingly every single one of the 75,245 members of the WWE Universe in attendance chanting along.

The announce team of Jim Ross, Michael Cole and JBL then took the viewing audience at home through some of the replays from the match. When they were over, the cameras shot back to Undertaker, who was still in the ring but was now again wearing his entrance attire (Coat, Hat, etc.) This led to a cool moment, similar to last year, where ‘Taker seemed to bid farewell to the WWE Universe after more than 25 years in the spotlight — including 25 matches at WrestleMania events with a seemingly unreachable two-loss record — before riding off into the sunset.

Featured below courtesy of WWE’s official Twitter page are videos and photos that show “The Dead Man” taking off his coat, hat, gloves and wrist tape, laying all in the middle of the ring before making his way back up the entrance way to his trademark dark lighting. The Undertaker stopped for a brief moment to acknowledge his wife, Michelle McCool, and their family seated at ringside, before finishing his exit, stopping one final time to raise his fist in the air to acknowledge — and thank — the packed house in Orlando, Florida.

Whether or not this means The Undertaker is legitimately retired from in-ring competition, with tonight being his final appearance inside the squared circle at the event most associate him with, remains to be seen. Clearly that is the impression fans were supposed to feel as the show went off the air on pay-per-view / the WWE Network, and while fans exited the Orlando Citrus Bowl / Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida. Regardless, it made for another memorable Undertaker moment and a pretty decent way to end the show.





























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